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A Wrinkle in Time
Chapter 4

Time seemed to fly for Harry because before he knew it, it was September 1st, the start of the term. Harry was both anticipating yet dreading it at the same time. After getting Hedwig, Harry had decided against owling the Weasleys and Hermione in case there was some discrepancy in this universe. What if the Weasleys were different? What if Hermione ended up not being a witch? So many things to consider that Harry felt himself going mad just thinking about it. As an extra advantage, Harry had started reading up on other subjects, especially Occlumency. While teacher-less in this regard, Harry at least understood the subject better than he had before and now all he needed was the practical experience. And for that, he needed Professor Snape's help. Harry shuddered, remembering how well the lessons went last time and just hoped that it went better this time.

Aunt Petunia was looking around King Cross weirdly and then back to the ticket. She kept alternating her glances between the ticket and King's Cross until Harry finally couldn't take it anymore and ripped the ticket out of his aunt's hand. "I take it that you've never followed my mum here before?"

At his aunt's no, Harry heaved a sigh. "That ended up being my problem too when I first came here alone and Uncle Vernon just drove off. I had to figure out how to get onto Platform nine and three-quarters by myself. Of course, I asked one of the employees, but he thought I was playing a prank and shooed me off. It wasn't until I heard a woman and her children talking about muggles and how to get onto the platform that I—" Suddenly Harry trailed off as if something just occurred to him. Looking around to see if there were any red-heads in sight, Harry turned to his aunt.

"What's the matter, Harry?" she asked worriedly.

"Do you remember the Weasleys? The wizarding family that I stayed with?" asked Harry.

At Aunt Petunia's nod, Harry continued, "Well, something just occurred to me. That woman and her kids that explained to me how to get onto the platform was the Weasleys but for some reason they were talking as if they were new to this as well, asking where the platform was and all that." At Aunt Petunia's confused look, Harry added, "Mrs. Weasley has seven children. Two of whom graduated before my first year. So, how and why did she forget the platform number and then have her daughter, who starts the year below me, inform her of which platform it was? I've known Mrs. Weasley for seven years and never once when we returned to Hogwarts the following years did she forget."

"Something doesn't add up," said Aunt Petunia.

Harry nodded gravely. "It's as if they were purposely calling my attention with how they were. I think I'd better go over a few events that don't add up later."

"Are you still going to befriend that Ron fellow?"

Harry stiffened. "To tell you the truth, I was going to, but after this sudden realization, I'm not so sure anymore. I mean, Ron was my best friend and he stuck by me through the years…" Harry groaned and shook his head violently from side to side, wondering why his life suddenly got a lot more complicated.

Aunt Petunia grabbed onto Harry's shoulders to stop him and looked him levelly in the eye. "It will be all right, Harry. You know what to look for and what you must do. Just calm down and take things one step at a time, do you hear me?" Harry nodded. "Good. Are you sure you don't need me to go with you?"

"I'll be fine on my own, Aunt Petunia. I've done this so many times, I can do it in my sleep," said Harry.

Although his aunt look less than convinced, Harry patted her hand reassuringly before gripping onto his trolley tightly and making a beeline for the wall between platforms nine and ten. "I'll see you during Christmas holidays!" he called before he disappeared completely through. After a small struggle with loading his trunk on the train, which Harry noted with disappointment was a lot harder than he remembered. Then again, he was older and stronger the last few times he had done that… A few random older years had helped him load his trunk and he was lucky enough that they hadn't bothered asking for his name.

Harry strolled through the train, looking into random compartments, looking for one that he fancied before he spotted one that really stood out to him. In the compartment sat Neville Longbottom and Hermione Granger. One was holding onto his toad for dear life while the other was in the middle of an explanation about something that Harry could not hear. Harry knocked on the compartment door and slid it open.

"Do you mind if I join you? I'm new to Hogwarts," he asked, looking between his two friends frantically willing for one of them to react to him in some way or form.

