Authors Note: Being an artist/musician, I couldn't help but create a tid-bit including lights, music, and magic for two very special characters:

My dear Labyrinth fans, worry not upon seeing this, I simply had to get it out of my system. It's been on my mind constantly these last couple of days since I'm on an Alan Rickman celebrity-crush phase, and once I get it out in writing, I can go back to the Labyrinth adventure story.

I'm taking a shot in the dark on this one, so don't expect it to be absolutely precise since the main focus is simply on HG/SS, everything else is just add-ons from the few things I remember, and some made up – Oh and in my story, muggle objects are ok :o)

Radiohead lyrics have been used, I did change the lyrics around to better suit the story, and as such- I do not own radiohead, or the songs posted in this story.

Hermione droned along the hallways, looking at everything around her with the utmost uninterest. For years, the school, the teachers, the books, the ... even the stones on the walls seemed to hold the most fascination to her... As the years had passed.. This to be the final one, everything was gone. Granted, she still adored reading, and preparing for exams and studying was something that never stopped being natural to her.. but there was something missing... If only I had some kind of .. creative outlet that could bring happiness, and excitement that didn't involve almost getting killed...

There had been a new pub just outside of Hogsmeade that opened. On Friday nights they had locals performing. She always had wondered what it would be like to step up on stage, and just let the music take over. That section was normally off limits to most of the students but because it was her last year and also because of her grades, she and a select handful had been given access to venture down that area, so she wouldn't have to worry about being seen by anyone she knew. The more she thought about it, the more attractive the idea became to her.

She thought back to when she was still living with her parents; her cousin had come over one weekend and brought his guitar with him. When he didn't know it, Hermione picked it up and in a matter of minutes she was self-teaching herself along with the instruction book. She already knew how to read music; her parents having made her take piano lessons early in her youth.
She remembered how good it felt when she strummed along the strings, placing her fingers on the frets to create chords that sounded: "Magica...OOOPS!" Before being able to finish her daydream, she had felt herself bump into someone hard, making her fall backwards and spilling her books.

She quickly moved to grab them, apologizing out loud as she did so. "I'm so very sorry, I should've been more careful... "
As she bent down to the pick up the last of her books, an annoyed voice replied: "How is it Miss Granger, that you, the schools' know-it-all doesn't even have the common sense to watch where she is going!" The strong voice made her finally look up in shock. Oh no, the most horrible situation! Out of all the people I could've bumped into, it had to be Snape!

"Dear me, please forgive me Professor, I've.. I've had a lot on my mind!" She made a move to get up when he suddenly extended his hand to help her up. Surprise clearly showing across her face, but she stayed silent regardless and allowed him to help her. She couldn't help but stare at him, with the same flowing black teaching robes he always wore, but there was something different about him, or was it, the way he stared at her? Before she could even begin to consider this further, harsh words quickly erupted towards her: "Walking carelessly about the hallways is inexcusable Miss Granger, 30 points from Gryffindor and detention in my dungeons this afternoon!" Without another word or glance, he strode off down the hall.

After class, Hermione was greeted by Ron and Harry. "So Mione, you gonna meet us at the library tonight to go over the exams with us?" Harry asked.
"Oh,, yes I... oh.. I can't" Ron turned to her shocked, "What?"

She sighed deeply, "I can't, I have detention with Professor Snape"
Both Ron and Harry looked at eachother before exclaiming at the same time, "WHAT?"

She looked down at the floor as she spoke, "I uh.. I was kind of not watching where I was walking this afternoon and happened to bump into him so.. here we are."

"That greasy git didn't have to give you detention for that, he's out to get you he is!" Ron exclaimed as Harry chimed in more consolingly: "Don't worry though, it's only one afternoon, if it had been me, you would've been given a week easy."

She rolled her eyes as she made her way to the dungeons. "I'll see you guys later."

