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Ok, warning to all! This next fanfic is very…horrible. I am going to dig deep down into some really bad shit here. If you no like, then you no read. I mean, there's gonna be heavy angst, emoness, and other shit that makes this fic horribly good and depressing. I just wanna know, that if anyone is insulted by this fic, lemme know and I shall stop it. With all that said, here's Chapter 1 of Falling Inside Myself.

Chapter 1

Hichigo Shirosaki walked slowly and cautiously down a dark alley. He was completely dressed in black, shivering as a cold wind blew past. Gotta get to the store quickly…he told himself. As he ran, trying to avoid being seen, he heard a fight off in the distance. He wanted to avoid it, but the small voice inside him told him to check it out, that someone was hurt. As he ran towards the fighting, he heard a sharp cry.

"Agh!" He quickly hid behind a huge dumpster, waiting for the sounds to cease. The cry came again this time a little louder and full of pain. Then…nothing. He heard footsteps walk the opposite direction. When he looked around the corner, he saw someone laying limply on the sidewalk. He slowly walked up towards the limp person and knelt down. The person had bright orange hair and the same school outfit that Hichigo had once worn, but now it was filthy and small spots of blood could be seen on it.

This is bad…he thought, feeling panic rise in his chest. He rolled the person over carefully and stared in shock. His face was an exact copy of his own, only he had more of a tan. He's almost like…he could feel an itching sensation on his wrists and shook his head. No…not now… He slowly lifted the teen up, only to hear a soft moan of pain. Must have cracked ribs or something… he thought. Well…I can't leave him here…guess the store can wait…

When he finally reached the old garage store he called home, he walked in and placed the unconscious teen on the mattress that rested on the floor. He ran to the bathroom and grabbed a washcloth and soaked it and headed back to the room. Hichigo then quickly unbutton the teen's shirt to check for any wounds. His black gloves made it hard for him to make a proper checkup, and just when he thought he could remove them, the teen stirred. Damnit…

Ichigo opened his eyes slowly, squinting at the bright light from above. Wait…a light? He wondered. The last thing he remembered before he was knocked out was a bunch of people cornering him on the winter streets. When did I…

"Ah, you're awake." Ichigo looked up slowly to see someone completely covered in black. He had a black hoodie on, a hat on underneath the pulled up hood. He was wearing thick, dark sunglasses and had black gloves on, a black scarf covered up his face. He also wore black socks with his black sneakers, completely covering every inch of skin on his body. "I'm glad. When I found you on the street like that…"

"It-it's nothing. I'm used to being confronted because of my hair." He said quickly, feeling bad about staring at the oddly dressed stranger.

"So you're hair's natural?" the stranger asked, his voice muffled by his scarf. "That's interesting…"

"Yeah, and annoying. I'll be fine now, thank you." He said. As Ichigo tried to get up, a sharp pain filled his chest and he breathed in sharply, falling back down.

"Hey, stay still, will ya?" The teen said, pushing on Ichigo's shoulders gently. "I haven't finished checking the extent of the damage here." When Ichigo looked down again, he noticed his shirt was unbuttoned and raised a wary eyebrow at him.

"Oh really?" he asked. The stranger flinched a little and scratched the back of his neck nervously. "How do I know you weren't with them?"

"If I was apart of the group beating you up, why in hell would I bother bringing you here and not just leavening your ass on the side of the cold streets?" he asked harshly. Ichigo could feel the stranger's glare from behind the glasses and looked down.

"Sorry for jumping to conclusions there." He said. The teen sighed and finished removing Ichigo's shirt.

"Don't worry about it, I'm used to it…" he whispered, a hint of sadness and regret in his tone. Ichigo could tell there was a huge story behind it, but when the rough gloves slowly traced a spot of his chest, he gasped in pain.

"Gyah!" he couldn't hold back the cry.

"That's a nasty bruise there." He said. A dark, purple and black spot was growing on Ichigo's chest and he hissed when the stranger pushed on it again.

"Ngh…can ya stop that? I think you can tell something's wrong…" Ichigo said. The stranger walked away from him just for a moment before returning with a small bottle.

"I need a better check." He said.

"Maybe it'd help if you removed those bulky gloves." Ichigo mumbled. The figure froze, looking down at his gloves.


"But what? Look, I don't care if you're missing fingers or what, but there's no need to hide your appearance from me. I'm not exactly in the position to pick on peoples appearances as it is." Ichigo said. The stranger sighed and looked at him.

"Do you…promise not to laugh or…or tell anyone?" he asked, so quietly Ichigo wasn't sure if he heard him at first. But he nodded anyways. "Ok then…" He slowly removed the gloves, revealing pale white hands and black fingernails. When he reached down, Ichigo shivered as his cold hands traced the large bruise. When he pressed down lightly, the same tight pain shot through his chest when he had tried getting up earlier.

"Gh...D-damnit…" he hissed.

"Like I thought; cracked ribs. You need a doctor. Good thing there's a clinic about three blocks away." He said.

"D-duh. I live there…" Ichigo grumbled. The teen stared at him.

"You're…Dr. Kurosaki's son?" he asked. Ichigo nodded.

"Yeah, I'm Ichigo Kurosaki. And…you?" The teen looked down and slowly slid the hood off and removed his hat, revealing pure, snow white hair. He then removed his glasses, revealing golden eyes surrounded by black. He locked his multi colored eyes with Ichigo's chocolate ones.

"My name's…Hichigo Shirosaki." He said quietly. "But you can call me Shiro."

Shiro noticed Ichigo's funny stares and quickly turned away. "Sorry if…the way I look disturbs you."

"Why would you say that your looks disturb me? I told you, didn't I? I have no right to pick on anyone's appearance. No one should have the right in the first place." Ichigo said. Hichigo quickly grabbed the bottle and pulled out a small pill.

"Here, take this, it'll help with the pain." He said, not meeting Ichigo's eyes. "But you'll probably be drowsy." Ichigo sighed and popped the pill in his mouth. "I'm going to the clinic to get your dad. He needs t know you're ok and everything."

"Hey…thanks by the way." Ichigo said, his eyes already feeling heavy. Damn…that stuff's fast… he thought. Shiro looked at him, a small shocked look on his face. "Who knows what would've happened to me if you didn't come along…"

No one's…actually thanked me for anything before…he thought. He shook his head and quickly put his gloves back on and pulled his hood up, wrapping his scarf back around his neck. "N-no problem Ichigo. I'll…uhh…tell your dad what state you're in. You'll need to lay here for a few days. I hope you don't mind…" Ichigo slowly shook his head, sighing heavily.

"Not…not at all…" he mumbled. Shiro watched as he yawned and fell asleep. He turned away and walked out the door, closing it quickly so that none of the cold would get in. He walked down the darkened streets, his mind elsewhere, but mostly on the orange head back at his home. He looks like him…acts like him too…he thought, a tight feeling rising in his chest. His wrists itched again and he resisted the urge to scratch them. He saw me… he told himself, but his wrists itched even more, almost to the point where they burned. Right…maybe then he sees ghosts…I still don't know…if he can actually see me… As he saw the clinic appear in his vision, he sighed. No...i don't least, now i don't...but later I will...later...

Chapter 1 end

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