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"Jutsu/demon speaking"

'Demon thoughts'


Nine year old Naruto was walking down to the academy on a relatively sunny day in the ninja village of Konoha. A slight breeze was blowing and the scent of grass and freshly baked cinnamon rolls were in the air. As the young blonde was walking to the academy the villagers spotted him just like they always did but instead of leaving him alone they started to form a mob. The death glares they sent towards the blonde made him extremely nervous.

'Great looks like I might have to run to the academy.'

As Naruto started to think of a way to get to the academy safely one of the villagers threw a rock at him and hit him in the head causing blood to start to pour down from the injury.

"Get him!"

"Kill the demon"

"Why don't you guys just leave me alone" yelled Naruto as he started to run "I never did anything to you."

"Shut up demon you will not plague us anymore."

As Naruto was running for his life he missed the group of the villagers' steep out in front of him and they caught him off guard.

"Now we will finish what the Yondaime started you demon scum."

As they started to beat him Naruto continued to ask himself why what did he do to deserve being beaten like this. They all stopped when they noticed several jounin walk out. The villagers began to back off when the four ninja walked up to the downed blonde.

"Please stop…sob please I didn't do anything to you why are you doing this…..sob"

"So demons can cry," said one of the jounin.

The villagers all realized that the ninja where on their side and continued to attack the blond boy.

Once the villagers were through beating the young blond he was left a bloody broken mess on the ground. Before Naruto lost conciseness he noticed that several of the ones who beat him were chunin and jounin ninja of the village.

'So much for them to protect and serve the people of the village.'

"Hey I have an idea let's take him to one of the training grounds and tie him up and leave him for the wild animals?"

"YA!" a chorus of ya's range throughout the streets.

As they dragged him to the training grounds and tied the young blond up they started to disperse and continue their day. What they didn't realize was that after they had given the boy one of the worst beatings of his life they very demon that they feared had finally woken up.

'So those pathetic humans have started to beat the boy even more fearing my powers over him. What stupid mortals they all are.

Sigh the Kyuubi waited till they all had left the area before taking control over Naruto's unconscious body.

'I can't leave the boy here the dumbasses of the village will continue to beat him and try to kill him.

Once the Kyuubi freed the young blonde he stared a set of hand seals.

"Demonic jutsu teleportation technique"(A/N need a little help with the translations)

As the gate opened up in front of fox Naruto the young blond stepped through.

(Time skip)

It was several hours before the young blond woke up in a place he did not know. The area was very beautiful place and quiet peaceful. There was a small pond a large lush forest that stretched as far as the eye can see and a very large mansion.

"Were am I?"

"Looks like you are finally awake kit."

"Who said that show yourself" yelled Naruto trying to sound braver than he was at the moment.

"It would be easier if you came to me hang on."

"w.. wh… what do you me…." Naruto was never able to finish his question as he was pulled inside of his head in front of a very large cage.


"Where am I now" asked Naruto very fearfully

"You are in your mind kit and I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune."

"So what the villagers said about me was true I am a demon." Said Naruto even though he tried to hide it the sorrow was still evident in his voice.

"NO! You are not a demon a monster or anything else that those dumbass villagers call you. You were just the unlucky one to have me sealed inside of you."

"Why are you being so nice to me?"

"Ugh listen kit even to use demons kits and young ones are valuable we love children even if we are extremely violent."

"Oh...ok that makes sense"

"Ok good now I have a proposal for you. I am going to train you and turn you into a great shinobi."

"Umm ok that seems great and all but what's the catch?"

"You are not as dumb as you seem. I want you to rip the seal in half."

"What? No way I may be nine but even I know that if I do that you will be set free."

"GODDAMIT kit just listen to me for one fucking second and hear me out." After seeing the look in the young boys eyes the fox felt..guilty.

'Why the hell do I feel like this? Whatever I just need to get this boy stronger and get him to rip the seal in half.'

"I...I'm sorry. Let me show you my human form maybe that will make you more comfortable."

After the fox had said that his body started to shrink and change. Once he was done changing there was no longer a giant menacing looking fox but a man that was 6 foot 2 with long black hair and red streaks running through it. His eyes were still the same chrisom red with a black slit in the center and his canines still looked like fangs. He was wearing long black khaki pants that stopped above his ankles right on top of what looked like red combat boots. His upper body consisted of a fishnet shirt a red and black muscle shirt. On his hip and back were three swords. One standard katana and behind him on his hip were dual kodachi. And to top it all off was a solid black trench coat with a nine tails fox on the back.