Much to his disappointment, all he received were two 'no's and then he was plopped down next to Neville. Hermione wouldn't even look him in the eye so Harry couldn't really gauge her reaction properly.

"We're new to Hogwarts too. My name is Neville Longbottom," said Neville. "My family was afraid that I wasn't magical enough, so you can assume both my surprise and my family's surprise when I received my acceptance letter! I got Trevor, my toad," Neville gestured to the struggling toad in his chubby hands, "as a present."

Harry turned his attention to Hermione after Neville's explanation.

"I'm Hermione Granger and I'm actually muggle-born. Both my parents are dentists," said Hermione quietly. Harry noticed that there was a definite difference in the tone and speech pattern to this Hermione. Whereas his Hermione projected an air of confidence and brilliance, which most people saw as annoyance and bossy know-it-all attitude, this Hermione was more subdued, as if troubled by her own intelligence that she would rather seem invisible to the world than stand out.

"What're dentists?" Neville asked, face scrunched up in confusion.

"People who specialize, examine, and fix other people's teeth so that they're always in good condition," explained Harry, never taking his eyes off Hermione.

The look of confusion never left Neville's face. "But don't you have healers or potions for that?"

"In the muggle world, no," said Harry.

Although Neville didn't really seem to understand all that much, the attention was then shifted to Harry.

"What about you? What's your name?" asked Hermione. She seemed to have noticed his gaze on her, but refused to meet his eyes.

Harry heaved a mental sigh. Hermione's behavior was already a clue, though Harry was sad to say that he hadn't really paid much attention to Neville when they first met to see any differences. And if this was how the conversation was going, then it would seem as if neither Hermione nor Neville were in the same shoes as he was. He pondered Ron for a second before he pushed the thought away, the revelation from earlier still fresh on his mind.

"I live with my aunt and was raised as a muggle," said Harry.

Hermione nodded her head, accepting his explanation before pointing out, "You still haven't told us your name."

Harry scratched his head in slight embarrassment and bracing himself for any negative reactions. "Harry Potter."

There was silence, then a gasp, and the sounds of a toad bouncing away outside the corridor.

"A-are you really the Harry Potter?" gasped Neville.

Harry mentally sighed, forgetting the strange celebrity status he had suddenly discovered in his first year. "Well, I'm Harry Potter, but I'm not sure if I'm the Harry Potter, strong powerful wizard that defeated the Dark Lord when I was a baby that you are talking about."

Neville was still gaping, his mouth opening and closing like a fish.

Hermione on the other hand, Harry noticed, didn't seem all that affected by his comment.

"Aren't you going to say something?" prodded Harry.

She shook her head. "What do you want me to say? Congratulations on defeating the Dark Lord when you were too young to remember anything and to continue acting as if that was just a technical detail while basking in the glory of it all?"

Harry smiled. "Finally, someone who understands me!" Harry stuck his hand out to her. "I hope we can be good friends."

She returned the smile, even though it was small, and shook his hand. "Me too."

Harry then turned to Neville and offered his hand again. "I hope we can be good friends too, Neville."

Neville grabbed Harry's hand and nodded his head enthusiastically. It was a few moments later when Neville suddenly realized that Trevor was nowhere in sight. "Oh no! Trevor!"

The group of children started looking around the small compartment and looked on with horror at the open compartment doors. "He couldn't have gotten far! Quick, split up!" said Harry as he dashed out the compartment, Hermione and Neville splitting up in the other direction. When Harry was sure that he was far enough and checking the empty compartments, he wordlessly cast a summoning spell and watched in awe as Trevor sudden zoomed out from a nearby compartment. Harry caught Trevor in his hands and holding him tightly, made his way back down to his compartment.

"I've found him!" Harry called down the corridor to his two friends, waiting for them to return. They came running down the corridor moments later, slightly winded from the jog.

"How'd you find him so fast!" huffed Neville as he retrieved Trevor from Harry.

"It was luck. He was only a few compartments away," he explained as they returned to their seats.

