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Chapter 14 I don't own Naruto sadly

Naruto was rushing through the forest trying to catch up to his long time friend. When would he have been able to leave the village? They had just gotten back from a mission a few days ago.


Not hearing the shouting behind him Naruto continued to run forward intent on ending this chance before it can begin.

"Naruto damnit listen," snapping out of his haze he sees Kiba, Shikamaru, and Choji. "You need to tell us the situation so we don't go in blind."

Not breaking stride he answers. "Orochimaru possibly kidnapped Sasuke, or he willingly went with him that is unsure."

The group of four continued to run through the forest when Kiba spoke up. "Straight ahead they stopped."

The group landed in a small clearing and noticed four people standing there looking right at them, except one had his back turned to the group and that was Sasuke.

"SASUKE!" turning around slowly Sasuke looked straight at Naruto with eyes glazed over and a vacant look in them. "What the hell did you do to him you bastard?"

"Sasuke-kun is just under the use of my new jutsu. It takes the fundamentals of the puppeteers in Suna and the Yamanaka clan in konoha. And as for the ANBU I had Sasuke kill him and used a puppeteer trick to control him."

Naruto stared the man down he had been wondering about the ANBU but he never voiced it could he be reading his mind or was he just that predictable. "The answer is neither Naruto. I am good enough to spot the questions in your eyes and I know all about you young one. I even know who your parents are and what you contain."

The look on Naruto's face said it all who ever this guy was knew way to much information and was most likely out of there league. Looking the man over they see that he has pale skin slitted snake like eyes, and a kimono that matched his skin. Long hair and a set of earrings and was fairly tall possibly six foot two. There was only one man in all of the elemental nations that fit that appearance Orochimaru an S-ranked missing ninja and the snake sannin.

"Naruto we have to get out of here we are no match for him!"

"What do you mean Shikamaru? Are you that lazy to fight?"

"Orochimaru you bastard give me back my brother!"

Kiba and Choji were shocked to find out that the man in front of him was none other than the S-ranked missing nin Orochimaru but what surprised Naruto and Shikamaru is who said it. Standing off to the right of the group was none other than Itachi Uchiha the oldest of the Uchiha clan and the one that singlehandedly slaughtered his own family in the hopes to gain power. But wait if he wanted to gain power then why was he defending his brother?

"Itachi-nissan?" The shock of the group only grew more as Naruto was the one to call him brother.

"Hello Naruto-kun it has been awhile."

The two stared at each other while everyone else was speechless except Orochimaru who was furious that not only had the kyuubi vessel interrupted him but so did Itachi the one who was stronger than himself. "Why Itachi-kun its so nice to see you again."

Without even saying a word Itachi rushed in and slammed a fist into Orochimaru's stomach with enough force to cause the man to cough up some blood. Pivoting in his left leg Itachi lashed out with a straight kick to the other man's head and sent him reeling back. Without missing a beat the older Uchiha flew through handseals for the prize jutsu of the Uchiha clan.

"Fire style: Grand Fire Ball Jutsu."

The ball of fire was larger than normal and was not the normal orange color of fire but a scorching white; the heat radiating off of the ball of fire was hot enough to ignite the tress and other foliage surrounding the area. Orochimaru while impressed with the strength of the jutsu was not going to stand around and let it hit him, even he would be at a disadvantage with the heat rolling off the ball of fire.

"Sasuke!" Naruto rushed over and slammed a fist to the side of his friend and teammates head. The dazed look in the young Uchiha's eyes faded and he fell to the ground.

The rage that bubbled inside of Orochimaru was rolling off of him in waves as his jutsu wore off of his next body.

"Goddamit. I will get the Sharingan no matter what. And if I can't have Sasuke then neither will konoha." Rushing forwarded Orochimaru drew his kusanagi from his mouth and went to stab at the blonde boy first.

Seeing the blade drawn and headed towards him Naruto activated his Eikyuu Sharingan to avoid the blade but was not needed because just as the blade was about to pierce his heart Sasuke appeared in front of him. Due to the height difference Sasuke took the blade in his right kidney while not an instant kill it was still fatal.

"SASUKE!" an explosion of red chakra erupted from Naruto's body and threw the two people in front of him away. As soon as he unleashed the chakra a shockwave knocked everyone off of their feet; but what he did not notice was the small amount of Sasuke's blood that fell into his eyes.

