Mitchel P.O.V :

"Mom Do I HAVE to go visit dad again. For all we know he doesn't want me to visit!"

"Sorry Mitch but he is coming to pick you up tomorrow. I don't see why you don't want to go."

Because I want to spend my time with you! I don't care about Dad. I want to stay with you, But I can't tell you that. Belle would just make fun of me.

"O Mitchie wants to stay with our mommy! How sweet is that. Areyou afraid."

"NO BUT YOU SHOULD BE!" I charged at her will full force but she was planning that and grabbed my hair with one hand and grabs both my hands with the other. She can be such a BITCH at times.


"Mom he started it he just started charging at me and-"


"I do not want to here this go up to your rooms and get yourself packed. NOW"

Why did I have to get Belle as my sister. Why couldn't I get a brother or something. Then we would REALLY be twins. Real twins not Fraternal Twins. But I only have 3 months left with her so I have to make the best of it. I don't want to go with my dad. Belle was dad's favorite so why did I have to go? He would spend the next 2 months with him being ignored. I think I was mom's favorite but no one could ever be sure with her. She makes it so that we are both her favorite child and I love her for that she makes it so easy to be around her. I don't want to leave her when the world goes. I just wanted her to be happy. So if that means going with my dad. I will go with my dad.


I guess I'll keep updating this even with no one reading and since I am NOT a dude I don't know what guys think about so I am just winging it. The Nerd