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Alright guys and girls. Last chapter of Falling Inside Myself. This is one of my shorter fics I've noticed, but I'm glad every one of you have read this story! It really makes my day, seeing and reading all the reviews! Even more fun responding to them! *bows* Well, shall we get this final chappie rolling then? Onward ho!

Chapter 17

Hichigo sat in the empty library, once again staring at the letter in his hands. After all these years...He thought as he read it again.


I know that getting this letter may be a shock to you, but I need to see you. I saw what happened on T.V and...well, that isn't the only reason. There are so many things I need to say, but my time is now short. Please...please come home, if only just this one, last time. Also...I want to meet your boyfriend. I promise I won't be rude or anything...not like before.


Why...why does she want to see me now? Just to insult me further? he wondered, his golden eyes beggining to droop. Befoe he could make an effort back to his dorm, he fell asleep at the small reading table.

Ichigo walked into the library to see Hichigo sleeping at their reading table, his hand loosely holding onto the letter. He sighed and shook his head, a soft smile on his face. "You can't sleep out here." He whispered as he walked over, lifting Hichigo up, pleased to se that he was only half asleep as he limped slowly alongside him.

Ichigo placed one hand on the teen's back to help him walk, holding his cane with the other hand. When they finally made it to their dorm, Ichigo removed his shoes and t-shirt and laid him down on his bed. He then grabbed his own and placed it next to Hichigo's making sure the small gap was as nonexistent as he could. Sighing, he removed his own shoes and t-shirt and curled up into his bed, nestling next to the albino. I'm right here...he thought as he wrapped one hand around Hichigo's waist. Good night Shiro...

"Well? Are we going or not?" Ichigo asked the next morning. Hichigo looked up from his bowel of Apple Jacks.

"What do ya mean?"

"You know exactly what I mean Shiro. Are we gonna see your mom or not?" Ichigo watched as Hichigo tensed in his seat just as Renji and Ulquiorra joined them.

"I...I'm not sure, Ichigo. I mean, last time I went...she just..."

"Hey, the letter said she wanted ta meet Ichigo too, ya know." Renji said as he sat down, a small Chocolate Chip muffin in his hand. "So maybe something's up, and she really does need to speak to you.

"The last time she said similar stuff, and what happened? She called the cops on me and Kaien. We had to explain and show the letter, but we still spent the night in prison for tresspassing." Hichigo hissed, glaring at his spoon in hopes to obliterate it. "That woman can hardly be called my mother."

"Well, we should see her anyways. And Renji and I can wait in the car for you guys, just in case something happens, ok?" Ulquiorra suggested, taking a bite out of his blueberry muffin. Hichigo sighed. There would be no winning this argument. Ichigo placed a soft hand on his pale white ones.

"It'll be ok Shiro...promise. Besides, if she tries to insult me, I'll do the same back." Ichigo said, smiling. Hichigo looked at his friends, and then at his boyfriend and shook his head.

"You guys aren't going to let me avoid this, are ya?"

"No." All three of them said at once. Hichigo laughed and sighed.

"Fine...we'll go tomorrow." he said, taking another spoonful of cereal into his mouth. Ichigo smiled and kissed Hichigo's cheek lightly.

"It'll be ok." He said reassuringly.

You only wish it would be...the albino thought to himself.

The next day...(forgive odd time skip. XD)

Ulquiorra's car drove up a long driveway out in the countryside. "You used to live all the way out here?" Renji asked.

"Yeah. My family own's a horse ranch." Hichigo explained.

"I used to go out on trips with my mom and dad. We always rode horses when we went." Ichigo said, looking out into the countryside. The place was covered with a light fog, adding a rather tense, yet at the same time refreshing look to the place.

"We're he-oh my..." All of them turned to see what Ulquiorra was pausing for, just an ambulence in the driveway, with doctors walking back to the vehicle. As the car stopped, Ichigo and Hichigo rushed out.

"Hey! What's going on here?" Hichigo asked. One of the doctors turned and they both froze.


"Ichigo? Shiro? What are you..." The thin teen then widened his eyes. "Wait...Shiro, this is your mom's house, ain't it?" Hichigo nodded. "Well...she was waiting for you. She refuses to listen to us until she chats with you, and we can't wait all day. Please, go talk to her so we can...move her."

"Move her?" Ichigo asked, feeling Hichigo grow tense. "To where?"

"The hospital." Uryu said with a small sense of finality. Not getting anything else from him, they both made their way into the house. Ichigo looked around the inside, not finding a single picture on the walls.

Kinda dreary...he thought.

"Hello?" Ichigo turned to see Hichigo walking slowly around, as if the place would attack him at any moment.

"Hichigo? Is it you?" A quiet, weak voice called from one of the rooms. Ichigo turned to see Hichigo freeze, and he placed a soft, reassuring hand on the albino's shoulder.