The explosion of power knocked everyone down and sent the three assailants flying through the air and right into a patrolling ANBU squad. The three assailants though powerful could not take on that many opponents, between the ANBU and Itachi Uchiha the fight was already damn near impossible to win; but add in the fact that the kyuubi Jinchuuriki is pissed and looking to rip into anything around him it was a good idea to get out of dodge.

"We are leaving now!" Orochimaru looked at his two companions and quickly left.

And with that the three of them left the area quickly. Now the rest of the individuals that where in the clearing had to face down an enraged Jinchuuriki, along with the fact that his chakra seemed to be going hay wire and not under his control.

"What's going on!" shouted Shikamaru; no one except Itachi has ever felt something so potent and full of hatred.

"We need to get out of here now!" Itachi was trying to get everyone to leave quickly but they were all rooted to the floor.

"We are not leaving our friends behind." Itachi stared at the two and was surprised that the group of young genin where staring him down and even willing to risk everything for their friends. The very reason why he loved the village he gave up.

Just then something unexpected happened the once foul red chakra that had begun to ravage the landscape was suddenly changed with a much more dense and foul black chakra. Not even Itachi the ever impressive and stoic massacre of his own clan was able to stand when he felt the pressure slam on top of them all. He slowly turned around to see Naruto standing just feet from them all. Slowly the blonde raised his head and everyone saw a sight that will forever haunt their dreams. His eyes changed they were all used to seeing his eyes with the blue and white Sharingan (except Itachi.) but now he had a slitted pupil solid black eyes and his Sharingan connected all together in a circle with only two tomas being visible the third was inside his pupil. Then another change begun to take place the tomas of his eyes turned red his pupil turned to a ghostly white and then the rest of his eyes turned black and red in a flame pattern.

"What the hell is going on? His eyes, he has the Sharingan but then again its not. Naruto what the hell happened to you when I left?"

'Kurama what can I do to save Sasuke? I don't want to loose my brother.'

"You have to control your chakra for starters. The rest of your friends are dying from the density and also the combination of mine and your chakra. Secondly you have to summon Byakko he can heal Sasuke and the two of you can get him back to the village to be properly healed."

"Summoning jutsu" standing before the group was a massive white tiger with ten tails swaying back in forth. "Byakko please you have to heal Sasuke or he may die."

Without even saying a word Byakko brought one of his tails down and begun to heal the dying Uchiha. Then he picked everyone up and disappeared from the area. The only ones left was the group of ANBU.

"What the hell just happened?" one of the ANBU asked. The others just shook their heads and begun to clean up the area.

(Konoha hospital)

The door busted open and in rushed in Naruto carrying Sasuke in his arms.

"I need a doctor please Sasuke was hurt."

The doctors quickly rushed over to help the young Uchiha and a few of them gave little snide remarks towards Naruto that he just ignored and continued to stare off into space. He nearly killed everyone losing control of his emotions and Sasuke may die.

"Naruto I'm sorry to tell you this but the sword Sasuke was stabbed with is coated in a very deadly poison that no one in my staff is capable of counteracting the only one is able to stop the poison is one of my students named Tsunade and she left the village long ago and hasn't returned."

Naruto looked at his grandfather figure and he just could not believe what he was hearing. His brother may die and there was nothing he could do to help him.

"Hokage-sama what if we searched for her?" looking to the corner of the room the aged hokage was able to see Itachi Uchiha the only other real threat to the village; but the hokage knew the real reason behind his defection from the village and knew he could be trusted.

"Well Itachi its good to see you once again after so many years. And I see you have already rekindled your relationship with young Naruto."

"Yes Hokage-sama I have. I ran into Naruto and his group of friends when they had encountered Orochimaru outside the gates of Konoha. Orochimaru has developed a technique that allows him to control ones own mind similar to the Yamanaka's own jutsu."

"well then we will have to watch out for him especially with the chunin examines coming next month. Thank you Itachi you may go back to your old assignment. I know you are not able to stay in this village for very long due to your past here."

"Actually hokage-sama if it was alright with you I would like to stay here in my home village and train both Naruto and Sasuke."

The aged hokage stared at the young man before him. One of the most promising shinobi he had ever had under his control. "Yes Itachi I believe I can make that work."

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