It was only roughly a few more minutes before the Hogwarts Express was to take off and already all the compartments were filled up. Harry noted that he had yet to spot Ron or the other Weasleys. It wasn't until the train had started taking off that there was a tentative knock on the door and a red-headed boy popped in.

His face was red, no doubt from running to catch the train and probably from nerves and from embarrassment. "Do you mind if I join you? Everywhere else is full."

While Neville and Hermione didn't quite seem to mind, Harry remained in turmoil. What was the whole story concerning the Weasleys? Harry couldn't help but wonder. Since he felt like he was left in the dark concerning his second family, Harry didn't exactly trust Ron as much as he thought he should.

"Thanks," Ron breathed out with a sigh of relief, plopping down next to Hermione. Harry noted that Hermione scooted slightly away from Ron and had to hold back a grin at that. "I'm Ron Weasley by the way."

"Neville Longbottom," said Neville.

"Hermione Granger," Hermione supplied, not looking in Ron's direction.

"Harry." He wasn't up for another round of Ron gawking at his scar. Luckily, Harry made sure his fringe completely covered his scar moments before Ron's appearance.

Harry noted that Ron immediately lost interest in him compared to gaining interest. That made Harry curious; was Ron only being polite last time? Or was he only interested in him because Harry was the Boy-Who-Lived and someone his mum and perhaps Dumbledore told him to keep an eye on? Harry didn't like where his thoughts were going, but decided that he needed to keep some distance from the Weasleys for a while, while he sorted his thoughts out.

Almost immediately Ron started launching a conversation based on Quidditch and his favorite team, the Chudley Cannons. Hermione didn't seem the least bit interested and Harry knew why. To her, Quidditch was a violent sport. Neville on the other hand, was listening with wide eyes, no doubt trying his best to pay attention to someone who was actually willing to talk to him. Poor Neville… he never did have confidence…

Harry on the other hand, completely tuned Ron out, choosing to study Hermione as she quietly stared out at the passing scenery. He didn't remember her being this quiet or introverted before. It seemed as if Ron was never going to stop talking, so Harry quickly suggested they switch seats, which Ron didn't protest. Now that he was sitting by Hermione, he realized just how sad she looked. Harry's heart felt uneasy seeing his friend like this.

"So, how's the wizarding world for you? Since you've come from a muggle background like myself," said Harry, awkwardly trying to start a conversation.

Hermione spared him a quick glance but returned her gaze to the window. "It's interesting," was all she said.

Harry felt frustrated. Talking and sitting with Hermione was never this awkward before, Harry noted.

"Um, what did you do before finding out you were a witch, Hermione?" Harry tried again.

Hermione, Harry noted, didn't hear him or purposely chose to ignore him. Harry liked to think it was the former. He sighed, running a hand through his messy hair, but taking care to ensure that his fringe covered his scar. "I don't suppose you know a Sally Summers, do you?"

Suddenly her head swiveled around so fast to face Harry, he was afraid that she was going to get whiplash. "How do you know her?" Hermione's voice was serious and Harry was slightly afraid of what that could mean.

"Um," he started out, unconsciously leaning away as her brown eyes bored into his. "She's my neighbor and babysitter."

Hermione's eyes suddenly never left his and Harry felt very uneasy. He had no idea what she was thinking and that was saying something since he was able to read Hermione very well back in his time. "She mentioned having a cousin named Hermione Granger. She said you were brilliant and are a university student…" Harry trailed off, feeling his cheeks redden in embarrassment for saying this much.

"She's like an older sister to me," Hermione started out quietly. "Usually she doesn't tell random strangers about me because I made her promise not to. Why did she tell you?" Her tone was accusatory and Harry felt his face starting to sweat.

Quiet Hermione was much scarier than bossy Hermione, Harry decided. "She um… uh… noticed that I was a bookworm," he squeaked. Oh Merlin, he squeaked! "And I reminded her of you!" he finished his fib, hoping against hope that the way she was staring at him won't alert her to his lie.

