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The blue portal swirled on the ground. Finally Dr. Two-Brains, Christina, Ying-Ying, Maggie, and Tobey jumped out of the portal. Tobey had his hands covering his face.

"You alright there?" Maggie asked Tobey as she gently took a hold of his arm.

"Are we home yet?" he asked. That was one thing that he had his eyes closed for. The other thing was that as they were running into the portal, someone from the party ran out of the building and flung a pie at them. The pie was heading towards Tobey, so he quickly shut his eyes with his hands.

Dr. Two-Brains looked place to where they were now was a park. Not to mention that it was also dark. Dr. Two-Brains took a walk to see if there was something familiar about the place to where they were.

"Ha, ha!" he suddenly heard a malicious laughter.

"Whoa!" he yelled as he jumped out of the way. Some meat was flung at his direction. He took a good look and saw that it was none other than the Butcher.

The Butcher was running with a bag load of money and flinging meat out of the palms of his hands to escape. Suddenly, a yellow streak flew right beside Dr. Two-Brains, almost hitting him against the wall.

"Yep, we're more than likely to be home," he said to himself as he noticed the ten year-old superhero flying straight at the Butcher.

Tobey, Maggie, Ying-Ying, and Christina ran over to the doctor. "So are we home yet?" Tobey asked him.

Dr. Two-Brains pointed to the other side of the street as they saw a pile of meat on the sidewalk. The Butcher triumphantly ran away.

"We've got to help her," Maggie suggested.

"Ahem," Tobey said, "we may be the good side of the villains, but we are still them. People will think that we are good guys right now."

"Hey," Maggie said as she held her hand up in the air, "unfortuanently, you guys are still good. Its still good to do something good."

"It would be better if you watched out some of your grammer mistakes," Ying-Ying said as she rolled her eyes.

"Okay I have a plan," Maggie said as she ignored Ying-Ying's remark, "Christina, you're a fast runner. Go after the Butcher and grab that bag of money from his hands. Ying-Ying you are really pretty and you just get your flirt on with that guy."

Ying-Ying rolled her eyes again. She hated men that were all fat, sweaty, and loved meat. She was a vegetarian for crying out loud. She liked to flirt with men that were honorable, not a villain. "Fine," she dramatically said.

"Tobey as the Butcher chases Christina, trip him."

"Will do," Tobey smiled.

"And doctor, use whatever cheese you have and spray the Butcher so he won't get away alright?"

"And what are you going to do?" Ying-Ying asked as she folded her arms on her chest.

"I'll supervise," Maggie said, "now go!" she gave the gourp a push towards the Butcher. She sat down a bench and watched them.

Ying-ying puffed out a breath of air and walked. She looked around the corner and saw the Butcher walked. She hid and put one leg against the wall and folded her arms on her chest. She tried to put on her best flirty smile.

The Butcher walked around the corner and passed Ying-Ying. "Hey there hot stuff," Ying-Ying said. The Butcher stopped walking and turned around. He saw Ying-Ying. Ying-Ying moved away from the wall and walked towards the Butcher.

She took a hold of his free arm and felt his muscles. "How is it that you are so strong?" Ying-Ying sarcastically asked with wonder.

The Butcher didn't quite catch the sarcasm in her voice. "I work out lifting weights of meat," he said as he put down the bag of money. He flexed for her while Ying-Ying was sarcastically fascinated by his muscles.

Christina snuck-up from behind him and quickly grabbed the load of money. However the Butcher noticed this and he turned his head and looked at Christina, who was running away.

"Hey!" the Butcher yelled as he pointed at Christina. He turned around and looked at Ying-Ying. She did a tiny jump in the air and she suddenly ran. The Butcher was about to chase after her but he didn't know whether he should chase Ying-Ying or Christina.

He decided to go after Christina. She had his money and he was going to get them. Tobey head popped out from a dark alley. He saw Christina running away like she was going to be attacked by bulls. He saw the Butcher charging to her. Tobey quickly stuck out his foot and the Butcher tripped.

The Butcher fell on his stomach and stayed there. Tobey jumped over him and scampered away. Dr. Two-Brains looked down from an abandoned apartment room. He whipped out his String Cheese spray and tied up the Butcher. Dr. Two-Brains ducked down inside the apartment and left.

The Butcher tried to free himself from the trap but couldn't. The cheese suddenly turned into rope. Christina dropped the bag of money in front of him at the same time WordGirl was flying over with the police.

"There he is," WordGirl said as the poilce picked up the Butcher and took him to jail. They also took the bag of money to return it back to the bank.

WordGirl wondered who could have caught the Butcher. She certainly didn't see anybody around helping her. She shrugged it off and flew away to go home.

The End