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When Things Go Wrong, it's Usually America's Fault

Chapter Four: Hot Prussia on Prussia Action

Both Switzerland and Liechtenstein were out of breath when they finally managed to make it back to the conference room. They had been expecting a stern talking-to from Germany- but they slipped in easily past the dozing Greek man and separated to take their rightful places (Switzerland did so reluctantly, as the real Prussian was smirking at him devilishly as he approached).

At the head of the table, Norway questioned Liechtenstein on the whereabouts of 'England,' 'Poland,' and 'Liechtenstein.' The girl was thankfully saved from a stuttered response when the door was kicked open harshly by a certain obnoxious American (geez, what was with him and kicking down doors?) with a seemingly unconscious Brit on his back.

France was nowhere in sight.

Switzerland cringed inwardly at this, not wanting to know the amount of damage America inflicted on that poor, perverted nation. Not that Switzerland liked France, but he didn't deserve such a harsh beating for simply molesting another nation.

At this, Vash casted a subtle glance at Prussia.

On second thought...

America strode around the table to an indignant Turkey, before dumping England in his original seat- where we find out yes, England is indeed unconscious.

No one dared (well... Prussia may have dared but he was distracted staring at something else) say anything to the obviously still irate American... but Turkey refused to let this slip, as he was still in character.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO LILI?" he screeched at America's back, and before the American could even answer he was checking England everywhere for bumps and bruises of any kind, all while murmuring, "fucking England, I'll shoot him later when everyone's gone. Fucking stupid asshole, hurting my Lili. I'll kill him."

Switzerland thought it was ironic that he said he was going to shoot "England" for hurting England.

...Although Vash had to admit that the Turk was doing an admirable job at predicting his reaction if ever an event such as that should occur.

After the spectacle had finished, and America had let it drop because Turkey was just acting (and he'd lost all his anger when he beat up France mercilessly), Vash glanced down the table at Lili, wondering what her reaction to the scene was. She was stifling giggles behind her hand, but when she caught him looking she stopped and smiled. He smiled back automatically.

Anyway, the meeting commenced with Norway punching Greece in the back of the head to wake him up. Greece got up after being forcefully woken and mumbled a speech over how everyone should be serious in this meeting, how we should pay attention, cooperate, participate, then he fell asleep mid-sentence. No one really noticed, seeing as most of the room was preoccupied.

Hungary was again yelling at Lithuania for coming onto Latvia and her, this time by playing footsies with Latvia under the table. Needless to say, Lithuania now bore a huge frying pan-shaped red mark across his face, and now was decidedly staying out of character.

Italy was chatting up Canada about something pasta-related, and Canada to his credit was not yet banging his head against the wall in irritation. In fact, he appeared almost interested in what the Italian had to say. If you looked closely though, you could tell it was a facade- although he did look happy that someone was acknowledging his presence for once.

The REAL Sweden and Finland were talking quietly and politely about something. Or, Finland was doing most of the talking while Sweden made a grunt or a nod to keep up his end of the conversation, Finland didn't seem to mind.

Belarus had long since taken the seat next to the real Russia, having put a knife to China's throat in order to get him to move, and he did so without protest. Germany couldn't have felt more frightened even if he tried, scooting his chair away from the psychotic woman as far as it would go.

Russia was trying to ignore the fact that one of his watermelons was leaking. And that Belarus was now sitting next to him and staring at him with the biggest puppy dog eyes anyone other than a puppy could muster.

Spain was rubbing Romano's thigh with his foot under the table.

Sealand was poking Greece's cheek in boredom, not even bothering to wake him up this time.

Norway had left the front of the table to wake Denmark up, who he proceeded to berate for sleeping during a meeting. He used his America costume as an excuse for the intrusion.

Turkey was STILL fussing over an unconscious England.

America was glaring heatedly at a fussing Turk.

China, Estonia, and Poland had gotten into some deep conversation about the history of Hello Kitty.

Austria and Hungary (who was done screaming her lungs out at Lithuania) were pleasantly bantering about random stuff as she clung to a shaking Latvia.

Japan was happily telling Ukraine about all of his new inventions, while she listened with fascination and waited for him to stop speaking before she unleashed her barrage of questions.

And Prussia was molesting a red-faced Switzerland, while Liechtenstein took pictures from the front of the table with a borrowed camera from Hungary, who refused to take pictures of the hot Prussia-on-Prussia action because she thought it was the most disgusting thing ever.

It seemed as if all was right with the world.

...Kind of.

Switzerland was one of the few who would protest this statement at the moment.

Prussia's hand had worked its way under the Swiss' butt somehow, and was squeezing it at random intervals, making Vash emit an admittedly unmanly squeak each time. The Swiss, currently blushing from neck to hairline, was closing his eyes and biting his lip as his self-control dwindled further and further. He was trying to keep himself calm so he wouldn't cause another raucous but his patience was wearing thin fast.

Sure, the meeting was coming to a close soon and YEAH, Lili would run the risk of being hit by a stray bullet... but the hand on his ass, the lips on his ear, and the wandering hands were making his mind scream bloody murder. Literally. Not to mention the constant whispers of "you're so awesome" and "let's make awesome love" were getting beyond annoying, and not mucking up his though process in the least or making his breath hitch OR putting stupid butterflies in his stomach. Not at all.

We should note at this time that Switzerland's denial should be as easy to spot as a flying pink elephant in a tutu flying through the streets of Z├╝rich.

Anyway, he had himself fully convinced that he could make the last half hour without pulling out the machine gun cleverly hidden in his belt and causing further misery and mayhem.

However, something bad happened, as it always tended to do whenever the nations would conjugate like this. Or whenever Prussia was involved in something.

Prussia's available hand was groping every place on the other male's body that it could find when it suddenly grazed across a peculiar bump along Switzerland's torso. Frowning, he thought.

Lifting up the other's shirt to check seemed to be over-stepping a boundary of some sort, and what would the Swiss do when he did this? Well, he'd obviously shoot up the place like a fucking insane person but in Prussia's mind, he would moan and scream for Prussia to take him and take him now, the minutes he's been working him up finally taking a toll and the shirt-lifting would be what broke the Swiss down to his will.

As we should know, though, Prussia's thoughts are far from reality.

So with that inaccurate thought in mind, he lifted up the shirt that was nearly identical to his and caught a glimpse of a patch of bandages before he found himself staring down the barrel of a magnum a moment later.

Somehow, this didn't go quite as planned.

Switzerland was on the fence now between shooting the Prussian in the face and stomping off in a rage now that the hands were retracted and the meeting was nearing it's conclusion. Lili had always told him to walk away, right? Maybe it was time to start proving to her that he can, and will try to be a better person for her!


Switzerland twitched.

On second thought...

No. He would walk away. He had to.

And so, with the greatest amount of self-control that Switzerland could muster, he removed his gun from the Prussian's inner bubble, and stomped out of the room without another word or glance toward any of the other nations in the room.

He passed off the furious flush on his face as rage, and ignored the lingering touches completely.




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