Her eyes continued to bore into him for what seemed like hours, but eventually she averted her gaze. "There must be something about you that she deems trustworthy." Her tone was no longer accusatory, but it held no warmth either.

Harry let out a nervous laugh. Oh yeah, quiet Hermione totally throws bossy Hermione out of the water when it come to scariness.

There was still hours to go before the train arrived at Hogwarts and Harry didn't exactly enjoy the idea of sitting in the compartment listening to Ron talk endlessly about Quidditch and other nonsensical things that no longer held his interest. Hermione on the other hand had returned to admiring the scenery outside the window. That was strange since Harry would've assumed that she'd be pouring through one of her textbooks. But as his eyes looked around the compartment, he noticed a small stack of books next to her and the window. Harry smiled wryly. It seemed that she was either reading before he had arrived or had decided to read later.

Harry slumped down in his seat and was about to ask a question in hopes to strike up a conversation again when he saw Malfoy and his goons through the compartment window. Harry hurriedly and wordlessly casted a Confundus charm on the group of boys. Within seconds they passed by the compartment without even once looking in and Harry breathed a sigh of relief.

He had a feeling that nothing good could come out of having Malfoy make an appearance; that and whenever Harry looked at Malfoy now, all he could see were the tears that streamed down his hollowed face through his dull grey eyes that had bags underneath them from countless nights of no sleep and from stress of his failed mission. Although Harry now knew the true reason why Malfoy had to do what he did, to appease the Dark Lord after their family had fallen out of the Dark Lord's graces, Harry couldn't help but resent and pity Malfoy at the same time. Their family had fallen so low that they had to resort to sending a teenage boy to kill his school headmaster, something Malfoy had been horrified and unable to do, using indirect yet failed methods instead.

When Harry turned to look at Hermione, he noticed that she had her eyes fixated on him and he grew nervous, not sure what to make of it. Did she see him cast the spell? He hoped she didn't because there would be many uncomfortable questions to answer. But judging from the way she was now studying him, straight down to the wand he had gripped in his hand, he knew that she had seen. He needed to divert her attention before the other two boys noticed what was happening.

Harry whispered a quick, "I promise I'll explain later," before rummaging through his bag for a small novel to read. The rest of the trip was rather unpleasant, much to Harry's chagrin. Although Hermione had picked up her own books to read, something Ron scrunched his nose at, Harry could feel her eyes watching him as he tried to read his novel. It took forever to get past a page with the uncomfortable gaze on him. During the trip Harry noticed Ron holding Scabbers in his hand tightly like Neville was holding Trevor and Harry scowled. How could he have missed Peter Pettigrew so easily? He wanted to hex that rat so badly his fingers were already curled around his wand before he snapped back to attention. It wouldn't do to have attention drawn to him now, Harry decided. Sulkily, Harry put away his wand and returned to his book. Finally, it was time to exit the train. After all four of them changed into their school robes, they climbed off the train, looking every which way for which they were supposed to follow.

A loud booming voice was calling out for first years and immediately knew who it was. He marched straight to Hagrid, where the giant gave him a toothy grin. "Harry Potter! My how ye' grown! I haven't seen ye since ye were a baby! I'm Hagrid, gatekeeper of Hogwarts."

"Nice to meet you, Hagrid," said Harry with a smile.

Hagrid smiled at Harry. "I'll be expectin' to see you a lot this year, Harry. Now, come along," said Hagrid, leading Harry in a certain direction. "First years!" he called to the crowd.

Hermione was right behind him, which Harry found a bit unnerving at this point. Usually he wouldn't mind, but at this point both he and Hermione had yet to become friends. When Ron and Neville caught up a short while later, they had already missed Hagrid's short introduction.

The rest of the first years climbed onto the boats. Harry noted wryly that Hermione was practically glued to him at this point, no doubt to ensure he kept his promise. It wasn't like he had that many places in Hogwarts to hide, but now that he actually thought about it, he did and Harry snickered to himself.