She was in no hurry to get to detention, and as she walked, she began to visualize notes, and rhythms, walking in time while she hummed. She laughed at herself, "I'm a one woman band!" She gasped at herself then, Why is it that the thought of that doesn't sound so outright crazy?

Before she could take her thoughts further, she had arrived at her destination, taking a deep breath, and bracing herself for whatever lay ahead, she opened the door, and walked into the potions class.

Looking around fiercely, she found the classroom bare, for a moment she thought to herself, could he have forgotten that he had given me detention?

She shook her head answering herself, knowing that if she were to attempt to walk out now, she'd probably be accused of trying to skip and be given yet another detention. She sat down and looked around, starring at the rows of books and jars filled with odd objects floating around..."Hmmmm.." She quickly took out a piece of parchment and quill and formed 5 straight lines across, forming a G clef before deciding; "It would be good to actually have a title to the song first.. yes, first things.. "
Suddenly, the door burst open and in came the tall intimidating man with black flowing robes.

He had his back to her, searching through endless forms of parchment, not at all acknowledging her whatsoever.
She sat there quietly just watching him, observing him and his facial expressions, suddenly the words started to form in her mind:
"Can't afford to breathe in this town... " She began to scribble quickly, before the words could escape her.
That's when upon hearing the quick etching, he turned to face her. "I don't recall having said that you were permitted to do your homework while in detention Miss Granger.."

She looked up at him, her cheeks becoming flushed with every second that passed. He looked at her curiously, not understanding why she would be embarrassed or ashamed at such a simple statement. She usually just put her things away and would reply with a " Yes Professor" but she didn't do it this time, she didn't even bother putting the parchment away!

"Miss Granger, what are you doing?"

"I uhh.. like you said.. homework!" She began to put the parchment away finally when he continued: "If I see that you are lying, that will be 60 points from Gryffindor.

She sighed loudly and looked down at the beginnings of her song: She looked up at him quickly and then down again, "I'm a.. I'm writing a song" she whispered.

Snape leaned closer putting his hand to his ear, "What was that Miss Granger?"

"I'm writing a SONG!"

A confused and stunned expression formed across his face. "What on earth for?" Hermione starred at him for a moment, not expecting an inquiry but rather some form or ridicule, this gave her a tad more ease. "There's a new pub that opened just outside of Hogsmeade and.. "
"The Lions' Den" He interrupted.

She looked up at him in shock, how did he know about this place? It was a social pub that was always packed and brimming with music and chatter and with.. Good cheer! for heavens sake! Trying to envision Snape in that kind of environment just didn't click together in her mind, and as if reading her thoughts, he once again interrupted: "I am not without a life outside of Hogwarts, Miss Granger."

"Rrrriiight, well, I'm working on a song that maybe I could perform Friday night; I use to play piano as a child, and I also play guitar. I figured out a way where I could use my instruments magically and then there is a muggle device that loops the sounds created so essentially you could have a whole band with just .. "
She realized she was rambling and looked up to see why she hadn't been interrupted yet.

Again he was looking at her incredulously. "Miss Granger, I highly doubt that you and your nitwit friends would be allowed to even enter that section of town! I would stick with what I know Miss Granger.."

Her head jerked up suddenly and without even thinking about it, she spoke up: "That is exactly, the kind of attitude I have to fight against day after day in this place! I am more than just a bookworm student looking for praises from teachers, and to answer the previous statement, Harry and Ron are not allowed but I am, and they have no idea of what I'm going to do... Actually..."
She looked to the side and laughed to herself, "Your the only one who knows, I can't believe I said this to you.."

She dared to look up at him, his face expressionless, he simply starred at her for what seemed, ages.
She sat back, her heart racing against her chest. Here it comes Hermione, now you'll have to pay for having spoken up to him.

Turning his back to her, he finally responded: "You are to clean all the shelves in the room - WITHOUT the use of your wand Miss Granger, when you are done, you may leave." Suddenly a ragged towel and spray bottle formed before he disappeared out of the classroom.

