Author's Notes: Well, after a long hiatus I'm finally back! While I have a few fresh ideas I'd like to begin working on, I decided I'd make this story my top priority! :) I doubt I'll be able to keep updating daily as I originally promised, but I think I'll be able to pump these out quite often, so keep your eyes open! Also, some readers may notice changes to my writing style (as it has been a few years). Hopefully these changes are for the better! Anyway, thank you so much to those readers who decided to stick with me, and a big welcome to new readers alike! :)

:::EDIT::: I went back and changed the tense to present; it just seemed better that way.

oo8. Hold

I take note of my potion ingredients for the third time today before I decide I should re-organize my spell books a second time. I hate doing menial tasks like these, but they are the only ones I can think of that doesn't involve me leaving my home.

Stupid Wizard. It feels like every other day I'm over at his house, but how often does he come see me? Never. At least not one time that I can think of. If he thinks for one second that I'm visiting him for my own health, well! He could think twice! That dumb little hermit would probably go crazy if I didn't go say hello to him as often as I did.

I sigh and look out my window. Darkness is beginning to creep through the trees, and I can't see past the swamp anymore. All day no one knocked on my door.

I stand up from the small shelf near my cauldron and sit on the edge of my bed. I reach for and grab the single book on my bedside table; a book I borrowed from Wizard about a week ago. A book that he probably sat hunched over for days at a time. A book that he must have read at least a hundred times before he let me take it. A book that smells of must and the same spices that seem to dominate his home, no matter what the season.

I lean into my lap, shut my eyes, and inhale as deeply as I can as I flip the pages.

A book that he held in his own hands, and I am holding now. I trace my fingers across the aged writing. Stupid, stupid Wizard. I really should have given his book back to him by now. I guess I have no choice but to drop by his house tomorrow.