The boat ride to Hogwarts was as breathtaking as he remembered it.

When they arrived at the castle, Harry once again met up with Professor McGongall and she looked as stern as ever. Despite her stern appearance, Harry knew that she had a soft spot for her cubs even though she treated every house fairly unlike Snape, Harry thought bitterly.

After being briefed about the sorting process (Harry snickered at Ron's outburst of Trolls and killing his twin brothers) and meeting the ghosts, the first years were left to wait. Unfortunately, it was the perfect opportunity for Malfoy to approach Harry, now that the Confundus had worn off.

"Harry Potter," drawled Malfoy as he neared Harry, with the ever present goons, Crabbe and Goyle, at his side.

Ron, having caught Malfoy's greeting gaped in shock as he turned to look at Harry. Harry ignored Ron and stared confidently back at Malfoy, ready to refuse his offer.

"I'm Draco Malfoy and these two buffoons are Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle," said Malfoy. Malfoy briefly cast a look around the group of people around Harry and sneered, his eyes lasting longer on Hermione than others.

Harry purposely took a step in front of Hermione, keeping a distance between Malfoy and Hermione.

"There are some wizarding families that are better than others which you'll soon discover, Potter. I can help you from associating with the wrong sort," Malfoy said pointedly looking at Hermione. Malfoy was as pompous as ever, Harry noted. What a great difference Malfoy had been at the end compared to now…

Harry glared at the blonde-haired boy. "I'm afraid I'll have to refuse your offer, Malfoy. I prefer the freedom to choose who I associate with."

Malfoy bristled but said nothing else as it was time for the first years to enter the Great Hall. The glaring match had to be interrupted when they were the remaining students left outside and Hermione had to literally drag Harry away.

They entered the Great Hall, ignoring all the curious whispers and looks as they passed.

McGonagall placed a stool, where a great pointy and very old hat lay, in the front of the Hall. Once McGonagall started calling names, each of the first years marched up to be sorted and Harry noticed with annoyance that Ron was tugging on his arm and whispering urgently, "Why didn't you tell me you were Harry Potter!"

Harry tried to shrug Ron off, but he proved persistent.

"He never told you that he wasn't Harry Potter," Hermione pointed out.

Ron scowled at her and Harry tugged his arm free during Ron's diverted attention, thanking Hermione for the distraction.

Harry had been afraid that Hermione was going to be sorted into Ravenclaw, but breathed a sigh of relief when she was sorted into Gryffindor again. There were a lot of things Harry needed her advice on once he gained her trust and explained the whole time-travel story to her.

When it was time for Harry to be sorted, Harry feared that he might not be sorted into Gryffindor again. Luckily the hat, though curious as to Harry's very unorganized brain which Harry blamed due to that strange time-travel phenomenon, decided in the end that Gryffindor would be the best house to suit him and his purposes.

Harry hopped off the stool, replacing the hat and immediately took up the space Hermione had purposely saved for him. Harry very much doubted he would be able to lose Hermione even if he wanted to at this stage, unless he took a few secret passages…

Thankfully after Ron joined the table, Harry was separated from the scowling red-head by a few other students.

The rest of the feast went by pretty much how Harry remembered, though he wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. One thing Harry noticed was that his scar no longer hurt when he even so much as glanced at Professor Quirrell. He furrowed his brows in thought. Did that mean that the horcrux inside his scar was gone? Harry sure hoped so, but dreaded the possibility of having no way out of death now. He gulped.

Grabbing a chicken leg, Harry placed a few of Hermione's favorite foods on her plate unconsciously and he didn't realize his slip until she shot him a strange and suspicious look. He had been helping his friends grab food so often that he knew their favorites by heart and it had become an ingrained habit that he cursed his slip. When desert came, Harry purposely paid attention to what he was doing, though that shouldn't have been a concern considering Hermione stayed away from the sweets anyway.