Before Hermione realized it, she was done. The shelves shimmered they were so clean, but she still found it odd that her detention had been so lenient. She had heard stories from other students of the atrocious things they had to do. Cleaning out the shelves hadn't even taken an hour. Gathering her things off the desk, she thought about joining Ron and Harry, they would probably still be up in the library, but... she looked down at the unfinished song and headed up to her room instead.

The week went by in a hurry; whenever she got a chance of it, she would hurry up to her room and practice her completed songs. It was a pleasant surprise to find herself humming her songs mentally when she walked down the halls, during meal times, even while in class! Though she did not let it interfere with her academics, if anything, it heightened her desire to do well.

The morning before the intended concert, she had potions. Unlike the previous years where she had the class with both Harry and Ron, she was by herself.. .Which suited her fine.

Unlike other days where she was constantly raising her hand and correcting others with what they did, she hummed inaudibly to herself while constructing what had been written on the board. Snape eyed her curiously from time to time as she cheerfully made her brew, not speaking a single word during class. Nevertheless she was the first one to finish, and she patiently stood by waiting for her professor to give his approval.

He made his way down the isle, making sarcastic and vile comments as was the norm. When he finally reached Hermione, he took in her features, while with everyone else; he simply looked down at their creations, said his piece, and kept walking.
She looked back at him, her face expressionless as well for once, but she still said nothing, just awaited to be insulted as everyone else had; even though she knew she had done the potion correctly.

Finally looking down at her cauldron for what was probably an eight of a second, he looked up at her again. "See me after class Miss Granger."
With that he turned away, speaking as he strode to the front of the class." Once you've all cleaned the sorry excuse for potions' you've made, you may go."

While everyone else was putting away their things one by one, Hermione simply tapped her cauldron once, and everything she had made was gone, all she had to do was put away the cauldron.
She wiped her seat quickly preparing for everyone else to leave, when she felt heavy set eyes on her, and glancing up, she noticed it was Snapes, giving her a deep and penetrating stare. She did not break away from the stare, suddenly feeling knots in her stomach. Everyone was shuffling out of class, but she sat there, waiting for whatever punishment lay before her.
Suddenly it hit her, he knew of her plans for tomorrow night. She finally broke off eye contact, biting her bottom lip with worry. What if that is specifically what he's aiming for, I've practiced and worked so hard for this!

Only the sound of him clearing his throat brought her back to reality, realizing that everyone had left the classroom. She jerked up quickly, gathering her things and in the process dropping her itouch.
She quickly picked it up but he already saw it, and stayed starring at it as she held it in her hand. "What is that dreadful muggle thing you're holding Miss Granger?"

For the first time since class had started, her eyes illuminated, wide and full of sudden life. "This? It's a device that helps me with.. " Suddenly realizing who she was talking to and seeing the unmistakable look of curiosity, and slight concern, she held back from saying too much.
"It's not harmful in any way Professor; it just allows you to do many things in regards to music. You can look at it, and borrow it if you like, I'm not sure you'd enjoy the same music style as I do."

She held it out to him to prove that it did no harm. He merely looked at it briefly and then back at her. "Nevermind Miss Granger, that is not the reason why I've asked you to stay after class."

She remained silent, waiting him to explain: "Miss Granger, are you aware that the success of this class not only solely based on whether you create an acceptable potion?"
It was her turn to look at him in a curious manner. "I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean Professor."

He sighed deeply, putting his hand over his face. "Miss Granger you hardly spoke two words together today, you made no attempt to participate at all, this will effect your final grade, unless I am given an acceptable reason otherwise."

Her eyes opened in shock, she couldn't believe that she was being held after class over something so ridiculous.

"Professor, I…. Wow."

"Finish your sentence Miss Granger."

"Professor Snape, I am indeed shocked by your words, I thought for sure you of all people would be more than happy that I hardly said anything in class today since your always going on about how I think I know it all and am even accused of trying to take over teaching."

"Do you not?" He quickly interrupted.

