The Ghost Rider's Girl

A Ghost Rider (Movie) Fanfiction

by Murasaki KuroNeko Rei

Summary: Johnny and Roxanne never got their happily ever after. Why? For one, Johnny was -and probably still is- the Ghost Rider. Secondly, Roxanne, sad to say, died. And of course, Johnny, being the Ghost Rider, could only grieve, for he himself could not die, since he bore (bears) the curse of the Ghost Rider...

So what happens when Mephistopheles recruits a new, younger 'Rider'...? Why does Johnny feel like he knows her...?

Could it be...? Was Roxanne reborn...?

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Chapter 1: The Devil Returns...

...A cry is heard in the hospital, as the new mother and father look down at their first-born child.

Their darling baby girl...

"What will we name her?" says the husband quietly, a soft aura of happiness about him, as he watches his beloved wife with his child -their child.

"Mn... Isabella... I think we should name her Isabella," she says, a glow of happiness about her, as she looks up at the man she loves, torn between watching him, and her beautiful little girl...

He smiled, "Isabella... 'Beautiful'... I agree," he said, eyes warm as they watched the woman that was his wife gaze down lovingly at their child...


"...Isabella Lilian Wayne!" exclaimed a woman's voice from the plain house, on the plain block of the plain old neighborhood...

"...Yes...?" answered a wary looking twelve or thirteen year old girl with mahogany brown hair, and deep bluish-gray eyes as she crossed the street from her friend's yard where she and her friend had been chattering about... 'things' under their maple tree in the front yard.

"It's time for dinner -but that's not all I want to talk about with you young lady!" said the middle-aged onyx-haired woman as she called her daughter in.

Isabella groaned, "I knew it..." she muttered, "You never say my full name unless it's important," she grumbled, as they walked in...

Her mother berated for her tone, and she sighed, muttering a 'yes, yes' before going in as instructed...

Meanwhile, out in the shadows, a certain man watched with glowing yellow eyes, "Found you, dear~"

Little did any of them know, their lives would change forever that night...

Fire surrounded her, and yet she was still cold.

People screamed, and more ice seemed to enter her veins...

Ah, it was her... She was the one screaming...

She heard more screams, definitely not her own this time...

"Mom...? Dad...!" she called, only screams answered her.

A figure loomed behind her, and she whirled, "Wh-Who are you...?" she gasped, as a man walked out of the fire.

"Dear me, it seems you have a little problem... And to think, things would have gone so well," the man said, looking around, and ignoring her.

"Who are you?" she exclaimed, backing away, but stopped, wincing, as fire licked her back.

"Why dear, I am..." he started, grinning at the girl...

"The One and Only Devil..."

Izzy gasped, waking up from her dream, shaking.

"...Izabel...? You awake yet?" came a muffled voice from the door along with a knock.

"Oh yeah! I'm up mom!" she called, forcing herself to calm down.

It was a dream... just.. a nightmare... she thought.

"Alright, well hurry up! You don't want to be late today of all days, do you?" she asked.

"Sorry, be down soon, ma!" she said, slipping out of bed.

There was a muffled answer, then steps that went away from her room.

She grabbed her necessities and went over to the bathroom...

Half an hour later, she was fully dressed, as she made her way down to the kitchen.

"Mornin' Mom, Dad," she said, kissing each person on the cheek as she passed them, tying her hair up into a high ponytail.

"Morning everyone!" exclaimed Renie, a cheerful twelve year old girl with the 'face of an angel'.

"Mornin' kiddo!" "Good morning, dear."

"Hey there, squirt!" Isabella ruffled the hair of the pretentious girl.

"Hey -Izzy! Stop that! My hair!" she exclaimed.

'Izzy' just grinned, "Oh? And here I thought you were going to say you weren't a squirt," she teased, pouring a glass of milk for herself, "Orange juice?" she asked.

"I was! And I'm not!" she pouted, "Yes please," she paused momentarily to say that before pouting again.

They all laughed, "Aw~ I'm gonna miss you, Renee," she said, smiling softly at the girl.

