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Scorp's POV:

If I didn't love Rose I really think I would hate her for putting me through this kind of cruel and unusual torture. Rose showed up for dinner tonight looking fucking gorgeous and I wasn't even able to talk to her because she still didn't believe me about the whole Lorcan fiasco. I couldn't stop staring at her and I was really glad that she purposefully never glanced in my direction because then she would have thought that I was creepy or something. One good thing happened though, she didn't sit with Lorcan. Instead she sat with Lily and a few other girls. Though I couldn't fathom why. Samantha Penn, a fellow sixth year, was the resident Gryffinwhore with fake looking yellow hair and even faker looking boobs. Rose always said that Penn would end up pregnant by the end of her Hogwarts career. I snorted, all the guys (including me) know that even though Penn has had more experience than most, she's not actually that good, but if I ever said that to Rose, she'd probably hit me.

The other girl was, to my immense shock, Nastia Ivanov. Nastia is a "temporary ex" as James calls them because if there's no one else that we're seeing at the time, we usually always end up with each other. Even though we're technically off right now, she's still probably my most serious girlfriend ever. She's pretty (extremely pretty), pureblood, rich and somewhat intelligent (although, in my opinion, she doesn't quite deserve to be in Ravenclaw) and she's a family friend. Father was thrilled when he discovered that we were dating, I know he wants us to marry one day. Yeah right. She's a fun girl, but I'd never marry her. Ever. I like her, sort of, but not that much. I haven't really talked to her since I got back to Hogwarts, but over the summer we owled back and forth a bit and I know that she wants to get back together. So it is surprising that she would be hanging out with Rose. Nastia never liked Rose, she always thought of Rose as competition. Nastia was the only girl I've dated that was observant enough to notice my obvious feelings for my best friend. Rose never liked Nastia either. She used to call her Nasty-a, I wonder if that name stuck. But there they are, laughing like they're actually friends. Gathering my Gryffindor courage I sauntered over to them, ignoring Al's warning look.

"Hello Rose, Nastia, Lily, Penn," I said coolly. Nastia smiled back and flicked her platinum hair in a manner that would have looked unattractive on anyone who didn't look like a model. I gave a small grin when I saw Rose's expression of disgust at Nastia's hair-flicking. Rose smiled back at me, before quickly looking away again. I asked her, in a softer voice,

"Could I join you for dinner?" Before Rose could respond, Nastia cut in.

"Of course Scorpius, sit next to me," Nastia cooed gesturing to a seat on her left. I would be in between her and Rose. Rose exchanged a look with Lily, but I couldn't decipher it. I took my seat and scooped some mashed potatoes and gravy onto my plate, next to the chicken. It looked simply mouthwatering. The others were obviously enjoying the meal too. Rose and Lily had piled food onto their plates, some of their Weasley genes coming to the forefront. Nastia only took some of the salad.

"What? I'm dieting," she wined in response to Lily's disbelieving look. Rose looked at Nastia's tiny waist before rolling her eyes.

"You don't need to diet Nastia, you're skinnier than a twig," Lily Potter snapped. Nastia looked offended that a lowly fourth year was snapping at her and not worshipping her.

"Um excuse me, but did I ask your opinion?"

"No, you didn't, but I decided to tell you anyway." Nastia glared at her, Lily just looked smug. Rose smiled at Lily, but Nastia shot her a death glare and Rose awkwardly looked down at the table. We ate in silence for a few minutes before Nastia's hand reached for mine.

"How about we go somewhere private Scorp. What do you say?" I think she was trying to sound seductive, but her thick accent always became much more pronounced when she tried, so it ended up sounding a little harsh. Rose gave the minutest shake of her head.

"Uh, sorry Nastia, but I actually have to ask Rose a question…about our Potions homework."

"Humph, fine. Go hang out with her then." She crossed her arms over her chest and pouted at me. Sometimes, those puffy lips seemed irresistible, but I hadn't really wanted to get back with Nastia for a while now. When we ended it during May of last year, I was happy with that. I didn't have any intentions to rekindle the flame with her. Rose seemed pleased with this. She was done with dinner, so she picked up her bag and followed me out of the great hall.

"Thanks for even talking to me Rose. Al said that you wouldn't want to talk for a while." I took a deep breath before continuing, while reminding myself not to bring up the whole Lorcan/Sonya incident.

"Oh, and I wanted to say that I was sorry. I'm sorry for…" What was I sorry for exactly? I couldn't say that I was sorry for lying, because I was telling the truth. "I'm sorry for, uh, upsetting you." Rose gave me a half smile.

"No problem Scorpius. Now, I know you're done with your potions essay, so what did you really want to talk about? Or did you just want to apologize?"

"I just wanted to clear the air. You know, see where we stand."

"Oh…Scorp, I'm sorry too. For yelling at you and stuff."

"Don't worry about it. It's all in the past," There was an extended pause between us. But I was so elated that she was talking to me that I didn't care about the silence. She must not have been that mad at me!

"Scorp, can I ask you a question?" I nodded.

"Are you thinking of going out with Nastia again? She seemed very interested in you at dinner." I hesitated before answering.

"I wasn't thinking about it, no. But, Father wants me to, so I don't know what-" All of the sudden Rose looked furious.

"Oh, so you'll date her just because your father approves! I thought you didn't care what your father thought Scorpius!"

