Chapter 1: Yata!

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Amu's POV

I looked at the computer screen in disbelief. The letters flashing at me told me I was denied to go to yet another college. I had applied for over two-hundred schools! I don't know why I haven't been chosen to study at a school. A's & B's, two year honors student. I've play the piano for thirteen years, and I have sent them letters of recommendation from people who donated to the colleges.

I shouted at the computer," I can't leave home until I get a dorm or apartment near a college!" I smack the monitor.

Hinamori Amu

Age: 18

Gender: Female


Ami came racing upstairs, she's now twelve. "Amu-chan! Have you found a college yet?" I shook my head. She frowned.

Ami smiled at me," But you will! Amu-chan's acceptant letters will be piling up soon!" With that she waltzed out of the room.

I have to give her props; she does know how to cheer me up.

But, I was starting to get desperate! BAD! To cheer myself up, I sent in an applicant to Waizu Hana University for boys only, as a boy.

I decided to listen to my ipod and do my book report on War and Peace. The last day of my senior year was in two days!

I checked my watch, ten-fifty. I yawned and headed to bed. The next morning I got dressed in white shorts with cherries in one corner and a red tank top. My hair was pulled into a sporty pony tail. I laced-up my black converse.

I went to the driveway to arrive at school in my ice blue sedan. I got an A on my book report which means I now have a definite A+ on my report card for Adv. Literature.

I had no homework since tomorrow was the last day of school, so I danced to my ipod and chatted online to Rima, Yaya, Nadeshiko, Utau, Kairi, and Tadase. Yeah, a lot of people.

It was four past eleven when I checked the computer screen for the time. I curled up in bed dreading tomorrow. My friends would go off to summer resorts and not see me for a long time or never again.

Back to witches and wizards and magical beasts. Goblins and ghosts and to magical feasts.

My alarm clock played my favorite song from 'A Very Potter Musical'. I lazily dressed into a pink sundress with strawberries on it. I threw on some red heels to match the strawberries.

I seemed all calm and collected now, but when I got to school I dropped my Cool 'n' Spicy attitude and ran into the arms of all my best friends. It was so sad, even the guys had a hard time not crying. I hugged everyone one by one; Yaya, Nadeshiko, Utau, Kairi, but when I got to Tadase he kissed my forehead causing me to blush then smile at him.

I started balling when I was walking to my car. I had gotten and given several presents from my friends. Rima gave me new bow, Yaya gave me candy, Nadeshiko gave me one of her fans, Utau gave me one of her CDs, Kairi gave me a book, and Tadase gave me a necklace with a crown. This girl named Lulu who I had known for a while walked towards our group and kissed Tadase on the lips! I didn't really feel any hurt or anything so maybe I was finally getting over Tadase.

I gave each of them a photo album from our senior year. Now even the boys were crying. We said our good-byes and I started home.

I went to my bedroom and laid their presents out on my bed when I heard my computer ding. I got up to see I had an email from the all boys' school. I laughed at what I had done until I read it.

Dear Mr. Hinamori,

We are please to inform you that the second we checked your grades we were ready to accept you and we did. You are a bright young man. I can't wait to meet you in person at Waizu Hana!

Your Dean of Admissions,

Ms. Takashima Sakura

I screamed excited that I got accepted into a school! Wait, an all boy's school. I debated with myself for about an hour then concluded my answer.

I chose to get an education, whatever the costs. How could I pose as a guy? I looked at me mid-back lengthen hair. That was the least of my problems. I looked at my chest, HOW COULD I COVER THAT UP?

I wondered if a medical wrap would help. I snuck into my mom and dad's room and pulled out two.

When I got back to my room I locked the door and wrapped the gauze around my…chest. I put on a tight shirt and looked in the mirror. OMG! It was almost flat! I was wearing a tight shirt and I wear a C-cup, yet you couldn't tell.

I yelled," Yata!" I jumped around. Now my hair, but that would be simple. I mean my hair would grow back! I didn't care.

I'm supposed to move into the dorms on August the twentieth, so I could cut my hair the night before.

I have to go shopping for guy's clothes, and stuff! I can't be a girl at all or they'll catch me. This is so complicated! I have a lot to practice!

I was starting to get flustered then reminded myself. It's to get an education. I calmed, but I have to tell someone or I'll burst.

I fished my cell phone out of my purse and called Rima.

"Rima, I have some alarming news." I bit my lip.

After I told Rima the whoooooole story she agreed and promised to help me if I needed any.

I felt so relieved. It's a good thing I'll get my own dorm! I was exhilarating with anticipation; I can't wait 'til August comes! I hugged my pillow happily.