An Elite Problem

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The search is on. Non-stop the Autobots and Rachael scowered all through Detroit, searching the woods, sewers, even lake eerie: nothing. On top of that, the Autobots along with Rachael were repairing the city from the damage.

Bumblebee sat in his home, face full of melancholy. None as full as Sari's though. With Sumdac gone not only was Sumdac Systems business plummeting, Sari had to run the place until he returned. She was up late at night, getting only two hours of sleep – maybe less, answering phone calls all day and at night she would be at business meetings. The lack of sleep and long business hours were starting to catch up to her. So much in fact, she was fast asleep on the couch.

Bumblebee watched her as she slept, d=feeling bad for her in her current situation. The other bots walked in, looking exhausted. "How'd the search go," Bumblebee whispered.

"Badly," Optimus answered, "We searched the whole city, and found nothing." Bumblebee dropped his gaze to Sari once more, dreading what the news he may have to tell her, "Maybe Rachael found something," thud.Something flew into the back of Optimus head. He reached around and grabbed Rachael, "Here she is," he laughed.

"That hurt," Optimus put her on the couch arm. She jumped down next to Sari and petted her head, "How long has she been asleep?"

"Two hours now." Bumblebee said.

"Good," she looked at her watch, "she doesn't start work for another two hours, let her sleep."

"Did you find anything," Bulkhead asked hopefully.

"No, and I'm starting to worry."

"Come on, can't you sniff him out or something," Bumblebee suggested.

"Prowl," she said, and he smacked bumblebee upside the head. "Ow what was that for?"

"I'm a malpractice science mutation bumblebee, not a blood hound," She corrected. Snorting her nose she replied, "Besides, I already tried, his scent is gone."

"What do you mean by gone," Asked Ratchet.

"His scent ends at lake eerie. I searched around to find a lead, but nothing. It's like Isaac disappeared." She sat down, putting her knees to her chest. Prowl patted her on the back, letting know it would be alright. She smiled at the ninja bot.

"Well we should all follow Sari's lead and get some sleep," Prowl suggested. Rachael nodded and curled up next to Sari. The Autobots went to their rooms. Prowl came back putting a blanket over Sari and Rachael. He stared at her, and gently brushed a figure over her, sweet dreams. He thought and left.

A couple hours later five of the six Autobots were fixing up the damage caused by the fight with the Decepticons. Although they were helping, their P.R. problems weren't getting any better. A car had driven up as Optimus picked a piece of broken dabree, "PLEASE DON'T HURT US," the woman begged, and sped off.

"Those humans were afraid of me," he said.

"Can you blame 'em," Ratchet replied, After all we did trash their city."

"I believe the Decepticons did most of the trashing," Prowl corrected.

"I still liked it when we were heroes," Bulkhead pouted.

"We are heroes," Optimus assured, "We just have to remind them. Now let's get back to work."

"Speaking of which," Ratchet said looking around, "Where have bumblebee and Rachael gone to?"

At Sumdac systems, things were their regularly scheduled chaos as the phones were ringing off the hook, "Isaac Sumdac's office please hold," Said bumblebee. Rachael was on the phone and organizing files, "Yes Mam, I found your file and I can only help if you pay the bill."

"No, Sumdac has not returned from his extended vacation," Bumblebee told the person on the phone. "But the corporation is being run by someone very capable.

"UGH," Sari groaned, "No wonder my dad acted so crazy, how did he do this?" the office was overflowing with files, work numbers, even names of local restaurants and amusement parks. Sari was swamped. She heard the computer beep and answered the web cam phone. It was Powell, the sleazy chairman of Sumdac systems, "Ms. Sumdac, I've been going over the books and I see you're using precious resources searching for your missing father."

"THIS IS MY DAD'S COMPANY," She declared, "And as long as this companies name is Sumdac I'm staying right here and in charge and there's nothing you or anyone else can do about it." She ended the call, falling back into the chair, "Hold my calls I need a break."

"Ok boss lady," Rachael saluted, "but you may want to see this." The showed a weird comet heading into Detroit, when it crashed the three business friends left the office to investigate.

A ship had landed in the middle of Detroit. The other Autobots were at the scene, and bumblebee and the two girls had just arrived. "What's going on," Rachael asked.