She was about to speak but she thought about it before answering.. "I.. ur.. Professor to be honest, I didn't really have 100% of my mind concentrated in class today."

"and why is that" He asked seriously.

Could he have possibly forgotten? He probably wasn't even listening to begin with the first time she told him about her plans for Friday. A little hurt by his words, visibly showing upon her face, she looked down and rethought her words. "I have something important I need to do Tomorrow." She said quietly.

"Your Performance at Lions' Den?" A smirk clearly on his face.

She looked up at him in surprise… "Y.. yes.. that's exactly it."

"Miss Granger, do not allow your personal matters interfere with your academics, I expect for you to continue to participate in class."

She stood there fighting with herself over his words, she knew there were other students who hardly ever participated and they didn't get called to stay after class, why was he singling her out?

He stared at her deeply, was that a smile? Now she thought she was seeing things!

"You may go." He turned his back to her then, shuffling through parchment.

Still extremely confused she headed out of the room. After hearing the door close, Snape turned around; thinking about what had gone on, finally sighing deeply. "What are you doing you old fool… "

That Friday, Hermione had been a complete mess. She was thankful that she didn't have potions that day, Snape would've said something to her for sure. She sat silently at the great hall at dinner. Ron and Harry talked excitedly about an upcoming Quidditch match coming up, while she just stared ahead of her in a daze. It would be time to leave soon.

Deep in thought, she felt that overwhelming sensation again like she did the day before at potions. Remembering it made her look up at the Head table, where she found Professor Snape looking directly at her.

She quickly lowered her gaze and back at her food. She felt the knots in her stomach again. She could start to feel herself blushing. No time to make up crazy ideas, you have a concert to get to.

With that, she got up from the table, excusing herself, and almost running; she exited the great hall.

She gave her room one last looking before heading out, she had everything she needed, including a small bottle of something she cooked up that was guaranteed to make the nerves dissipate so that she could give her all with ease.

When she arrived, the place was starting to fill with people. She sighed in relief when she noticed that there was nobody there that she recognized, and headed backstage.

There was a tall man guarding the door, and she gave him a piece of parchment. "Hermione Granger sir"

He looked her curiously and then at the paper. After looking at her for a moment and then at the paper again, he stepped aside and opened the door. "You can get ready in room 6, your up 3rd tonight."

The room was small and barely had lighting, she had to cast a spell that lit the room entirely. She decided to pull out her instruments and equipment first, and once that was ready to be set on stage, she gathered her costume and makeup to get dressed but before doing that, she gulped all the contents of her bottle. "Now I'm ready!"

Nobody would be able to recognize the woman that was now starring at herself in the mirror.

Hermione wore tight black leather skinny pants, and an off the shoulder black shirt that sparkled like crystals in the light. Leather black boots complimented her outfit. She cast a charm on her hair that turned is straight and sleek, held up at the sides by matching crystal clips.

The makeup around her eyes were smokey, bringing out the deep amber in her eyes, while her lips were pale with simple gloss. She knew she looked sensational, not like a student at Hogwarts, but like a grown woman.
While doing her final touch-ups, there was a knock on the door and then it swung open. It was the same guy that was guarding the door earlier.

"Your up in five… woah! Are you the same girl that arrived 15 minutes ago?"

She smiled shyly "You look sensational, oh.. before I forget, I've been instructed to give you these lovelies." Suddenly a vase filled with red roses appeared on the table. "

Hermione gasped in shock.. and she would've probably been concerned too if not for the potion she drank earlier.
"Who are they from?"

"Ummm.. I don't know, the guy didn't give me his name, and I couldn't really see his face either, it's like he didn't want to be recognized. By the way, you do have another song ready in case the audience wants an encore right?

"Oh.. yes!" Hermione knew what that meant.. if you sucked, you only got one song.. that was it, and if you were good, you performed an encore.

