Phase One


Note: I do not own Top Gun or any of its characters.

Maverick grinned as he walked into the house and knew by Charlie's face that Phase One had started. "You got some mail today, sweetie." She said, handing him the letters with a thin-lipped smile.

"Did I?" he answered and hurriedly sifted through the letters until he got to the one without a return address. This one was already opened but he pretended not to notice and took the letter out to read.

Dear Maverick,

I miss you so much and can't wait for next week. I hope that we can do everything we've dreamt of doing. Yes… even that thing. Just to clarify, it's 3:00 pm, Tuesday at 51 Maple St. right?,

It was signed simply with a heart.

Perfect. Just enough to catch Charlie's eye. He felt sort of guilty about causing her suspicion but their marriage wouldn't last if she kept being paranoid and snooping around no matter how much he protested to having an affair.

"So," she said, clearly attempting to be casual. "Who's the one letter from? You know the one with no return address?"

"Oh," he faked nervousness, looking down at the table. "Just a friend I'm meeting up with next week."

"I see." She said and looked at him hard. After a moment she got up. "I'll be upstairs."

"Okay." He said. He heard her run up the stairs and rummaging around, not bothering to keep quiet. Grinning he took out his phone and dialed Ice's number. "Ice?"

"Did it work?"

"I think so."

"Good, time for Phase two."