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So this is Jonda. And Romy. Less Romy than Jonda, though there is quite a lot of them. 'Kay, first off, neither couple is going to be their normal selves. By this I mean that Remy and Rogue are already together, and will likely stay together for the duration of the story. And if they don't, they absolutely positively will be back together by the end. And while there is plenty of good old-fashioned Romy, i.e. yelling at the Swamp Rat, teasing cherie, and lots of arguments, they really get along extremely well.

I am not going to tell you why Jonda is different because you will have figured it out by chapter 2 at least anyway.

This story is AU. There are no powers, unless you count Remy's eyes and John's fire obsession. There are two things I will not compromise on: Remy's fabulous eye color, and Johnny's pyromania. Both traits are such a part of their characters that I feel they must be there. I don't care what explanation you have for Remy's eyes. Make one up.

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Wanda Maximoff took a deep breath. Okay, calm down. It's just school, she told herself. She was walking through the halls of Bayville High looking for her homeroom. Yeah, but it's the middle of the semester! She answered herself, and nobody asked you! I'll panic if I want! Her inner voice didn't reply, so she continued searching until she found room 108.

"Everyone, this is Wanda Maximoff. Her family just moved to Bayville. Wanda, do you have anything you'd like to tell us about yourself?"

She smiled shyly. "Not really, Mrs. Phillips."

"Alright then, take a seat."

She hesitantly glanced at the class. She caught the eye of a pretty girl with long bright red hair. The girl smiled and Wanda gratefully sank into the seat beside her. She stuck out her hand and said, "Hi, I'm Jean Grey. Homeroom is just attendance and chat-time anyway so don't worry about whispering."

Wanda smiled. "Thanks. I hate being new."

Jean tittered. "No problem. You stick with me and I'll show you around. Tell you who to avoid and who you'll want to talk to."

Wanda smiled still, but inside she recoiled slightly. I hate being told what to do! Calm down,she told herself, she's just trying to be helpful. Relax. Tuning back into what Jean was saying, she sighed in relief when she heard that today was a half-day. She'd be able to go home before lunch.

Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. She'd already met someone, so at least she wouldn't be alone.

By the time Wanda made it to her last class before the half-day was over, she was tired, cranky, and slightly regretting meeting Jean. Sure, the red-head was nice to her, but she kept putting everybody they came across in a category, and telling Wanda which categories contained people acceptable for "people like us" to associate with.

As the bell rang, she sighed in relief as she gathered her things and practically ran for her brother's car.

Pietro grinned at her. Stupid smarty had skipped a grade and was now taking post-secondary classes at the local college. Dumb twin. Couldn't even slow down long enough to suffer through highschool with her.

"How was your day?" he asked. His grin only widened when she scowled at him. "That good, huh?"

"Just shut up and take me home, creep." He gave her a half hug that she leaned into despite herself, then opened her car door for her and jogged around to the driver's side.

School the next day was practically torture. Wanda was introduced to Tabby, Amara and Taryn, Jean's little group of friends. They all smiled at her, smiles of assessment and calculation. Tabby put it best.

"Okay, girl, we are sooo taking you shopping later!"

Wanda was shocked. "What?"

Amara sniffed. "You need new clothes obviously. Those… so won't do."

Wanda glanced down at her light blue jeans and green tank-top. She frowned. What's wrong with them?

Not seeming to notice Wanda's annoyance, Jean and Taryn each squealed something about the mall, and then promised to meet her for lunch. Wanda finally turned into her AP Honor's English class and sat down thankfully. None of them were in this class. Then she remembered. Lunch was next period! She groaned quietly, then spent the rest of the class staring at her desk. When the bell rang, she dragged herself to her feet. For a moment, she considered not meeting with Jean and Co., but then quickly discarded that idea. She may have been independent, but she really was a social creature, and she certainly didn't want to eat all alone on her second day. Sighing, she allowed the enthusiastic red-head to pull her towards the cafeteria, pretending not to hear Tabby and Amara discussing how happy she'd be once they "fixed" her.