"It'll be fine." He whispered. Hichigo swalloed the lump in his throat and walked towards a small bedroom. Ichigo followed, only to stop at the doorway. The room was warm, compared to the rest of the house, which was freezing. A few pictures were here and there, and then there was a large bed in the middle of the room. A frail looking woman lay in it, soft, golden eyes looking at the two of them weakly. Thjis is...Shiro's mom? he wondered.

"M-Mom?" Hichigo whispered, walking closer, the cane he was using making soft, tapping noises on the floor.

"Oh, my little Hichigo...please come closer. I...I'm afraid I can't see as well anymore." She whispered, reaching out a frail, shaking hand. Hichigo walked over very slowly, grabbing her hand and shivering at how cool it felt. He got down on his knees so he could be a little closer. She took her hand from his and began to run it through his hair. "Your's still as soft as ever it seems."

"Mom...why do you want me here? Of all the times you've rejected me, I-"

"Please, please listen Hichigo." His mother sounded like she was about to cry. "This is all my fault. If I could have, I would have taken you right back after I threw you out. I was just scared...scared that I had lost my little son." She then looked up, finally seeing Ichigo. "This is...your boyfriend?"

"Yeah, my name's Ichigo Kurosaki ma'am." Ichigo replied, trying not to sound nervous. The woman nodded and looked at Hichigo.

"May I speak with him in private, please Hichigo?" She asked. Hichigo stiffened and turned to his boyfriend, who merely nodded. Sighing, Hichigo slowly rose to his feet, with a little help from Ichigo, and left the room. He then knelt down next to the sick woman.

"Why do you want to talk to me?" he asked.

The woman looked into his brown eyes and sighed. "I'm dying. I...I wanted to tell him months ago, but back then, Grimmjow was still breathing." Ichigo wanted to laugh at her annoyed tone.

So that's where Shiro gets it from...he thought. "Wait...what did that have to do with anything."

"Grimmjow was always over possesive, even when they were kids. But now...he threatened to kill Hichigo if I accepted him back to the house. That's why he had Kaien killed. He even forced his family to say those evil things on T.V. They have a young daughter and son as well as Kaien, and they didn't want them to get hurt so..." She let out a loud cough, trying to calm herself down again. "He was willing to do anything to keep my son to himself."

" you didn't want to kick him out?" Ichigo asked. Hichigo's mom shook her head.

"I didn't...but at the time, I still blamed my son for the death of his father. It wasn't his fault...but back then, things were different." She closed her eyes and sighed. "You've been taking good care of my son. I thank you for that."

"He didn't want my help at first."

"But I'm greatful all the same." She let out another cough and Hichigo came back in, looking at her nervously. "And as usual, you eavesdropped, correct?"

"Sorry, but I haven't seen you in almost seven years." He said quietly. She just sighed and looked out the small window, the two doctors waiting by the ambulence.

"Ichigo...get them and tell them I'm ready to go." Ichigo nodded and left the room, once again leaving mother and son alone. "Hichigo...I want to ask you something."


"Do you want possesion of the ranch?" Hichigo stared at his mother, unsure of what to say. "You used to love being with the horses...I just figured that, since right now you technically live on campus, that you may want a place of your own. And since I'm not going to be here much longer-"

"Don't say that Mom." Hichigo clutched his cane tightly, not wanting to listen. He knew she was dying; but he didn't want the last member of his family to leave him. She could tell what he was thinking and smirked.

"Oh my Hichigo. You're family is bigger now. Ichigo, and your friends, are your true family. I lost the right to be your mother long ago." she said. "So do not feel sad for me." Hichigo relaxed slightly and looked at her, his golden and lack eyes filled with tears.

"'re still my Mom." He whispered. "And...yes, I'll take the ranch when...when..." He looked back at the ground.

"Hichigo...forgive me...please." She said quietly, coughing afterwords. The doctors came in, followed by Ichigo and lifted the frail woman on a streatcher. As they carried her outside, Hichigo grabbed her hand briefly and simply nodded, bringing a warm smile to her face.

As the two boys watched the ambulence drive down the long driveway, Ichigo sighed and looked around. "It really is a nice place." He said.

" is." Hichigo nodded. He turned to look at Ichigo. "Look, if I move out here, would you...I mean, are you intrested in-" He wqas cut off by a quick, loving kiss from Ichigo. After staying like that for a few moments, Ichigo pulled back and grinned.

"I'd love to move out here and be with you. I can't think of a better idea."

"We can study biology abroad as it were." Hichigo joked, and they both laughed as they headed back to the car. Before he climbed in, Hichigo gave the house one last look. I guess it really is never to late to forgive...he thought. And it definatly isn't too late to start over.


Huzah! It's over! I'm so glad that this is finally finished. I love finishing stories, but I also miss then coming back to work on them. DX Ah well. Your final reviews are much appreciated. Well, I shall see you guys in another story! Over and out~!

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