"More alien weirdoes, dat's what," Fanzone answered. The ship door had opened, the roar of the crowd dying down, as everyone watched with anticipation. Three more Autobots had appeared. "More robots, why did it have to be robots. The Autobots walked past the grieving officer and saluted. "Ultra Magnus sir, welcome to earth commander."

"Jazz," the bid mech said, "Set up a quarantine field to cut us off from those organics."

"You sure that's necessary commander," Protested the white bot, "I'd like to get a closer look if you don't mind."

"You might think differently after the slime they spew melts through your platting," Said the mech with the oversized chin. The white mech responded by pushing a button. On invisible shield surrounding the Autobot and the ship. Ultra Magnus directed the bots to enter the ship, leaving Sari and The police Baffled. "Hey," Fanzone said, "Where did Rachael go?"

The bots were on were taken to the bridge of the ship. The oversized chin bots name was Sentinel, and he was the Cybertronian brown noser. When he was kissing up to his boss, Magnus told him enough. "We've wasted enough time and resources tracking down these stragglers, so we'll just collect the alspark and be on our way."

The bots were filled with dread, how could they give them something that exploded. "Well funny story about the alspark," Bumblebee tried to explain, "It kinda-sorta-"

"BLEW UP," Bulkhead said. The three mech's eyes widened.

"The alspark destroyed," Magnus said, "How?"

"Ahem," someone said. The Autobots looked for the source of the voice and out popped Rachael from behind Prowl, "That would be my fault."

"AAH, A HUMAN," Sentinel shrieked.

Rachael extended her wings and tail, and flew into his face, "The names Rachael you back bumper kissing glitch." She snarled.

"What'd you say to me," Sentinel would have hit her, But prowl grabbed her, holding her in his hand.

"How did you get on this ship," He said demanding an answer.

Rachael fiddled with her fingers, looking at prowl with bid pleading boo, boo eyes, "I snuck onto your back, when you weren't looking." She replied laughing nervously. She turned and saw Magnus giving her a dangerous glare. She cowered behind Prowls head.

"Come out girl," He ordered, "I would like some answers if you don't mind." She peered from behind prowl and saw Magnus finger directing her to come forward. She looked at prowl for support. When he gave her a nod, she flew towards him, landing on the railing. "First, I believe introductions are in order." He suggested.

"Um," Rachael said raising her hand, "Since I snuck onto your ship, I should go first." Magnus nodded and allowed her to proceed. Out of respect she saluted and said in a military manner, "Sir, I am Rachael Sumdac, acting liaison for the Autobots between the humans."

"Liaison?" Magnus questioned.

"Since my friend and I are in close relation to the Autobots, we act as their lawyers - taking responsibility for their actions."

"I see, so you can vouch for them and yourself, I'm assuming." Rachael nodded with confidence, "Very well, then maybe you can tell me what you meant by it's your fault?"

"I was the one who…blew up your alspark." She put her hands on her head, as if expecting to get hit.

"Why," growled the leading mech, "Would you do something so reckless?"

"it was an accident," she protested.

"And sir," Optimus interrupted, "The alspark wasn't destroyed, more like it dispersed into many fragments.

"Besides, Megatron would have killed us if I didn't break it."

"MEGATRON," sentinel laughed, "What a story that is human. What, did optimus put you up to this to save his skid plate?"

"Optimus didn't do anything." She said, "I blew up the alspark along with the biggest threat to cybertron."

"You're still here so how is the threat gone."

"She's no threat Sentinel," Ratchet defended, "She's a slagging hero. This wasn't even her fight, yet she took up arms with us against the decepticons. She's a hero just like prime." Rachael turned a light pink.

"Stand down you rust bucket," Sentinel commanded, "I'm sure these two are a lot of things, but I seriously doubt hero is one of them."

"What would you know what a hero is," Rachael sneered, "I but the only heroic thing you've done is clean out Megatrons exhaust pipe." Sentinel roared as he brought down a fist on Rachael. She quickly put on her gloves and stopped the hand, "What," Jazz and Magnus stared in amazement, while Prowl, bumblebee, and bulkhead smiled.

"Is that the best you've got grease monkey," she threw away the fist and kicked his face in. he crashed into one of the control panels busting it, "My eight year old cousin throws a better punch." She flew over to prowl and stood on his shoulder triumphantly.