They entered the cafeteria and got their trays. Do they really eat this? Wanda asked herself. Of course they do, her inner voice answered snidely. This pizza sauce is probably the cause of that hair of Jean's. Wouldn't that make more sense if you wore pizza sauce? Why am I talking to myself?

She started for the nearest table, only to be stopped suddenly by Jean's slightly frantic voice. "Wanda! Not there, come on!" Confused, she followed. The table was empty, why couldn't they sit there? When she reached them, Jean gave her a look as they all sat down. "Wanda, you can't sit there."

"Why not?"

"Look." She looked. What?

"It's too close to them. Jean's shudder suggested that whoever they were, they were up there with terrorists, dentists, and science teachers on the people-to-avoid-list. Wanda looked again, realizing that a large number of round tableswere empty, all surrounding one small table in the middle where three people sat.

They were all dressed entirely in black. Thankfully, the girl was the only one wearing make-up. Dark purple lipstick and eye shadow actually accentuated her beautiful face perfectly. Her hair was auburn, and had two white streaks running through the front. She was leaning on the shoulder of an auburn haired boy wearing a trench coat. His hair was in a ponytail, and he whispered something in her ear that made her smile and tug it. His handsome face held a smirk, and it seemed to Wanda that both were trying hard not to burst into laughter and ruin the scary image that the other students had labeled them with. They don't seem that bad. Maybe Bayville High just isn't used to Goths.

Wanda turned her attention to the third member of their little party and felt her breath catch in surprise. His hair was a bright, messy strawberry blonde, really and orange (Fire, she thought distractedly) color. He appeared to be fiddling with something in his hand, and he stared at it with a slight smile. The smile really caught Wanda's attention. He didn't look all that scary to start with, but that smile… he looked- innocent. Too innocent to warrant the amount of space everyone put between themselves and his friends.

Jean was talking. "They're so freaky! Seriously, you just can't get too close to them. They'd probably curse you if you did. Really, you cannot sit anywhere near them!"

Wanda's eyes narrowed. She'd heard that for the last time today, she decided. Abruptly, she stood up. Ignoring shocked protests and questions, she picked up her tray and marched straight to the table at the center of the room.

Glancing over her shoulder, she smirked when she saw that Jean and Co.'s mouths were hanging open, their faces reflecting their surprise hilariously. Turning from them, she plunked her tray down on the table and sat down right next to the fire-top.

She looked up to see the couple (she assumed they were a couple, his hand was playing dangerously close to her waistband; if they were just friends they were very close) staring at her. Her emerald eyes were friendly, but confused. The boy's red-on-black eyes startled her momentarily, her expression causing the girl to stiffen, but when Wanda smiled she relaxed. His eyes looked amused.

Wanda thought for a moment then smiled brightly and said, "Hi!"

The girl gave an amused grunt. "Hi yaself, sugah."

Wanda quirked am eyebrow. "Mississippi?"

She grinned. "Yeah! Ah'm Rogue." Wanda shook her hand, somehow not surprised at all by the unusual name. It suited her. "Pleasure to meet you. My name's Wanda." The boy beside Rogue offered his hand. "Remy LeBeau, petite, at y' service." He kissed her hand gently.

Wanda's other eyebrow shot up. Rogue reached up and tugged Remy's ponytail again, gently. "He's Cajun, sugah. The boy has Southern mannahs."

He smirked at her. "Un reason y' love moi, huh, chere?"

Wanda grinned as Rogue kissed him, then turned to the red-head. He was staring hard at the table. Wanda offered a smile and said, "I'm Wanda."

He didn't even look up. Remy, who was sitting on his other side, frowned slightly and reached out and smacked him lightly upside the head. Angry aqua colored eyes flashed briefly to her own sapphires before he turned to Remy and exploded.

"What tha 'eck was that for, mate?"

Wanda's eyes nearly bugged out of her head. Australian? He was Australian? Lord.

