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After The Rules

The FBI and NCIS Agents were surrounding the place where they were supposed to make the trade. They weren't visible and Gibbs hoped that they could get this done without any harm. He looked around and saw a car making its way towards the building.

Fornell looked around and wondered if Alejandro would bring Franks and DiNozzo to the drop off point. He watched Gibbs as he looked around. Ziva and McGee were on lookout and the rest of the Agents were somewhere else. Before they left DC the plan was only Fornell and Gibbs would take Palmona and meet at the place.

Suddenly Palmona's phone rang and Gibbs picked it up. "Do you have my sister?"

"Yes, I do."

"Let me talk to her. I want to hear her voice before I do this." Gibbs put the phone on speaker and turned to the backseat where Palmona was sitting in handcuffs. To make sure that she had no idea that this was a trap for her brother the other Agents left before they made their to Mexico.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Alejandro."

"How are they treating you?"

"They have me in handcuffs."

"I'm so sorry. I'm coming right now." He stayed on the phone for a minute waiting for his sister to say anything else.

"Just get me out of here." The phone was closed.

A few minutes later they saw a car approaching and both of them straightened up. They saw two men in front and three in the back. Rivera got out of the car and so did the other men along with Tony and Franks. Their hands were behind them and Gibbs figured they were tied behind them. Gibbs and Fornell got out too. Gibbs reached into the back and took out Palmona.

Suddenly the Agents came out. "FBI, NCIS get your hands up."

"This is a trap? How could you Palmona?"

"I didn't know." She said as she glared at Gibbs. Gibbs made sure that Fornell had Palmona before walking over to DiNozzo. He saw the bruise on Tony's cheek. "You okay, DiNozzo?"

"I'm fine, Boss."

"Your boy did good, Probie. They beat him up and he didn't say anything. Well, he did say things, but he kind of did it to take pressure off of me."

"Good job, DiNozzo."

Tony looked up and smiled. "Thanks Boss." He rubbed his wrists, as his hands were untied.

"I want Ducky to give you a check up when we get back, DiNozzo."

"Boss, I'm fine."

"Just do it."

"Got it boss."

Ducky was finished and told him that he was okay to go back to work. He had a few bruises on his stomach and cheek, but that was all. They had put Palmona and Alejandro in jail for trying to kill Gibbs's father and for kidnapping a civilian and a Federal Agent. They had evidence to back them up and they were both put into prison for a long time.

The End