"Damn Sentinel, you got the bolts beaten outta ya," Jazz commented. Ultra Magnus tried to hide a smile. He found a muscular human entertaining. "If you are done," Magnus intervened, "Let's get back to the business at hand. Sentinel rose, wiping his face. He glared daggers at the grinning Girl, but tried to keep as much composer as her could – his patience, as well as his pride were dwindling. "We did a sweep of the entire planet, not one Decepticon energy signature."

"That's cause we kicked their sorry solinoids." Bumblebee said.

"You expect us to believe that a bunch of glitch detailed flunkies and a mutant could defeat megatron." He mocked.

"Why not," Rachael laughed, "I just kicked your ass halfway across the room."

"Alright then smarty pants pants where's the proof," he pressed, "O r is their another imaginary story about that too?"

"One it's not imaginary, and two if you don't believe that then maybe you should look I the dent I put in that ugly mug of yours. It's an improvement to say the least."

"I'm going to assume these insults of yours are a way," He went to Optimus, getting in his face, "To protect this sorry bucket of bolts worthless hide." Optimus remained impassive, "I mean, he's always needed some kind of assistance, and now he's getting help from an organic. What's wrong optimus, does the little girl buff your armor for you as well."

Bulkhead and bumblebee were surprised, optimus just stood there taking one insult after another. "whats the deal boss bot? why are you taking that?"

"Because he knows his place." Sentinel laughed.

"I'll put you in your place," Bulkhead charged, but was stopped by the bots and Rachael. Sentinel being held back by Jazz. "Bulkhead no." optimus shouted.

"Easy big guy," Bumblebee urged.

"This cyber clown isn't worth it," Ratchet said.

Magnus slammed his hammer down, "That's enough," everyone ceased moving, "It would seem there are many controversial stories as to the fate of the alspark. Never-the-less optimus, you and your team were responsible for the alspark, and for your negligence be punished." Magnus decreed.

"Yes sir," optimus complied.

"Now wait a minute," Rachael said, going onto optimus shoulder, gaining the full attention of Magnus and his companions, "I'm the one who blew up your magical glowing rock in the first place. Optimus and the others shouldn't pay for my recklessness. I may not be cybertronian, but I am willing to pay for my mistake."

"Are you now?" Sentinel said.

"YES," she answered with a serious look.

Prowl saw her face, full of determination. She really wants to protect prime. He thought dismally. He thought back to the fight with megatron. She had kissed Optimus on the cheek. Is it possible she likes him….more than me.

She flew back to magnus, landing on his leg. Surprisingly he didn't protest, "I merely have a request for you Ultra Magnus."

"What kind of request," Magnus asked putting a hand to his chin.

"That you gave me one solar cycle to prove that the alspark isn't destroyed, that there were decepticons – overall that these guys are innocent."

"And what if you cannot complete this task within the allotted time?" Magnus asked. Rachael kept her eyes locked with Magnus and replied, "Then I'll receive the maximum punishment for the destruction of the alspark."

"RACHAEL," prowl called. All eyes were on him as he ran up to Rachael and Magnus, "The penalty for that is death."

"Then I'll take that punishment prowl." She declared.

"You already did, during the fight with megatron. He nearly killed you remember." He grabbed her, holding her out in his hand, "I don't want you taking any more pain for our sake."

Rachael put her hand s on his thumb, "I'm doing this for you prowl," she said, "It kills me to see you hurt. I don't want you to die for what I did." The two stared into each other's eyes, forgetting that there was a room full of bots watching them.

Rachael turned back to Magnus, "So do we have or not?" she asked impatiently. Magnus admired the young girls bravado, "Very well then," he consented, "But at the very least, we must explore this world that optimus and the others have adopted as their surrogate home. As well as where the battle took place."

"Then allow me to give you a tour," she volunteered. Magnus approved, "You and Optimus if you don't mind." Optimus approached and Rachael went to him, "It would be our pleasure sir." He smiled at Rachael, earning a grin back.

Maybe she really does like him. Prowl assumed.


Is there a new friendship or rivalry?

Will Rachaels actions come back to bite her even harder?

Does she favor prowl or optimus in this series?

Find out next chapter.