It was when they were heading into the Gryffindor common room and then their dorms that Hermione had pointedly told him to meet her in the common room in half an hour. Harry groaned, but agreed.

Harry was sort of disappointed that his four poster bed was next to Ron's as he expected, but didn't say anything. He went about changing into his pajamas and brushed his teeth. When he came back from the bathroom, he noticed that most of the boys were dressed for bed but looked nothing like they were about to sleep anytime soon. Neville, Harry noted, was ignored now that Ron had met the other boys, Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnegan. Ron refused to so much as acknowledge Harry, but made Harry wonder if that will change later on.

Harry waited in the common room twirling his wand absent-mindedly in one hand with Neville by his side after convincing him to join him.

"What are we doing down here for?" asked Neville, watching the wand twirling.

Harry glanced at his wrist watch. He still marveled at owning one. "There's something I need to tell Hermione and you, so sit tight for a bit, mate."

Neville nodded and continued to look around the common room, studying the décor for a while before Hermione appeared down the steps from the girl's dorm. Luckily, the other Gryffindors were up in the dorms, no doubt tired from the long train ride to school.

"Fancy seeing you here, Hermione," said Harry with a grin.

She didn't say anything, merely taking a seat in the free armchair beside Harry.

"Hello, Hermione," Neville greeted.

"Hello, Neville," she returned, much to Harry's annoyance. Hermione turned to Harry and Harry could swear that her eyes could read his mind, except he knew that she wasn't a Legilimens.

"So…" Harry started out awkwardly. "Where to begin?"

"Start out with how you knew something as advanced as the Confundus charm. As far as I know, that is not in the first year curriculum and you've been raised as a muggle with no extra training or exposure to magic before the reception of your Hogwarts acceptance letter," Hermione stated bluntly.

Great… leave Hermione to find every little plot hole there was in his story. When Neville turned to Harry with curious eyes, Harry sighed. He supposed that now would be as great a time as ever to delve into his life's tale. What fun that would be…

Harry quickly cast a muffliato for some privacy much to Neville's surprise. Hermione didn't look surprised at all.

"H-how'd you do that!" exclaimed Neville, eyes wide in awe.

Harry gave Neville a small smile and said, "A simple muffling like spell." He turned his gaze over to Hermione who had a calculating look about her. He sighed and ran his hand tiredly through his messy raven locks. "Right… first things first. I am Harry James Potter, which you two should know by now. My name's been plastered all throughout the Prophet for who knows how long and in a multitude of books. What people don't know is… I'm from another universe."

Neville was silent, as if not comprehending what Harry had just said. Hermione on the other hand merely looked intrigued.

"Is there proof of you being in another universe before I write you off as mental?" Hermione said sweetly.

Harry scowled at her. This was not the time for jokes and yet she treated him as one. Great… just what he needed… the one person he thought he could trust most definitely thought he was a loon. Perhaps it was a good thing he didn't owl her over the summer after all.

"I don't exactly have anything on me that I could use as proof. But it seems so far only minor changes have taken place from the universe I've come from. For instance, I lived with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin who could barely stand the sight of me. In this universe, I live only with my aunt who treats me like her real son. As flattering as that has been it still creeps me out sometimes since I'm still getting used to the situation. The Hermione Jean Granger I know," Hermione perked up at the mention of her and her full name which she had never told Harry, "most likely hadn't attended university but came straight to Hogwarts from primary school." Harry chanced a quick look at Hermione. "And she was a lot bossier," he added as an afterthought, reflexively bringing his arms up as protection in case Hermione hit him, which she did.

"The Neville Longbottom I knew, well I'm rather embarrassed to say that I hadn't bothered to learn much about him at first but later learned that he was a great friend. I just know that his parents were driven insane by Bellatrix Lestrange and they are currently still at St. Mungo's," Harry said softly, mindful of Neville's feelings.

"Not as much attention has been paid to my parents compared to the Potters since you were named the Boy-Who-Lived," commented Neville quietly, "but here's where this universe differs from yours. My parents were also murdered by You-Know-Who…"

Harry blinked in surprise, not expecting that twist. "I… I'm sorry."

