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Tetrax's Words

Ben's POV

I was tossed harshly against the solid concrete wall like a pitiful rag doll and I opened my eyes to barely see Kevin's dark, burly form throwing itself at another enemy and then another and then another. His pale skin was showing through the nearly totally shredded deep gray armor. He was becoming more and more vulnerable with each hit that he took, but he still didn't stop.

Gwen was already standing above everyone, a pink platform of mana beneath her feet. Her eyes were glowing as they always were and she was already taking out as many enemies as she could. She shots were aimed mostly at the attackers that were taking out Kevin quickly, aiming to try and watch her boyfriend's back.

Something was ringing in the back of my head. Something about Tetrax. And it's not like something wasn't always coming to mind at the worst times. I blame it on the wall. But something was in my head. And that was a very unusual thing…

Back when I was ten, I think only one thing stuck with me while Gwen and Tetrax and I were working to save the universe from my exploding Omnitrix. His words. "Do you help because it's the right thing to do, or for the thrill of being a hero?"

For me, it was obvious. Now that it was getting worse, I knew my ego was making it the thrill. It was always the thrill for me. It always had been. I'd wanted that rush of adrenaline and I'd wanted the thrill more and more often. So it was the way that I wanted that rush again every single time that drove me crazy. I wanted more of it. I wanted to do more. I wanted more of the adrenaline. I just wanted another shot of it. So I got riskier. Each time.

I fought for the thrill. I was a hero because I wanted the thrill and the rush of adrenaline that pulsed through my veins. I would always be a hero because I wanted more of that adrenaline and more of that thrill. I doubt I could ever change my ways. They were set in stone now.

Gwen left no question. She was always doing it because it was right. When she was Lucky Girl for a little while, she got cocky and it was for the thrill and that little taste of fame she got. But before that and now, it was for helping people. She wanted to be that hero that people could look up to. And I have to say that she accomplished that.

Her mana blasted through the thick crowd of enemies and her face was twisted up in fury as she worked to save those she cared about: me and Kevin.

It was no question with my cousin. She was always saving people because she could. And even if one of us was in danger but others were also at stake, others came first because we could wait. We had more of a chance than normal people.

Gwen forced back a few more enemies, shielding me from them as her emerald eyes widened. "Ben, get up!"

She was always going to be helping people. Sure, Kevin and I were going places in the alien fighting business. But she had opportunities in the real world with real people. But she'd help us for as long as she could. Because she was always going to be a hero to help others.

Kevin was blown back a few feet and into the wall with a harsh crashing sound. I watched him crumple to the floor for a few seconds. Then he rose back to his shaky feet, staggering along the wall for something harder to use as armor. The whole time he took more and more and more blows.

I just stared at him. How did he see it? The aspect of being a hero. Did he do it for the thrill or because it was right?

He was pushed up against the wall once more, a hand at his throat until Gwen finally cleared her boyfriend a path through the chaos. Kevin managed to push his way along the wall and finally got to a pipe of pure iron. His fingers ran across it and a thin layer of iron armor rippled across his skin. The dark teen seemed to regain his strength again and dove back into the fight headfirst, not wasting a second to even think.

The thrill? For Kevin, no. He probably would've gone back to being a ruthless delinquent on the streets of New York again and sold illegal alien technology and still gotten that same thrill. And since it was Kevin, he probably wasn't doing it entirely because it was right. He was Kevin. He couldn't be doing it entirely because it was right. Maybe partially, but not entirely.

"Come on, Tennyson!" he yelled at me, eyes glowing furiously as he began fighting his way through the crowd once more, knocking aside our enemies with swift, simple blows.

I think that, for Kevin, it was the honor of it. He was a Plumber. That was what he wanted. And maybe part of it was because of Gwen being a hero and that heroes and bad guys didn't mix well when they loved each other. But I had to say that it was to redeem himself from the misdemeanors of his past that carried him on to stay with us even after the Highbreed plot had been ruined. I'm pretty sure it was Gwen that kept him around and on the right side.

So there were three sides to our team of heroes. There's me and my ego and fighting for the thrill of being the good guy that everyone loves.

There's Gwen who fights to take care of people around her and to save the lives that are so exposed to the dangers that we bring around to them.

And Kevin, fighting for himself and for his dignity and for his father.

"COME ON, BEN!" both Gwen and Kevin called at once as the enemies were overwhelming me now, coming dangerously close.

I guess there's different breeds of heroes. I got to my feet and staggered over towards Gwen and Kevin. Once this was over, I was going to hug them both, despite the onslaught of serious protesting that would come from the two of them.

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