Chapter 1 - Who Needs A Fresh Start

Twenty-one year old Lakota Primrose was having a normal day like anyone else at the Seattle Fine Arts School. She had her dark honey blonde hair up with a pair of chop sticks as she studied the fragile book in her rubber glove covered hands. Her grey eyes scanning the spine as if her fingers were touching it. She was being as gentle with it as possible as she continued to look at it. The school was getting ready for their annual Art show which would be in a few days. She took a quick look at her watch and frowned noticing it was already 8 o'clock at night. She's been here all day practically helping set up.

Lakota shouldered her back pack as she bid everyone a good night and walked out the back door of the auditorium. Three seconds later, a hand went over her mouth and a hunting knife was held to her throat as two men in ski masks appeared in front of her. They quickly duct taped her mouth and hands and drug her back into the building. She tried to make some kind of noise but it wasn't getting past the duct tape. Once back in the building 3 more guys entered the front of the building and had rounded up the girls there duct taped them as well and drug them to the back of the auditorium. there was a total of six guy.

The guys had rounded up 12 girls, then one by one, a different guy drug a girl off to the different parts of the auditorium, the screams were ear piercing and Lakota's heart went out to all of them, when suddenly she was grabbed by the back of the hair and practically drug to the very back where the offices were, as All of a sudden the masked individual backhanded her, her hands came up as she grabbed her cheek, he grabbed her by her upper arms, and jerked her around as he slammed her on the desk. The whole time he grunted silently, not saying a word to her. She started to say something and he put his hand over her mouth as he ripped her panties from under her skirt.

As he pulled the front of his pants down and she felt a blinding pain as he penetrated. She was trying to fight him off but it was no use, and when she tried to scream again, he laid all his body weight on her as he continued to thrust into her unwilling body. He jerked her head to the side keeping his hand over her mouth and pushing his forearm across her throat, he smirked sadistically through the mouth hole of the ski mask, listening to her muffled screams into his hand made him thrust that much harder into her.

The pain was so unbearable, tears of pain streamed out of her eyes. He finally ejaculated inside of her, and wiped himself off on her skirt. He gripped her throat and got close to her ear. "If you tell anyone I did this to you...I swear I will find you where ever the fuck you are and I'll kill you myself." Lakota laid on the desk on her side trying to catch her breath. The monster had just left her there. Once she was sure he was gone, she quietly moved out of the room and took off down the hallway, suddenly when gun shots started ringing out she ducted into a small maintenance room hiding behind the hot water heater quietly.

Lakota sat up shaking from head to toe in bed.

As she tried to get her breathing under control. She pulled herself from bed trying to calm herself. All the nightmares were finally taking its toll on her. The memories and nightmares were just a special torture. Lakota and two other girls had survived, the remaining 9 had been shot execution style. It all had happened six months ago, granted the six guys had been caught, tried and sentenced. Lakota barely talked before the attacks that night, and now she spoke even less, most of the time not at all.

Her parents had brought her home and kept her there after the trial was over. Her older sister Dallas had convinced their parents to let her to stay in La Push Washington with Dallas and see how she did there away from the city bullshit. A completely calming environment. A chance to just calm the nerves, nightmares and anxiety.

A Fresh start. Yea.