Hi guys! Okay, so I know that I haven't really done a Batman Beyond story before, but I thought this was a pretty cool idea, so here's me giving it a shot, haha. Plus, Batman Beyond is one of my favorite cartoon series' so I know a lot about the story. (And for those of you who care, I'm still doing the Digimon series so don't worry, this is just a little thing that I had in mind. The next episode thingy of Digimon is actually like, 95 pecent done, and it's taking forever only because there's so much freaking action in this chapter! So thanks for your patience!) But thanks for reading this, and I hope you guys all like it!


A giant sign read "Gotham General Penitentiary". There were hundreds of jail cells inside, most of which were always full. It wasn't very sanitary inside, but then again, neither were most prisons in the area. A guard walked up to a cell and scanned his I.D. The cell door automatically slid open. The guard yelled one word.


A well built older looking man in an orange jumpsuit was laying on the bed. He turned his head. The man in the jumpsuit was revealed to be King of the Royal flush gang. Except now, he wasn't wearing any flashy armor. He wasn't even wearing his distinguished eyeglass. All he had on his face was a pair of small glasses.

"Must I go now?"

The guard spoke.

"Either you go this instant or I lock this door and leave you to starve till night. Your choice"

Later, King was seen with a tray half full of food. He was looking for a place to sit, but noticed that most of the seats were already taken by other inmates. There were armed guards all over the room, so he wouldn't dare attempt to take it back to his cell. He sat at the first open seat he could find. He sat across from a young looking guy with black hair. For some reason, this guy had an electronic earpiece on his right ear. He was wolfing down his entire meal. King tried to ignore him and began eating slowly.

"That's nothing"

King looked up. The young guy said it.

"I beg your pardon?" King asked

"Your lunch. That's nothing."

"Well I'm not hungry"

"It doesn't matter whether you're hungry or not. The food here might taste like garbage, but if you wanna keep a good figure, you gotta eat a lot of whatever they give you, and then work it out in the gym. Someone at your old age can lose a lot of muscle real quick by not eating enough."

"You'll have to forgive me, but I don't take advice from children."

"Who's the child? I got transferred outta Juvi like, six months ago."

King didn't respond. He didn't feel like entertaining the kid's foolishness. The kid spoke again.

"So, what are ya in for?"

"I don't think I need to tell you."

King picked up his tray. He was ready to get up and find another table. This kid was already annoying the heck out of him.

"You're right!"


"It doesn't matter what we're in for. It's who. And for us, it's always the same answer."

"I highly doubt that you have the slightest idea why I'm here, so be quiet"

The boy laughed

"It was the bat wasn't it?"

King didn't respond

"It's okay, we're all embarrassed by it. You see, smart guys like us who have a lot of potential to go places…we wind up in here because somehow that bat is always in the right place at the right time."

"My own daughter. She betrayed us all because of him!"

He slammed the table. Several of the guards looked at him. He sat still. They boy laughed again. He whispered.

"I watch the news old man. And I know who you are. You're the King of the notorious royal flush gang, right? Well, were the king I should say. But bad old batman came and ruined it all. I have losses cause of him too, but there is one gift he gave me. In my first run in with him, he gave me powers beyond my imagination. Nevertheless, he's still the reason why I'm here too. You want him gone?"

King slowly nodded his head

"Nothing would make me happier than to see him out of the deck. Permanently"

"Careful, now you're starting to sound like hundreds of other rookies. You see, countless guys have wanted to see Batman gone since they day he started roaming the streets of Gotham. Even this new Batman who's been around recently's been causing problems. But you know why none of them have ever succeeded? Because they don't use what's up here."

He pointed to his head

"From what I hear, you have a lot of skills old man. And I think that me and you, we can do a lot together."

"You're overlooking the fact that we're in prison." King said sarcastically

"What, this place? It's nothing. I can bust us out. Easily. But I need you to help me out."

"Help you with what?"

He pointed at his earpiece

"You're good with gadgets and micro machinery right?"

"My kids were always better at those things. Specifically my daughter"

"This is an advancement in the technology that they used to suppress my powers. If I try to take it out, then the guards know. But someone as experienced as you would know how to disarm something like it, right?"

"I can try…"

"If you can find a way to get this thing off of me, then I can get us out. I'll be unstoppable. And when we're out, we'll do something no one's ever come close to doing. We'll get our revenge, and we'll put that bat to rest forever."

The bell rang. The guards were shouting at everyone to return to their cells. The boy stood up.

"We'll do it tonight. At ten. You make me something that can deactivate this thing, and I'll have us out before the guards can say, 'we can't do anything to stop them."' Do we have a deal?

He held out his hand. King shook it.

"I don't even know your name…"

"Where are my manners. The name's Willie Watt."

A guard began to walk up to the two of them. Willie turned around and smiled.

"See you tonight"


Jack Walker dropped a letter and slammed his fist on the table. He swore very loudly. Melanie quickly rushed into the room. "Jack, what's wrong?"

"My last request was just denied." He stood up. "It's official, I lost the job."

Melanie looked disappointed. "I'm sorry."

"Easy for you to say, isn't it?"

"Jack, just calm down. It's okay."

Jack turned around and faced her

"No Melanie, it's not okay! We live in the most rundown apartment in Gotham City! And even here we can't keep rent up! It's only a matter of time before they kick us out of here."

