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I woke up, and opened my eyes. The sun was bright, ugh, it irritated my eyes. I let loose a growl as I looked away. Where am I? What am I? Who am I?

A distant memory, was it a memory? I'm not sure, but it said, Nina.

Nina? I tried it out with my voice.

"Nnnniiinnna..." my voice was raspy and sounded more like growls than words. Hm, this is going to be an issue...

A chuckle sounded from behind me. It startled me and I leaned into a crouch and snarled a warning.

"Woah, hey there Newbie... relax." The stranger said. I didn't listen, I was too distracted by the smell of dead flesh and blood on him. I loosened up my crouch slightly, but I still felt threatened by him. Apparently, he didn't feel threatened by me, because he walked over to me and shoved me out of it. I let out a throaty growl in irritation. He only laughed.

"So, what's your name Newbie?" He crouched next to me. I sat like a dog would have. I looked away, from both the sun and embarrassment.

"Nina." I said finally. "But, can't talk, hurts" my voice was still scratchy and rough, not like the strangers next to me, it sounded like he had practice.

"Nina? Nice name.. I'm Locke" he smirked. "Yeah, most of us can't talk well for sometime when we first change. C'mon, let's go find you a hood."

Change? What is it I changed to? What was it I changed from?

"There you go, now that pesky sun won't bother you too much now." Locke stepped back and looked at me. "One more thing.."

Locke pulled out a roll of duct tape and wrapped it around my pants over my ankles and thighs and my sleeve over my wrist. "It helps with aerodynamics when you jump."

"Jump?" I asked.

"Yeah, that's what we Hunters can do. Watch." Locke instructed. Locke crouched and leaped up. He made it to the second story of the mega mall we were in in one jump. He leaped to another side then to the spot next to me. "That easy. Now you try."

"Me, try?" I asked hoarsely.

"Yeah, just jump." he said. I crouched like Locke did, and I leaped. I grabbed the side of the plexi-glass wall.

"Nice, now, just let go." Locke said. I did so. I landed in a squatting position.

"There ya go." Locke grinned a sharp-toothed grin. I jumped back over to Locke.

"Wow." I said.

"You think that's cool? Wait until you see my Pack." Locke gave another toothy grin.

"Pack?" I asked.

"Good God, you ask a lot of questions." Locke smirked. "A Pack is a group of Hunters who stick together, hunt together, pretty much live together. Not only does it provide protection, it provides family."

I didn't ask anything else. The word Family , it rung a bell. I felt this feeling of longing but I didn't know where it came from. I felt my shoulders sag a bit.

Locke stood closer next to me. The scent of rotting flesh and blood slammed my nose like a truck would a human. My stomach growled intensely.

"Hungry..." I said blankly. I looked at Locke.

"Well, I guess I can take you out for a hunt before I show you to my other friends." Locke shrugged.

"Please." I half-begged him to him hurry.

"Okay, okay. Let's go." Locke grinned. He bounded out. I followed shortly after.

"'Kay, Nina, just let the smell guide you." Locke instructed. "Shut off all of your senses and go for it. First tell me what you're smelling. Human, or Infected."

I inhaled deeply. I mostly dead skin but there was that smell of live flesh, moving blood. It was mouthwatering. Saliva mixed with the blood in my mouth and it dripped out of my mouth.

"Human." I croaked.

"How many?"


"Good, now, follow it. Quietly, though. Most likely, they have weapons that they will try to kill you with."

I lowered into a low crouch and I crawled across my stomach. The smell, it was like no other smell. It was better fresh than dead.

Sooner or later we found them. An older man and a younger girl. They looked like a pair I remembered. Especially, the girl. When Locke and I got close enough, we stopped and waited.

"Watch." he told me. He let out this high-pitched cry, it made the Humans turn and yell out "HUNTER!" Locke tackled the man, clawing at his stomach. The girl hurried over and tried to shoot Locke. I let out a cry of my own and pounced the girl, attacking her. She screamed, trying to push me off. But I didn't budge. Eventually, she stopped moving, dead.

The smell of fresh blood made me go crazy. My mind shut down. My claws dug deeper into the corpse. I began eating the flesh. It was fresh, not rotting, like most bodies.

"Nina?" A voice asked. I turned around in a low crouch. This Hunter was too close to my kill. I let out a raspy growl.

"I'm not scared of you, Nina." he said, shoving me out of my crouch.

I suddenly remembered it was Locke. "...Sorry."

"No problem. It happens to the best of us." Locke smirked.

Then, something wrapped itself around Locke's body.

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