Sternly, Remy said, "Mon ami, it ain' nice t' ignore de fille. Y' bein' rude."

A brief expression of contrition crossed his face as he turned back to Wanda. "'M sorry, Sheila." She barely stifled a laugh as his face settled into a rather sullen look. He was… adorable! Like a toddler that got in trouble, wasn't sorry, but had to apologize anyway.

Remy rolled his eyes. "Wanda, meet St. John Allerdyce."

Her eyes shot to him. "You're a saint?" she asked innocently.

A hint of a smile tugged at his lips. "Oi think m' mum and dad were 'opin' Oi'd turn inta one, actually."

She nodded, feigning wise solemnity. "Right. And how is that working out?"

Now a full-fledged smile broke out across his face. It was slightly insane looking, and very, very, mischievous. "What do ya think?"

Remy and Rogue chuckled in dark unison. Wanda smiled.

Abruptly, St. John asked, "What do ya want?"

Taken aback, Wanda could only stutter. "W-what?"

"What do ya want. Whoy are ya sittin' 'ere?"

She shrugged. "Well, I could tell you that I want to eat my lunch, but that would be a lie, so I won't. Honestly, what is this, burnt rubber?" (1) She eyed her pizza apprehensively.

"Oi mean, whoy are ya sittin' here. With us."

"Why not?"

"Nobody sits with us," he pointed out. She shrugged.

"To tell you the truth, I don't see any reason not to sit with you."

He raised an eyebrow. "Um, 'ello? Ya evah been ta hoigh school? It's this really evil establishment in which where ya sit at lunch means more than what ya get on your math quiz actually."

She smirked. "Oh. Well, that's a relief, 'cause I think I failed the math quiz I took today."

He rolled his eyes. "Accordin' tat ha 'rules' or somethin', people loike you don't sit with people loike us."

"People like me?"

"A-list. You're smart. You're rich, you're probably athletic in some way." He listed attributes almost boredly. "And- you're broight. Loike if Oi could see aura's yours would bloind me. An' also, Miss perfect loikes ya."

Wanda chuckled. "Miss Perfect? Jean?"

Remy shuddered. "Creepy fille."

"Ya said it, sugah," Rogue agreed.

Wanda laughed. "If it makes you all feel any better, she's terrified of you."

"Really?" As she'd suspected, they were ridiculously pleased by that fact. "And," she continued, "I don't actually think she likes me. Not anymore anyway. I did go against her express orders not to come anywhere near you guys. And truly," she turned to John, "That was my main motivation for sitting with you."

Rogue nodded. "Bossy ain' she?"

Wanda groaned. "You think? And Tabby and Amara too!"

St. John made a noise. "Amara?"

Wanda rolled her eyes. "Yeah, she kept going on and on about how they had to take me shopping."

"Lemme guess. She said they 'ad ta 'fix' ya."

She looked at him, surprised. "Yeah, how'd you know?"

He snorted. "Dated 'er once. Froightenin' sheila. It was always, 'Straighten up, John. Get it tagetha, John. John, we 'ave ta fix you.'" He made a face. "Nevah again."

Remy slung an arm around his shoulder. "Aw, don' worry 'bout it, Johnny-boy. She don' bother y' no more."

The bell rang suddenly. Wanda jumped. She hadn't eaten anything, she was enjoying herself too much. Now it was too late. Oh well, probably would've killed me anyway.

They stood up, a bit awkward. Wanda grinned suddenly, a slightly evil grin that reminded the Southerners so much of John that they both blinked. She opened her arms and charged them.

"Group hug!"

Before they could get away, she wrapped her arms around Remy and Rogue and squeezed them. John rolled his eyes. "Crazy Sheila," he muttered.

Rogue and Remy gave in and hugged her back. She pulled away smiling. "See you tomorrow!" she called over her shoulder as she walked away.

The black-clad trio's exasperated smiles faded and they turned to glare at anyone staring at them. The onlookers were suddenly interested in anything but them. Apparently, they were not only scary and heck, they were crazy as well.

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