"Anyway.. your up in …. Four minutes now.. ' With that he left as fast as he had arrived. Leaving Hermione confused as to who would possibly know about… "Professor Snape?... No way.. "

She shook her head and quickly grabbed her equipment to get ready on stage.

Hermione could tell from the applause of the previous band that the place was packed. She could hear the cheers and whistles making her all the more excited about what would be coming to them.

"Next up we have Miss Hermione Granger giving her first performance with us tonight, give it up!"

She walked up holding the mic in her hands, completely at ease as she gave the audience a dashing smile. "How are you all doing tonight?"

She was hit with a response of thunderous applause and cheer, and somewhere off in the audience someone yelled: "YOUR HOT!"
Which she smiled and laughed, "Thank you dears"

"Tonight I'm going to do a bit that was actually inspired by.. " She smiled coyly at her audience "Someone significantly older than me.. probably doesn't even know I exist.. "

There was another yell from someone in the audience: "HE'S CRAZY, YOUR HOT!"
She lifted her eyebrows at that. "Who keeps saying that?" There was a young wizard, probably in his 20's that started jumping up and down in the front.. "Oh, thank you dear!" She blew a kiss to him and the audience burst out in laughter.

"So.. a lot of people fear this person, I thought I did too but I realize that it's a deep respect and.. maybe something else.. Anyway, he was what inspired me to write this song, because he's a brilliant person! Oh and so you all know, I use muggle devices and combine them with my magic techniques so, the song is called 'Blow out' hope you all enjoy!"

She put the mic back on it's stand and strapped on her guitar which… as soon as she hit the first chords, fired a frenzy of electrifying sounds that drove the audience wild.
Continuing to play, she walked over to her Macbook and sang the chorus into the mic:

"All wrapped up in cotton wool,
All wrapped up and sugar coated"

She turned to the audience, pulling out her wand from out of nowhere and pointing it towards the drum set.
which fell in time perfectly as she began to sing again.

"In my mind and nailed into my heels.
All the tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime, killing what I feeeeeeeeeeeeeeel."

As she held the last note, the audience applauded and cheered.
She pointed her wand to her Macbook and suddenly it looped back to her previous chorus, making it sound as if she had background vocals.

"All wrapped up in cotton wool,
All wrapped up and sugar coated"

"And everything I touch,
Turns to stooooooooooone."

Suddenly, she backed off the mic and broke out into a guitar solo, moving in time with the rhythm, all the while the audience going wild.

Coming back to the mic, she let the guitar drop to her side as she sang with all her might and feeling into the mic. She ran her hands down the sides of her body, down to her hips as they swayed provocatively.

The wizards in the audience were going crazy, whistling and making cat-calls as she sang.

" I am fused just in case I blow out,
I am glued just because I crack out."

"Cause everything I touch.. turns toooo stooooooooone"

She picked up her guitar again and broke out to the second solo of the song, her fingers all over the neck of the guitar as she played rapidly, and with feeling, the audience still going wild as she was coming to the end of the song.
Even before she was done, she could hear them begin to chant what she wanted to hear since she first arrived:

Finally finishing the last notes, she looked up and saw everyone clapping their hands at the same time, still shouting, "ENCORE! ENCORE!"

Smiling and breathless, she came up to the mic, "I take it you all want an encore?"

Everyone burst out in cheer, and so began her second song, which even though she didn't say so, was also inspired by that special someone.

What Hermione hadn't noticed was that off in the back of the lions' den, in a booth, drinking ale, sat Severus Snape.
Overwhelmed and hypnotized by her words at the beginning of the song. He had swallowed hard, knowing that she meant him. It confirmed that what he was feeling was not just crazy since she obvious had felt it too.

She was absolutely breath taking, she looked like a woman and not just a student. What had happened to the shy, and book-worm Hermione Granger? Who was this charming and talented woman on stage?
He was absolutely not expecting her to be so bold and frankly, surpassing everything that is amazing. This was certainly going to change things.

This was going to be a one-shot but I'm going to add another chapter since things seem to be developing more-so than I intended :o)