"I don't!" Why in the name of Merlin was she mad at me?

"Then why-"

"Listen Rose, I don't like her like that anymore. Got it? And it wouldn't be fair to date her anyway because-" I abruptly cut my sentence short so I wouldn't accidently spill my secrets.

"There's someone else isn't there Scorpius? Who is it?" Her face was a mixture of childish curiosity and an underlying current of…jealousy? I just stood there gaping at her. She was supposed to be oblivious! How did she figure it out?

"Scorpius, can you tell me who it is?"

"Uh… Rose, well…"

"So there is someone?" After about a minute I answered her in a monosyllable.


"But you're not going to tell me who it is are you?"

"Not now Rose."

"Oh. Okay Scorpius."


"It's no biggie, none of my business anyway I guess." We started walking again. We were nearly at the Gryffindor common room when we heard a funny noise. It sounded like two people sneaking around and giggling. Rose and I exchanged suggestive glances. There was a mischievous glint in her eye that was very reminiscent of James and Fred.

"Let's do it." I mouthed to her and we quietly tip toed after the voices.

It was just like old times. The two of us struggling to contain our laughter as we pulled some kind of prank. I loved it. The two voices had stopped in a secluded corner. There was a guy and a girl, but I couldn't tell who it was. Rose gave me a look insinuating that we shouldn't interrupt something like this. We tried to slip away quietly until we heard the girl moan.

"Lorcannnn," the voice said. Rose stiffened, tears welling up in her eyes along with a look of anger. Instead of pivoting on her heal and sprinting for the common room she stormed into the corner.

"How could you?" She screamed. Lorcan and Sonya broke apart when they heard her screaming. Lorcan at least had the decency to look ashamed, but Sonya just looked smug.

"How could you?" She repeated. "I trusted you! I really liked you! Why'd you do it? And with her of all people!" You know I hate her!" She walked right up to him and slapped him across the face.

"Rose, I-" Lorcan tried, but Rose had already grabbed my hand and was walking away as fast as she could.

"You're such a hypocrite Rose! Getting mad at me for cheating on you one time-"

"Twice, actually" I interrupted quietly. Lorcan glared at me and continued.

"You get pissed at me for cheating on you when you and Malfoy have been secretly together since the beginning of term!"

"Scorpius and I are not together! We never have been! He doesn't like me like that, Lorcan!"

"But you do like him right?"

"So what if I do?"

"If you did then you shouldn't have been in a relationship with me!"

"Well, then I guess it's a good thing that we're not in a relationship anymore! Lorcan Scamander, we're over!" And with that she ran out of the room, still clutching my hand. I was still trying to absorb what had just happened. Did Rose really just dump him for me? Or was it only because she caught him cheating? It sounded like she liked me, but with Rose I couldn't tell. I stopped her before we reached the common room.

"Rose, did you-did you mean what you said back there?" She looked down at her feet.

"Mean what?"

"When Lorcan said that you and he shouldn't have been dating if you liked me, you said that it was a good thing that you weren't dating anymore. So does that mean that you like me?" She looked up at me. Her deep brown eyes cloudy, unreadable.

"Yeah, it does." I was about to grab for her hand, but she continued talking. "Scorp, I'm really sorry. We can just forget this if you want. I'm sorry that I made everything so awkward, but you needed to know and-"

I silenced her with a kiss. She seemed so surprised at first but then she melted into the kiss. It was just like something out of my day dreams. Warm, passionate and fucking incredible. She ran her hands through my hair as I pulled her closer to me. Eventually we broke apart, Rose was staring at me, an awestruck expression on her face. I smiled.

"Had to shut you up somehow," I whispered. She smiled at me and pulled me in for another kiss.

3rd Person POV

Five sets of eyes peered around the corner, watching the couple. All of them were grinning.

"Do any of you think it's a little bit odd that we're spying on our best friend and our cousin?" Louis asked the group. Fred grinned and replied,

"Nah, Louis. You worry too much. They're too immersed in each other to notice us anyway!"

"Man, we should have bet on them." James said with a hint of remorse. "It seems like the kind of thing we would do, you know?"

"Ah well, too late for that now. But we've got the rest of our cousins to bet on."

"And what exactly will you be betting on?" Dominique glided gracefully down the hallway towards her cousins and brother. They all looked a little sheepish.

"Nothing, nothing at all," James muttered distractedly. Suddenly, his eyes lit up a bit.

"So, Dom. Are you seeing anyone lately?" Dominique looked at him quizzically. Her veela blue eyes narrowing.

"Yes, what's it to you?"

"Who is it then?" Al asked.

"That's none of your business," Dom replied coolly.

"Dom, I'm your brother! I think it is my business," Louis said jokingly. Dominique laughed and succumbed to their requests.

"All right I'll tell you. It's Neil Callaway. You know the Ravenclaw seeker. The one I kissed so we won the House Cup." She was met with five expressions of equal astonishment.

"You're actually going out with that bloke?" Fred asked in amazement.

"Yes I am and if anyone of you has a problem with it you can go screw yourself!" She said before flouncing off to the Gryffindor common room to catch up with her friends.

"It'll never last." Fred declared.

"Oh yeah, ten galleons that it will for at least a month!" Louis rejoined.

"Alright mates, let the betting commence!"

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