Summary: Meredith's Pregnant but seems to be the last to find out about it. Season 6. MerDer.

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A/N: Okay so the time line for this is a little funky. This fic basically takes place in the ep "Sympathy for the Parents". Mer is about a month pregnant I'd say. Placing the conception in or around "Perfect Little Accident" (which always sounded like a great baby-making title to me!) The trouble with this is that it would mean that Meredith was practically in her second trimester before she noticed. I'm just going to go with it because that makes me laugh a lot. Anyway, Enjoy. Feedback is always appreciated. Especially any suggestions or constructive criticism.

Baby Daddy

Derek had four sisters. He had four sisters and 14 nieces and nephews. Needless to say he had a lot of experience with pregnant woman. (That's not to mention the 11 years he spent married to an obstetrician.) For this reason he didn't really think it was too terribly odd for him to notice that his wife was pregnant before she noticed it herself. The signs were subtle but he was convinced they were there.

The first time he noticed that anything was out of the ordinary was a few nights ago when he noticed that her breasts were unusually sore and sensitive. Next, it was her sudden need for Cherry Garcia ice cream when she's always been a mint chip girl. Also, she has developed an aversion to the smell of the scrub soap she has to wash her hands with every time she performs a surgery. Finally, he had noticed that her emotions seemed a bit closer to the surface these days. She had actually screamed at him in the middle of the hospital the previous week which, though he had deserved it, was a more than he would have expected from his normally private wife.

After some internal debate over what would be the best way to broach the subject he decided that it would be best to just let her come to the realization on her own. Best to let the pieces fall together slowly so she could wrap her mind around it little by little, because, as happy as she has been since they got married, she was still gun shy about the kids issue and was bound to freak out a bit. Yes, he decided, letting her figure it out for herself would definitely be the best course of action. But still, a little mental preparation was not out of order. He decided that he would help her to see that babies were a part of their future and not to be feared. He would help her see that motherhood didn't have to be detrimental to her career. And most importantly, he would help her realize that she wasn't doomed to repeat the mistakes of her own mother.

He lay in bed just watching her sleep and thinking about all of the wonderful things that lay ahead of them when she started to wake up. She looked at him curiously as she opened her eyes, perhaps she noticed that he was staring a bit too intently at the curve of her face (trying to imagine the same cheek bones on their daughter). "Well you're looking all thoughtful," she said while still blinking the sleep out of her eyes.

He knew better than to deny it because even half asleep she could read him like a book. So he went for the next best thing: distraction. "I was just thinking about how pretty you are." He had to work up some courage for his next sentence, "and also how pretty our children will be." He said it with as much nonchalance as possible but still her reaction was like he had dumped a bucket of cold water over her head.

"Children?" she asked with wide eyes, "Like multiple?" her voice raised an octave and he almost had to laugh.

"Child," he kissed her softly on the cheek, "Let's just start with one." He smiled but she was not appeased.

"You want to start?" Her face turned from panic to incredulity.

He knew that was more than enough for now and decided to back off. "I'm just saying you're pretty. That's all I'm saying." He kissed her and got out of bed.

He watched out of the corner of his eye while he walked into the bathroom to get in the shower and start his day and she stayed in bed with a wide eyed expression of panic. He laughed when he pictured her waiting until just after he closed the bathroom door then jumping up to grab her cell phone and call Cristina to freak out about her crazy husband. Yeah, he smiled to himself, she was definitely going to need some more work.