"I still have my job, Jack. I can work twice as long. I'll try to learn new recopies to get better tips, I'll figure out something! Don't worry!"

"No, it's still not enough. We were already in trouble when both of us had jobs there. We know they don't pay anything!"

Melanie looked at the ground. Jack rubbed his eyes

"From Riches to rags. That's what we've been reduced to." Jack said

Melanie spoke up

"We weren't getting honest money back then, Jack. And we can't keep looking back like this. The Royal Flush gang is over. Ace was destroyed, Dad's in jail…"

"Dad. He's the one to blame for all of this."

Melanie looked the other way

"You don't know badly I want him dead for what he did…" Melanie muttered "But that's not the issue now…"

Jack grabbed Melanie by the shoulders

"Don't you get it…" he said, "Dad is the reason why we're living like this. In the end, he gave us nothing. Mom gave us nothing.

Jack took his jacket and went for the door

"Where are you going?" Melanie asked

"I'm going to get some air."

"But Jack, we still need to talk!"

"No! Unless you find a way to get us some real money, then I don't want to talk to you or anyone else at all! Sister or not."

"Exactly what more do you expect me to do?"

"I don't know! Maybe if there was anyone we could talk to in this wretched town the answer to that wouldn't be so difficult!"

He slammed the door.

Melanie slowly went to her bed and sat down. She buried her face in her hands and closed her eyes. After a while she opened them and grabbed her pillow.

"Well, there was someone I was able to talk to…once"

She reached inside her pillow case and pulled out a picture of her and Terry McGinnis. She kept it there like it was one of the few things in life she cared about. They took it the day after they met. She remembered back when they first met each other. She and Terry met, and decided to meet again the next day at the same time and same place. The only problem was, that night, she was out with the royal flush gang as "Ten", her other alias. And just as their luck would have it, they had been stopped by Batman. They barely escaped, but she ended up being almost an hour late for their date. She went to the spot as quickly as she could, almost certain that Terry had left. But to her surprise, Terry had just gotten there as well. They had spent the whole night together, and took this picture right before the sun came up. But now, for some reason, Terry no longer wanted anything to do with her. She once gave Batman a note to deliver to him, and he never responded. From then on, she hadn't heard anything from him.

"Terry probably doesn't even know who I am anymore. But I suppose it's worth a shot."

She put on a sweater and left


Dana Tan took out a large bowl of popcorn from the microwave. Terry was sitting on his couch in front of the TV. Dana smiled

"This is your house, McGinnis, don't you think you should be the one getting the popcorn?"

"I put it in the microwave!" Terry exclaimed "Wouldn't wanna make things too easy for you, would I?"

Dana smiled, sat on the couch and cuddled next to him

"Some manners you have…"

Terry smiled and put his arm around her and picked up the remote control

"So what are we watching?" Terry asked

The doorbell rang. Terry gave Dana the remote and got up.

"I'll get that. How about you pick something instead?"

" Alright Terry, but you know that I'll just turn on a chick flick"

Terry laughed and answered the door. To his complete shock, Melanie was standing there.


"Hey Terry"

He quickly looked behind to see if Dana was looking and walked outside and half closed the door

"You shouldn't be here."

"I know, and I wouldn't be if I didn't really need to talk to you. It's my brother. And everything else. It's all crumbling apart. We have no money anymore."

Terry folded his arms

"So you're basically asking me for some fast cash?"

She hung her head

"I really wish I didn't have to"

Terry shook his head

"Look Melanie, I'm sorry. But you're not a part of my life anymore, and I don't see why I have to do that."

"But Terry…"

"The last thing I need to do is go down this road with you again. How do I know I'm not gonna end up in jail for helping out a criminal?"

"My days as Ten are over, Terry! I thought you understood that!"

"It's not just that. Look, I'm with someone else, okay? It's my fault, I should have told you earlier, but it's true."

"I'm asking you as a friend, nothing more!"

Dana yelled from inside

"McGinnis, the movie's starting!"

Terry made eye contact with Melanie

"I can't talk to you. I have to go"

He opened the door

"Terry, please…"

"I'm sorry Mel, but…but I just can't care about you anymore. Sorry."

He closed the door.

"I didn't expect you to."

She put her hands in her sweater pockets and walked away. From the window, Terry watched her go.

"Who was at the door?" Dana asked

Terry took one last look and turned back to the TV.

"No one."

Melanie ran down the street. Eventually, she winded up back at her apartment. She was staring at her closet. She remembered when Jack yelled,

"In the end, Dad gave us nothing! Mom gave us nothing!"

"If there was one thing that mom or dad ever gave us…"

She pushed some of her clothes out of the way. Hanging in the very back, was a suit that she never wanted to see again. The Ten Suit.

"It was the ability to get money when we needed it"

The Ten suit was black on one half and white on the other. A mask would cover her entire face. She hesitated for a second. She hadn't put this suit on in a long time. And she didn't to. The only reason why she kept it was if an emergency situation ever came up. But that didn't mean she ever wanted to have to use it. That suit turned her into a criminal. It represented a life that she desperately wanted to leave behind. It scared her every time she looked at it. It reminded her of the Royal Flush gang, which was a memory that made her uncomfortable. But more than that, it reminded her of her Dad, who she absolutely hated. Melanie looked at the empty, form fitting suit once more.

"I have no choice. It has to be this way"

She took it off the rack.