Ren wavered, "Mn... Aw~~ I'm gonna miss you too, Iz," she said, hugging her sister.

Their father chuckled, "Come on now, girls, eat your breakfast. Your sister's got a long way to drive to get to school," he pointed out.

Renie pouted, "Aw~ Hey, Izzy! When I'm old enough to move out, can I move in with you?" she asked, as she hopped over to the breakfast table, obeying their father.

Izzy grinned, "You sure you can put up with me when you do?" she asked.

"Of course! So promise?" she asked, looking overly hopeful.

Their parents exchanged a glance, girls...

Izzy sighed, looking doubtful for a moment, "Hmn... I don't know..." she said, pretending to look unsure.

"Izzy!" the girl whined, before said woman laughed.

"Of course, squirt! It's a promise!" she said.

"Cool~! I'll take you up on that in a few years then!" Renee grinned.

"No doubt," agreed Izzy.

"Come on now, girls -Lucian, are you-?"

"Yes, of course, honey. I'll make sure Isabella doesn't get lost on the way," he said teasingly.

"Dad~!" groaned Izzy, "I told you not to call me that!" she said, pouting as they all sat down (well, those that hadn't yet).

"What? Isabella's a perfectly good name!" said Lucian.

"Mom, please!" she said, looking to her mother for help.

"Don't look at me! I was the one who named you!" she reminded her, "Unless you prefer Lilian?" she raised a brow -and a fork.

Izzy groaned, as Renee giggled, "Don't worry, Izzy! I'll never call you Isabella! ..Well, unless-"

"Yes, yes, I get it," she said, smiling, "Thanks Renie~"

"Oh dear, look at the time -you better hurry girls! Renie, you've still got summer camp, and Isabella," their mother's look softened, Izzy... Have a safe trip, ok?" she said.

Izabel smiled, "Of course mom! I'll call as soon as I get there," she promised.

"That's my girl. Now hurry up everyone! We don't want to be late!" she exclaimed.

"Ma'am yes ma'am!" they all said at once, just for old time's sake.

"Oh... you guys!" she put her hands on her waist, trying -and failing- to look stern.

"Come on now, Alison, you know this'll be the last time in a while," said Lucian.

Alison sighed, "Alright, but hurry up now! I wasn't kidding about the time!" she exclaimed, getting up to put done dishes in the sink...

In the end, they split up a little later than usual, what with the 'waterworks' and tearful goodbyes...

Renie changed her mind and wanted her sister to stay home after all...

But in the end, they still parted... Only the thought that she would be back on holidays and the like cheered her up, as well as the prospect of 'souvenirs'.

So it was now, that a nineteen year old Isabella Lilian Wayne drove down the road in a van packed with her things.

Her mother was driving her younger sister to summer camp, and her father was driving to work in his own car, so Izabel, as she preferred to be called, or Izzy, drove to the place she would be staying in during College by herself...

But little did she realize... her fate, having already taken a drastic turn since 'that' incident, would change even further...

"OH MY GAWD!" she exclaimed, slamming on the brakes as a man suddenly appeared in the middle of the road. The car swerved dangerously, but luckily stopped just off the road, and came to a halt.

She hurriedly got out of the car, "Oh my gosh, are you alright?" she exclaimed, but stopped, when she saw the man, "You-" she gasped.

It was the man from her dream... or rather, nightmare... One that she hadn't had since she was a child.

"Yes, me," he said rather amiably. He was a stately middle-aged man with a sort of walker/cane type thing, though it looked elegant on him.

"But you- what- how?" she gasped.

"It was all real, dear Isabella," he said, as her instincts kicked in.

"Don't call me Isabella," she snapped.

"Oh yes, that's right. 'Izabel' or 'Izzy' now right?" he said rather amusedly. "That's all quite fine, Izabel, but I do find that Isabella is such a beautiful name, if you know what I mean," he said, making polite conversation that she was in no mood for.

"What do you want?" she snapped irritably.

"What do I want?" he asked, smiling genially at her, "Why, to collect on that debt of course..."

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