My name is Georgia, I am 13 years old. Today everyone in the world died.

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Georgia P.O.V:

I was a normal child with normal parents. But then I started... "Hearing" things. Soft whispered numbers. At first I thought I was wasn't getting enough sleep so I went to bed early. When that didn't work I started writing what it was saying. At first I didn't understand all of it. I just knew I HAD to write it. The teachers thought I had lost it and the kids at school started making fun of me. I didn't care. I HAD to write these numbers. After I finished it I still didn't know what it meant. I was still hearing the whispering... People soon stopped calling me nuts but in truth I still called my self that. Why? Because I believed I had. What NORMAL GIRL hears WHISPERED NUMBERS in her head all day and all night. I started typing the numbers. I learned what they were on accident. I typed in some of them in the Google search bar and a name of a HUGE disaster appeared on the screen. It was creepy yet sorta interesting at the same time. I mean how children can say the can predict the future. But some of them hadn't happened yet. And the last one I did said E.E. And the sad part is I knew what was going to happen. It would be the end of the world as every one knows it. And there was NOTHING I could do except live out the last few days of my life with the people I love.

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Mitchel P.O.V:

When had my world ended? I believe that would be when I turned 13. Two days after I turned 13 I started hearing voices. At first I thought it was my conscious telling me something but I didn't know what! Then I found out. It was by accident. I started moving my hands on my keyboard and I typed out all these numbers. It freaked my out because I had never looked into many disasters but here I was looking at a page from 9/11. It had the same numbers I had been hearing since my birthday. It scared that I knew this by heart. What had once been random things in my head turned into something much bigger. I started looking into all of the numbers and soon learned that some off the events hadn't occurred and I started worrying because the numbers stopped soon after this year. I knew what it meant but I didn't want to believe it. It was the end of the world and I could do nothing but sit and wait with these stupid voices in my head.

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