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Ikuto's POV

I just confessed to Amu and all she can do is stare up at me in shock. This is what I get for liking this crazy girl. "Amu…I'm going to need a reply or something." She didn't respond and instead looked away.

Amu finally came back to earth," I-I'm going to have to think about this. But why would you like me? I've been nothing but trouble since I got here." She looked at me earnestly. Amu was blushing almost slightly and didn't even really stutter. She must be taking this really serious.

"I like you because you're trouble. You are high maintenance, you make me jealous and worried, you make my heart beat quicker, you make my head dizzy from thinking about you all day. You're beautiful, funny, playful, gentle, sarcastic, and you like me the way I am. That's why I like you so much." Amu's eyes teared up as she listened.

Amu hugged me," Thank you Ikuto. I'm really happy. I know I'm difficult to handle, yet you're always there for me."

I smiled but lifted one eyebrow," Does that mean you like me too?" Amu let go of hugging me.

"I'm not certain about my feelings yet. I know I care for you and you're really important to me but I'm not sure if I like you in that way exactly. How about we go out on a date first and we'll see how it goes?" I smirked down at her.

I ruffled her hair, "You got a deal Strawberry." Amu smiled and we went off to bed since we have class again tomorrow.

Amu's POV

I woke up the next morning with a weight on me. I looked up and saw a sleeping Kaoru on top of me. I panicked and looked down at Ikuto. Luckily he was still asleep, he would kill Kaoru. I moved out from under Kaoru and hit him on the back of the head with fist.

"OW! WHAT THE HECK AMU?!" I ssh-ed him and he got quiet.

"Ikuto will kill you if he sees you in my bed!" I whispered angrily.

Kanou thought for a moment," Fine, want to come shower with me Amu?" I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Yeah right, quit joking and go back to your dorm." I opened the door for him to leave, but before he left, Kaoru but his hand on my waist and laid a kiss right on me.

"KAORU! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! OUT!" I kicked his butt out the door; he messes with me too much. I know he does actually like me though. All hell would break loose if Ikuto found out. I slammed the door and turned around, running into a hard surface.

"Amu," Ikuto was giving me a death glare," why the hell were you screaming at six am?! We still have two house to sleep!"

I began to speak," Well I-"Ikuto grabbed my wrist and through me onto the bed.

"Looks like I'll have to punish you for waking me up, huh Strawberry?" I blushed hard at the name and Ikuto's threat. Ikuto began trailing kisses down my neck as he slid his hand up my shirt, all while I struggled to get out of his grasp. Ikuto licked and sucked my neck, possible leaving marks. His hand went on top of my bra and he groped my chest. I began to freak out more.

"Ikuto, what are you-" I started to yell at him when he stuck his hand under my bra and he began to mess with my breast. "I-Ikuto…hn, you n-need to stooooo-" I couldn't continue because as much as I hate to admit it, Ikuto was giving me pleasure.

"Wow Amu. You make noise just from that?" Ikuto removed his hand and slid it down into my pant but not under my underwear. "Hm, you're body evidently want me Amu." If possible, I blushed harder than I already was. Ikuto slipped his hand under the final layer of clothing and started to touch me roughly.

"I-Ikuto! Q-q-quit…" He moved his finger in and out and began to periodically change from going fast to slow; he was repeatedly hitting the right spot every time.

"I-Ikuto, st-stop. I'm not r-mmm-ready for this. And we ha cl-hn-class later. Please, I can't t-take it!" Ikuto finally stopped and smirked, licking his fingers.

"You could use a shower Strawberry." I punched him in the gut and he lie back on the bed and quickly fell asleep. I was breathing really hard until I had already been in the shower for quite a while. Why had Ikuto done that? Why did it feel so good? And why did I enjoy it so much?

I finished showering and changed into my boy clothes for the day, then I sat grumpily in my bed until Ikuto woke up and finished getting ready. He still didn't mention anything about how he violated me not an hour ago.

I was constantly glaring at him until he asked me what was wrong," What did I do? You've been looking at me like that for like fifteen minutes."

I scoffed," Like you don't know what you did! You violated me just because I woke you up early on accident!" Ikuto was taken aback.

"Frick, I don't remember a thing. I'm sorry, that happens sometimes when someone wakes me up when they shouldn't. Ask Kukai, he'll tell you about the nightmares haha." I was so surprised, he reallt hadn't meant to do that. He didn't know.

"So what'd I do to you anyways?" I blushed severely and looked at my lap.

"Y-you t-t-touched my c-chest and… um… down th-there." Ikuto rushed over to me and grabbed my hand.

"I am so sorry Amu. I wouldn't have done it without your permission if I had been in my right mind." I sighed. At least he didn't remember and was sorry.

"It's okay Ikuto, you didn't know." I laughed lightly to reassure him.

He began to laugh and joke too," Yeah, I bet I made you moan a whole lot and you couldn't help but enjoy it hahaha yeah right." I met his joking eyes with worried one.

"Um…haha yeah, r-right. L-l-like that would-d've h-happened." Ikuto quit laughing and the corner of his mouth began to twitch.

"Did I really?" I covered my ears and gathered my books as I raced out of the door and very early to class.

During class, we watched began to watch a video and everyone practically fell asleep. The teacher even stopped paying attention and started doing stuff on his phone. I didn't see the point of watching it when the teacher knew we weren't paying attention anyhow.

Kaoru threw a note on my desk, also unnoticed by Ikuto due to his napping. I opened it and grinned at the note.

~Do you want to join me for a sleep over this Friday? Just us two dudes? Lol~

I smiled and nodded back at him. Just like old times, except I'd have to tell Ikuto I was going to Utau and Rima's and somehow hid the fact that I'm next door to him…