Author's Notes: Yes, I'm doing one of those 100 prompt fanfics, so sue me. These are all going to be a series of drabbles revolving around the Witch/Wizard pairing. Expect it to be updated daily.

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oo1. Crash

She just crashed into my life one day, when I wasn't looking.

Split! Boom! Crash!

Was all I heard before there she was, with flashing orange eyes and her witch's hat too big for her head.

"Stupid potion…" she mumbled to herself. Her neck snapped in my direction and she scowled her witch's scowl. "What are you laughing at?"

"I'm not… laughing."

"Yes you are! I can see it in your eyes! Don't lie to me, idiot."

"Idi…ot? You are the one who... crashed through the wall."

She flipped her sliver white hair, and smirked.

"I like to make an entrance."

Centuries passed, and we both constantly found ourselves drawn to the same towns and places, though we traveled separately. When I finally settled down as a fortune teller on a small island, I was not surprised to hear of a legendary witch that lived deep in the forest.

Split! Boom! Crash!

To this day, she lives up to her word.

"Hello, Wizard."

"…Would really be so hard… to use the door for once?"