Taking chances

NOTE: This is an Important story for TC

French loafs and Chimare

she didn't cry on the never was at her she was as though as nails,steel and cybertroin they went to the park.

Jetfire sighed as he looked towards the...Playground was it?silverdust was spending the week with precy 's 'older brother'.It was sad not having around the bundle of joy,saying to the mechling ''lets have a tea party daddy!'' of corse by cybertionen standerds he was very young to have any he liked the nor Valerie showed feelings as though they were in in his mind he started to feel something towards mind wandered back to the playground.A small family of 5 was walked back to the orange mech,Icecream in hand humming to a tune from her icapsol...no...icontaner?no...oh yeah..ipod.He knew the tune by was by the famous singer Miku knew the name for the song had told him about each vokaloid...no...Vocaloid.He let his mind think of the names that he could rember along with the numbers they had...well most of the numbers

Miku hatsune 01

Rin kagamine 02

Len kagamine 02 or 03?


Meiko Sakine

Neru Akita

Haku yowane

Megurine Luka

Gackpo Kamui

Gumi Kamui

Ted Kasane

Teto Kasane...

His thoughts were broken as he heard his humans intakes became more looked down at the once humming looked at her and caught her was a family of five and with two other children.''J-Jetfire can we go B-Back to the base?'' Jetfire scooped up the organic ''What is being wrong?'' He cuped his hands around her small now shaking body.''Nothing...''Jetfire sighed a bit and transformed waiting for the small mind Played though songs Valerie had showed him while he filed. it landed on one that he thought might cheer her was probably the stupidst thing he would ever took in a deep breath and started to sing,in his best Teto kasane voice

''Teacher!Is kasane,kasane,kasane,kasane included in vocaloid?'' Valerie looked at the Jet with a suprised transformed again landing on his feet as the music freely play though out the small area.''Don't say ZUKO- I am not french loaf is my favorite food.I eat it with Margarine!''

Valerie smiled as the orange mech started dancing a bit,a crowed started to form.'Brother' Jetfire said.'Yeeeeessssss?' 'go to-' 'I know You is dancing so werid.' Jetfire looked up and saw his twin Run up and start dancing next to corse Jetstorm would know the song so they sang

''But I am MISOJI!Since I am chimera,I am 15 years old!To stand in the top of Vocaloid I sing.(kyung,Kyung)'' Then The twins put there hands on there hips and swung them back and forth and sang ''I am a DIVA!I am not a lie!I sing wounderful songs!''They didn't notice the fact that a girl with Brightly colored hair was Walking smiled and she pressed Something on the side of her song was girl then sang in her best Teto voice ''Reach to everyones chest I am Kasane territory!''

Valerie smiled at the girl singing with the music ended she turned around and asked ''would you and some of your friends come to our next concert?As a preformer?'' Valerie smiled as she looked up at the twins.''Call us here.'' she said as she handed them a card.