"Now that I am in this form do you feel more comfortable talking to me?"

The blond could only stare wide eyed at the man in front of him.

"Umm ya I can talk to you now."

"Hmmm good now as I was saying I want you to rip the seal in half." Seeing the blond was about to interrupt Kyuubi held up his hand. "Let me finish. When you rip the seal in half I will be able to train you properly and I will still be sealed inside of you also I am going to give you a gift if you become strong enough."

"A gift! What's the gift! Come on come on tell me tell me."

"Hahaha first it will be training from me second is the summoning contract for the foxes and third is the biggest it is the Sharingan."

"Wait why would you train me give me a summoning contract and I thought you had to be and Uchiha to get the Sharingan."

"Don't read too much into this kit I don't really like you or care for you. But with you being my container and being weak it makes me look weak. The summoning contract is so you can summon me into the real world to help you which is why you need to rip the seal in half. The Sharingan like all bloodlines was given to you humans by demons and the Sharingan is mine."

"So all of this is to help you and not me?"

"Exactly kit now do we have a deal or what?"

"Hmmmm sure why not."

"Good now rip the seal in half and these are the hand seals for the summoning jutsu."

As the young blond ripped the seal in half and watched the Kyuubi perform the seals several times he was sent from his mind back to the physical world.



Back in the village hidden in the leaves the third hokage was not in the best of moods.

"What do you mean you can't find Naruto?"

"We are sorry hokage-sama his chakra signature is no were in the village."

"Hmm alright ANBU leave now!"

"Hai Hokage-sama"

'Naruto were are you my boy and please be safe.'

Unknown area.

"Alright so I just draw a little blood and perform these hand seals and then summoning jutsu."

"I am impressed you were able to summon me on your first go. Now I have been around for 3000 years.(A/N dk the actual age of the Kyuubi.) So I have seen a lot and I know a lot I will be teaching you taijutsu, kinjutsu, and ninjutsu. I won't be teaching you genjutsu because quite frankly I suck at it."

"Cool! So what are you going to teach me first huh huh huh what is it."

"Calm down."

"Oh I bet it's really cool and deadly…"

"I SAID SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!" Now then first I'm going to teach you shadow clone jutsu. It creates solid clones of yourself.

"That's so lame why would I want to learn something like that anyway?"

"Because kit you can get say 5 years of training with 500 clones if trained constantly for a year with this amount but we are going to start off with say 25."

"How do they do that though if there just clones wouldn't the physical stuff has to be done by yourself?"

'Hmm and here I thought he was just another dumb blond.' "Yes the physical you must do yourself but if it deals with taijutsu, ninjutsu or kinjutsu then your clones can do it also chakra exercises can be done by the clones as well."

After the Kyuubi was finished explaining the uses of the clones Naruto was very much impressed with the usefulness of the technique.



Sarutobi Hiruzen was searching furiously through his Chrystal ball for one Naruto Uzumaki. Not finding the young blond anywhere he finally gives up his search for the one like a grandson to him.


"Hai hokage-sama." Asked the fearful leader of the ten ANBU agents kneeing in front of the aged hokage.


"H….Hai Hokage-sama." All of the ANBU feared for their lives due to the fact they have never seen their kind and gentle hokage this furious.


All ten ANBU vanished without a single word uttered and a few even pissing their pants from the Hokage's words.

"Man I have never been so scared in my life. Who knew the hokage cared for the boy that much?" Said the commander of the group.

"Hey wolf where do you think he could be?"

"I don't know bear I don't know but for our sake I hope to every god out there that we find the boy or who knows we might be dinning with the devil in two days."


Unknown area.

"Alright kit seeing as you have the clo….."

"Hey fox where are we you never told me?"

Just as Naruto interrupted him a vain popped in his head. "You know you little shit I DON'T LIKE BEING INTERRUPTED! But because you don't know we are at my house high in the mountains of fire country and no one can find us due to a chakra hiding barrier around the place."

"Ok sooooo where exactly are we?"


As Naruto walked off snickering the Kyuubi was still standing there mumbling words that would have made the foulest mouthed sailor red from the words.

