That's right, ladies and gentlemen, step right up, step right up! For your pure fan-service enjoyment, I bring you Jonathan Crane, the very Master of Fear himself! He has yet to actually speak to me since I've kidnapped him (I think he caught wind of how I portrayed him in Dare The Dark Knight Characters… oh, and the whole kidnapping thing, too), but I will not be disheartened! You see, I went through all the trouble of breaking him out of Arkham, kidnapping him, and dragging him here with the sole purpose of offering up this Q&A for all of his greatest fans. Be aware that this is the actual, one-and-only Scarecrow we're talking about, so he won't be nearly as much of a flamboyant pushover like in DTDKC, and thus is waaaay more likely to hunt you down and kill all you love if you piss him off. Just a friendly reminder.

And with that, I bid you all to leave your questions here in the reviews, and once I can actually get dear Jonny to the keyboard without him trying to bash my head in with it, he'll be more than happy to answer them! (Well… happy might be pushing it….) Ask away, my friends, and just remember that you can ask a total of ONE question per update, so choose wisely!

Wish me luck, I'll most definitely need it—