Think of it as an AU. The Bad touch friend Trio kind of looks up to Gilbert as a leader. Gilbert decides to take advantage of HRE, planning to raise him a one killer-awesome Nation. France and Spain are a little unsure, but at the prospect of power and wealth, they go along with it.

Hello~ Please enjoy the Awesomeness. Hetalia and Lion King Arn't Mine.

"What are you doing…?" A French accented voice asked the albino haired nation, who seemed to be holding something.

Prussia smiled widely, a blonde child in his arms. "You guys, Meet the Holy Roman Empire."

Blue eyes stared upwards. He waved at the other two of the trio, then looked up at mysterious red eyes. "Gilbert…" He said softly.

"You have a chico!" Spain said with a smile. "Hola, Holy Roman Empire!"

"Hello~" France said a bit, nodded.

"Hello…" The kid, with intelligent blue eyes, looked at them both.

"He's real polite for a little chico."

"Oui, very smart looking. Where'd you get him from?"

"I'm awesome, I can pick out the strong ones."

"Strong ones…?" Spain asked lightly

"This, you guys, is the key to beating that Austria Bastard, and his superpowered wife."

"Eh?" Both the Spanish and the French nation asked. Even Holy Roman Empire looked up. "Austria and Hungary? That's where Italia is, I cannot do th-"

"HUSH!" Prussia said harshly, then softer "Hush, little Empire. You must be exhausted~" He placed HRE down in a bed. He saw the HRE look tired, but troubled. With a reserved grin, he began to sing.

Prussia: Sleep-tight, little Ludwig…
Let your dreams take wing
One day when you're big and strong
We will all be kings!

"Good night, Antonio. Francis… Gilbert." Came the small hesitant voice.

"Good Night." Prussia's grin only grew, watching the child close his eyes.

France and Spain each wished HRE a good night.

Prussia: We've been exiled, persecuted
Left alone with no defense

He flipped up HRE's hat, catching it in one hand.

When I think of what that brute did
I get a little tense.

He crushes the hat in his hand.

But I dream a dream so awesome
That I don't feel so depressed

He lets the hat go, and it lands in a crumpled pile besides the sleeping HRE.

Cause soon the blood will blossom
My enemies put to rest.

He grinned over at Spain and France, and held up a hand, squeezing it into a tight fist.

The sound of Roderich dying gasp…
Italia squealing in my grasp!

He planted that fist into the wall angrily, but the child did not stir from his sleep.

Elizaveta's mournful cry!
My awesome lullaby~

He looked over at his friends. They looked positively interested in his little proposition. He continued, Seemingly still singing to HRE.

Now the past I've tried forgetting
And my foes I could forgive

He rolled his eyes slightly, the red nearly glinting in the darkness.

Trouble is I knows it's petty
But I hate to let them live

He laughed.

France: So you found yourself somebody who'd chase Hungary up a tree?

Prussia: Oh, the battle may be bloody, but that kind of works for me

France looked over at Spain, they both nodded.

The melody of angry growls
A counterpoint of painful howls

Prussia looked up at the map of the world that was in the room. His grin continued to grow as he mimicked an "X" over the Austrian territory.

A symphony of death, oh my!
That's my lullaby!

Prussia sighted overdramaticly

England's gone, But Hungary's still around!
We'll care for this little kid.

Prussia looked upon HRE like prey.

Till he learns to be a killer~
No regret for what he did!

France wandered over to the bed, looking over

France: Sleep, enfant doux.
You precious little thing…

Spain walked over as well, kneeling at the end of the bed. The three were surrounding them.

Spain: un día, cuando eres grande…
All three: We will all be kings!

Fire burned behind the men's eyes. They all depended on this child. It just seemed that easy.

Prussia: The pounding of the drums of war!
The thrill of Ludwig's mighty roar!

France: The joy of vengeance
Spain: Testify!
Prussia: I can hear the cheering
France and Spain: Prussia, What a guy!

The two other Nations laughed as Prussia finished.

Prussia: Payback time is nearing
And then our flags will fly!

The two other nations nodded eagerly.

Against a blood-red sky
My awesome lullaby!

The trio looked at each other. It was certainly settled.

"In the morning…" Prussia said quietly. "We begin."

Yes, this is rather dark for a disney song. And yes, The history is messed up.

Looks like Austria, Hungary, and little Chibitalia have trouble ahead of them, eh?

Song: My Lullaby, Lion King 2 (not mine)

Anime: Hetalia (not Mine)

France: Sleep, enfant doux. (Sleep, little child)
Spain: un día, cuando eres grande… (One day when you grow big)

(Translations are a fail, Don't be mad, ffft.)

(Also, I probably spelled some names wrong. Don't be mad, ffft.)