A/N: Minor spoiler for Season 4, but not really since it is almost definitely, completely not what is going to happen. But anyways, this is based off the song, "New Partner" originally by Will Oldham, but I was listening to Wakey!Wakey!'s version because they are amazing.

They meet at a train station on their last night in Paris. Up until that point, they had managed to avoid each other, even though they both knew they were in the same city.

Eva had gone to the bathroom to freshen up and Serena was on the phone with her mother when they finally made contact.

The sun was just beginning set when their eyes locked across the platform and slowly they found themselves drawn to each other.

"Hello, Bass." She said coolly when they were standing only a few feet apart.

"Waldorf." He said with a nod.

She examined her nails, trying to appear indifferent, "So, I see from your new girlfriend that you have already moved on. That was pretty fast, especially for you. I guess once you open your heart the first time, it only gets easier the more you do it."

His jaw clenched and his eyes closed, "Stop it, Blair."

"Stop what?" She asked with venom, "Are you having fun with her? The city of love, that's pretty romantic. It must be serious."

His eyes snapped open and he glared at her, "Stop acting so jealous. Stop cheapening what we had. Don't you get it, Blair? She can't compare. No matter what I do, I can't forget you. I can't enjoy myself with her when I am constantly thinking about you. You are always on my mind."

"It sure doesn't seem like it when you are flouncing around the city with your little blonde bimbo." She said bitingly.

"Yes, Waldorf, I'm with someone new now. But I never would have moved on if I thought you still cared. You ended it. You pushed me away."

Her eyes narrowed angrily, "Don't you dare blame this on me."

He sighed in defeat, "I know. It was my fault, which is why you're always going to haunt me. I'm with someone else, but I can't enjoy it. And I probably never will, not until I've paid for what I did to you."

"What does that even mean, Bass?"

It was quickly becoming night as he reached forward and stroked her cheek gently before his hand dropped back to his side, "It means that no matter how hard I try to appear like I've moved on, I never really will."

Her mouth opened slightly, but before she could respond, Eva emerged from the restroom and Serena's phone call ended. The two former lovers quickly drew apart and retreated to their separate ends of the platform.

To their traveling companions it appeared as if nothing had changed in the short time they had been gone, but little did they know that everything was different.