Start of Term


Note: I do not own Top Gun or any of its characters.

Pete Mitchell groaned and rolled over, burying his head in his pillow as the alarm blared at six in the morning. Charlie stirred next to him. He moved to hit the snooze but she slapped his hand away. "We have to get up." She said. "Classes start today.

"I will get up." He murmured, sleepily. "In five minutes."

"No now!" she replied, slapping his shoulder. Served him right for marrying a morning person. "If you go back to sleep you won't be able to wake up in time." She got up and headed towards the door. In a moment he swung his feet over the side of the bed and went into the bathroom for a shower. Afterwards he dressed and went down to the kitchen. "Good morning!" his wife said, handing him a cup of coffee.

"It's too early for good." He muttered. They finished up breakfast and headed out the door. He still drove his motorcycle and she her car but they stayed together on the road until they got to the school.

"Meet you for lunch." She said, kissing him goodbye, and each headed off to their separate areas.

He got to the room just before he students started to file in and leaned against the back wall next to Viper. "Sir." He said nodding and got a "Commander." back. He knew that now that he was a teacher at Top Gun he could refer to Viper by his call sign but some things never changed. It would just feel… disrespectful.

Everything quieted down as Jester made his way to the front of the crowd and began his annual speech. It had sounded impressive the first time Maverick had heard it but after graduating he had soon come to realize that he used the same one every year and now he just tuned out. Out of boredom he glanced around the room and noticed with some surprise that there were a few females seated here and there. Though it wasn't unheard of for women to go to Top Gun, it was rare. This year should be interesting.