G.I. Joey: WRITE


Me: xDDD


Me: Oh no I have an idea

G.I. Joey: switzerland was prussia the whole time, remember

Thus, it is completely and utterly Joey's fault.

When Things Go Wrong, it's Usually America's Fault

Chapter One: America, Fuck No

It was that time of the month again.

No, not that time of the month! Time for another hectic World Conference!

However, this day was slightly different- and one could only guess why.

Every single nation attending the conference was dragging their feet and dreading the worst as they slowly made their way to the conference room- all thinking the same thing:

'Fuck America.'

Now, why on Earth would they be thinking this?

Well, let's just say it pertains to a certain American holiday and an over-eccentric blonde who happens to love dressing up as a cowboy and getting candy from strangers.

Yes, Halloween.

Every single year since the holiday was created, the American forced all of his fellow nations to join in the festivities- and it never ended well. For example, two years ago he made them all dress like zombies and walk toward a bunch of poor, little trick-or-treaters. Unfortunately for them, they were children of rednecks, and these rednecks had shotguns.

Needless to say, France nearly lost his vital regions, some of Germany's hair was scorched off by a bullet whizzing directly past his face, and England was in the hospital for a month after getting shot in the arm (America felt so bad about it that they had thought he'd cancel next year's activities- oh how they were wrong).

Last year had been better, but only slightly. The American had been watching a lot of Japanese animation in that time period, and thought it would be a good idea to ask everyone to cosplay as their favorite anime characters and attend the World Conference like that. After reassuring them that this stunt did not involve rednecks and guns, everyone agreed (albeit reluctantly).

Sadly, the meeting was cut short when France (who was cosplaying Sanji from One Piece) jumped England (who was cosplaying Ciel from Kuroshitsuji) and America (who was cosplaying Naruto from... well, Naruto) entered late screaming, "HEY YOU GUYS, BELIEVE IT, NUFUFU," then proceeded to break France's wrist 'accidentally' when he saw what was going on.

No one really cared when the meeting ended, some of them WERE in pretty embarrassing costumes. Plus, Spain (as Tuxedo Mask) and Romano (as Sailor Moon) had mysteriously disappeared. As did Russia (as Simon) when he found out that Iceland (Izaya) and Turkey (Shizuo) had left and may or may not have been killing each other in a back alley.

Though at least that year no one got hurt (France doesn't count, he deserved it).

THIS year the American had undoubtedly cooked up another half-assed scheme to embarrass and possibly injure every nation who dared come to this month's meeting.

As Switzerland warily entered the room, this theory was proven correct.

America had a large hat in his hands, and was walking around the table shaking the hat in every person's face until they reluctantly removed one of the folded slips of paper inside. Iceland, who had just picked something from the hat, went as pale as a ghost as he read the slip. He blinked his wide eyes a few times, before he wordlessly laid his head down on the table before he stopped moving altogether.

It seemed like whatever these nations were picking from the hat was anything but good.

Switzerland promptly turned on his heel, and opened the door again.

"AHH, SWITZERLAND!" called America, rushing over and clapping a hand heavily on Switzerland's shoulder, the smaller man flinched but held his ground. "Glad you could make it! Thought we'd be one short!"

"For what?" queried Switzerland cautiously, shrugging off the hand and turning around. His hands itched for the gun on his back.

"For my Halloween of AWESOME, of course!" yelled America- Switzerland covered his ears in annoyance. "This year we're going to dress up as the nation we pick from the hat. ISN'T THAT SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME!"

The smaller blonde just rolled his eyes.

"Oh come on, Switzerland! I don't wanna be a nation short! It's gonna be loads of fun and I swear you won't be shot at this time or almost mauled by bears or beaten by an old lady or molested by-"

Switzerland's face flared a violent red, "fine, FINE! I'll do it! JUST SHUT UP!"

America merely grinned happily and shook the hat irritatingly below Switzerland's nose- who scowled and snatched the last piece of paper out of the black cap.

He opened the folded paper, and instantly turned an even darker shade of red.

Switzerland's last thoughts before he went completely Rambo on everyone in the room were no different from what he thought before he even arrived at the meeting.

'Fuck America!'



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