Neville waved off the sympathy. "It's all right. I've had my whole life to deal with the loss. Besides you're in the same shoes as me minus the whole Boy-Who-Lived thing."

Harry nodded morosely. "Either way, they were great people from what I've heard." He looked to the two people beside him and smiled softly. "You two were some of the best friends I've had in my life along with Ron and Ginny Weasley, Ron's little sister, and Luna Lovegood, a Ravenclaw girl a year below us. Most of our adventures up until fourth year were between Hermione, Ron, and I, but soon afterwards during our fifth year, Neville, Luna, and Ginny started taking a bigger part in our adventures. It was thanks to you lot that Hogwarts lasted as long as it did when the Death Eaters," Harry noticed how Neville flinched but Hermione remained stoic, "took over the school."

Harry then proceeded to tell them about what happened in his universe all the way up to the showdown with Voldemort in the forest. "And then the next thing I know, I'm here in this universe."

Hermione remained deep in thought. It was a lot of information to take in after all. "What if this isn't actually another universe?"

Harry was confused. "What do you mean?"

Hermione straightened up in her chair. "While the possibility of you arriving in another universe is certainly plausible, I'm attempting to entertain the idea of what your arrival in this time has caused. Say by you traveling back in time, you caused a wrinkle which in turn caused several events, though minor, to be altered from what you remember them to be. You mentioned seeing Professor Dumbledore now that you thought back a little more, correct?" Harry nodded. "What if, when Professor Dumbledore was sending you back to living world to finish off Voldemort, something went amiss and as a result sent you barreling back in time?"

"But how would that explain how I still have the other Harry's memories? I assume that if I had been sent back in time, that I probably won't even have them, especially if I'm from another universe," Harry pointed out.

"That may be true, but you still have something else to consider. Your physical body was not sent back in time, otherwise you'd be seventeen right now," said Hermione.

Harry nodded. He'd enjoy being taller and stronger again rather being an eleven year old right now.

"Don't quote me on this," said Hermione, "but what if your consciousness instead of being sent to your body back in the forest was somehow sent to the past by mistake. The other Harry's mind would still be present but your arrival and consciousness being more dominant took control. For all you know, your mannerisms right now could be a mix of yours and the Harry from this time, but since you are in control you probably haven't noticed."

Both Harry and Neville were scratching their heads at this point. "Just blow my alternate universe theory out of the water, why don't you," muttered Harry.

"Well, if you were from another universe, it's possible that they'd be two Harrys right now. One from this universe and one from the other since a person's existence should not be changed with the arrival of another unless it was the result of dire circumstances such as one passing away or being murdered before the arrival of the other, but seeing as there's only one Harry here, I could only assume that time travel would be a more plausible explanation," finished Hermione.

All this while Harry could only stare at Hermione as if she was speaking Greek, which she might as well have. Then again this feeling wasn't new so it was easy to shrug off. Neville on the other hand looked as if his head was spinning. Harry clapped the boy's shoulder and said reassuringly, "It's okay, mate. I don't understand half of what she says either."

Hermione merely rolled her eyes.

"You know, for someone who's so skeptical of me being mental, you sure are taking this rather calmly and with an open mind," Harry realized.

"It's like you said, I'm keeping an open mind. Until I find something to prove or disprove what you've told me, I'll continue on as if nothing has happened," she commented, standing up from the armchair. "Now if you'll excuse me, it's rather late and I must be off to bed now."

"You can't tell anyone what I've told you!" Harry called out to her retreating form. She merely raised a hand casually as acquiesce. Harry turned to Neville. "You too, Neville."

Neville nodded his head in understanding.

Harry let out a ragged sigh, thoroughly exhausted after the long explanation. Now all three of them had to learn Occlumency to prevent the wrong people from reading their minds. Ugh, thought Harry. He had his work cut out for him.

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