Thanks everyone for the reviews I hope you enjoyed the story! The song Innocence by Avril Lavigne was my inspiration for the story!

Chapter 11 - Innocence

-A Year Later-

Dallas looked at Lakota as a few tears slipped down her cheeks. Lakota giggled as she swiped at her sisters arm, "Don't cry, you're going to make me cry." Dallas dabbed the tears away with a tissue, "I can't help it, my baby sister is getting married. I never thought you'd get married before me." Lakota gave Dallas a look as she let her eyes fall to Dallas's 9 month protruding belly, "Really? Because I was just about to say I never thought you'd have a baby before me." Dallas giggled along with Lakota.

Lakota looked at herself in the mirror taking in the white wedding dress. The wedding was simple, just them, friends, pack members, family and a lot of love. The dress was perfect, spaghetti straps, the white cotton like material looked as though it were wrapped around her chest and torso, it went to just above the knees. Her long flowing hair was left down.

Lakota looked back at Dallas and smiled softly, "So are you and Jake getting married?" Dallas made a face, "What for? Clearly I'm already his and he's already mine. He imprinted on me and I'm completely in love with him. Hello I'm popping out his puppy any day now. Marriage is a piece of paper and people in over expensive clothing confessing their love to each other and promising to never leave each other when they are sick or poor or whatever. Marriage should be about something different. Like...If you still remember the way you're first kiss felt as it lingered on your lips afterwards. The relationship is never perfect but don't go to bed angry or in their case wolfed out. Don't bring your fleas to bed with you. Promise to love each other even when you are angry with each other. Most importantly, always end ever night with a kiss and an I love you."

Kim giggled, "Since when did you get so wise beyond your years?" Dallas laughed hard, "Listening to the wise ramblings of Billy Black. Jake's dad is absolutely enthralled about the baby. Sometimes I think he's more excited than Jake and I...Of course after the hellacious last nine months who could blame either of us. From my hormones going crazy and crying at the drop of a hat; to being so horny, I had to actually call Jake off patrol one night to get a friggen quickie in there." The girls were giggling so hard they almost didn't hear the knock on the door letting her know the ceremony was starting in a few minute.

The guys had long left and were standing on the beach. Jake looked at Paul, "So you're sure you're ready for this?" Paul exhaled slowly as he nodded, "Yea. I'm definitely ready. There is no one in this world that is going to be more perfect for me than Lakota." Jared patted Paul on the back, "Spoken like a true man who has imprinted." Paul growled, "You have no room to talk Jared. You are just as bad." Jared chuckled, "Oh hell I was worse. I still am. I'd give Kim the moon if she asked for it." Jake chuckled as he nodded in agreement, "Yup. Dallas too."

Paul chuckled, "I can't believe Dallas is seriously nine months pregnant. Damn dude. You're going to be a father. You really ready to be a father?" Jake nodded, "Hell yes. I don't care if it's a boy or girl as long as there are healthy. Though I'm sure Dallas knows I'm secretly hoping for a boy." Jared chuckled, "All men secretly want boys. Whether or not you actually get one is left up to nature."

A single violin started playing a sweet song, not the tradition march as the guys straightened up, they watched as the bridesmaids walked down the beach in their violet cotton dresses, all barefoot and beautiful as the day they were imprinted on. Jared winked at Kim as she shot him a thousand watt smile and winked back. Jake watched as his beautiful pregnant wife glowed from head to toe. He was secretly hoping she was feeling okay he'd not spoke with her all day. She smiled at him as she blew a kiss to him subtly.

Paul watched with adoration and love in his eyes as the most beautiful bride in the world strolled onto the beach barefoot. They had really come far in the last year. There was something about the way the sun broke through the clouds and made Lakota glow from head to bare toes. She wanted this to be the most comfortable wedding any one had attended in years. Paul smirked his cocky little smirk as Lakota stopped in front of him, "Missed you last night." It was Lakota's turn to smirk, "I saw you outback nice try. I missed you too." They turned to the priest as he walked up and began the ceremony.

A few hours later, Paul had his arms wrapped around his wife as they danced slowly by the bonfire that Sam had made on the beach. Paul kissed her lips softly, "I didn't ever think you could be more beautiful, but I was proven wrong today." Lakota giggled, "See I told you it was going to be a relaxed wedding. Nothing insane, just something fast and simple." Paul chuckled, "Couldn't have been much more it would've taken to long." Lakota nodded, "Right and I wanted to be married to you yesterday."

Paul ripped his eyes away from Lakota to look around and make sure everyone was having a good time. He chuckled as he watched Jake rub Dallas's feet, legs, knees...Anything to relieve the awkwardness her body was feeling. Of course everyone was dancing. Lakota noticed Paul chuckled at Jake and Dallas as she smiled, "So will you do all that for me?" Paul nodded, "All that and more." Lakota's smile widened, "Good...Get busy because in seven months that's going to be us." Paul scooped her up and kissed her breathless. Nothing could make the day be any better. As they continued to dance, it didn't matter if the song was fast or slow, Paul and Lakota only saw each other that night. Just like they would for the remainder of their life.

The End