As Naruto's laughter increased it became audible to the Kyuubi.

"Ohh I am soo going to kill that little shit and then bring him back to life and kill him again hmmm yes that sounds like fun. Now to go and make his life a living hell."

"Hey Kyuubi I think I should send a message to hokage-jiji so he doesn't worry about me."

"Alright just send a messenger fox to him and tell him what's going on just not where we are."



As Sarutobi was sitting behind his desk he heard a very peculiar sound behind him. When he turned around to the source of the sound he saw a small orange fox sitting on his window seal.

"Hmm a fox it must be a summon. But who has the fox contract?"

As he opened the window and let the little fox into the room he noticed more of the finer details.

One it was more of red color than the standard orange and two it was slightly bigger than the foxes around konoha which just ensured that it was a summoning.

"SO who summoned you here because I don't know if anyone who has the fox contract?"

"You are as smart as Naruto-sama said you would be."

"Naruto summoned you?"

"Hmm yes he did he sent me here with a message for you. He told me to inform you that the Kyuubi no Kitsune is training him due to the villagers ignorance towards the boy and that he will be back to finish the academy but his skills will be that of a high chunin or low jounin."

"Hmm alright but inform the Kyuubi that if he hurts Naruto I will kill him and send him to the shinigami's stomach myself."

After he said those words the fox disappeared and went back to the ones who summoned him.

'Naruto you better come back ok or I swear I will kill the damn fox myself.'


Kyuubi's house.

When the young summon returned and informed the Kyuubi of what the old hokage said he told him to return and focused all of his attention on Naruto and his training once more.

(Time skip)

It had been 6 months since Naruto started his training with the Kyuubi and his skills have grown exponentially. He was quickly approaching the skills of a jounin faster than what he was supposed to.

'Hmm he shouldn't be at this skill level yet' "Hey Naruto come here real quick."

"Ya what is it Kyuubi I have to get back to training."

"First tell me have you been doing extra training without my permission?"

"Yes I wanted to get stronger than I was."

"Well it appears that we will be returning sooner than I said due to your inability to listen. Now last question how many clones did you use when you were training?"

The look on Naruto's face told the Kyuubi that he was not going to be happy. "I used 600 clones."


"huhuhuh I used 6."


After the Kyuubi's blow up he started mumbling to himself over Naruto's recent actions.

"Well seeing as how your recent actions we will have to leave now."

"But we haven't been out here for a full year!"

"No we haven't but since you have used 600 fucking clones we will be leaving early and plus you are a year older cause your birthday was last week."

As Kyuubi's words hit Naruto he realized that his birthday was indeed last week and that when he goes back to the academy he will see all of his friends again and all of his precise people.

'I wonder how much has changed. Heh like it really matters the villagers will still be the same and so will most of the people at the academy. I really don't want to go back but I have to so I might as well deal with it.'

"Now go and get ready for the trip because we won't be coming back here for awhile."

As Naruto was getting ready the Kyuubi started the hand seals for the teleportation jutsu back to konoha.

"Demonic teleportation jutsu."

(Time skip)

After a few hours of walking through the forest of the fire nation Naruto could finally see the gates of konoha in the distance.

'Stupid fox why couldn't you put us inside the walls?"

"Shut up kit it was as close as I could put us without beginning attacked."

As Naruto continued his argument with the fox he failed to notice that he was at the front gate of the village were two chunin were on guard duty.

"Halt and state your business in this village."

He realized that it was Kamizuki, and Izumo two trouble making chunin who had one hell of a sense of humor.

"I'm hurt guys you should at least recognize the prank king of konoha that made you guys look like amateurs."

"Well Well Naruto it has been awhile and you look different."

And true to their statement Naruto's normal orange jumpsuit was no more. Instead he wore a dark blue mesh shirt with a crimson red fox wrapping around his waist and up his arm to his neck, with blood red khaki pants and black ninja sandals.

"Ya I decided it was time to change my look so this is how it turned out."

"Well where have you been man we haven't seen you in almost a year?"
"I'll tell you later right now I have to go see the hokage and get reinstated into the academy and get my apartment set up again."

"Alright man go on through and we will catch up later on today."

After they let him go through Naruto went to see the hokage and start up in the village all over again. Naruto had a new journey ahead of him and there was no telling how hard it will be.

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