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So here's the full summary: Miyaharu, Shinku has just entered high school at Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku as a 1st year. More than anything she just wants to be alone. She also just wants to play her cello, but when her grandfather decides that she needs to get married to take over the family business. She has to choose one out of seven choices, and live with that person to prepare for her life with him. SanadaXOC

Chapter One

Seven People, One Choice

It was during the middle of the school day and everyone was in class. Everyone except a lone girl who was sitting in the library reading a book on how to win at a chess game. Lunch was over, and even though the bell rung, the girl was still reading as if there was no bell.

"Miyaharu-san!" the librarian had come over and started to scold the girl sitting at the table in the back of the library. "You know that class has already started, and yet every day you still sit here until I come to yell at you to go to class."

The girl whose last name was Miyaharu closed her book and stared up at the librarian with narrowed chocolate brown eyes. It was the look of a disrespectful student, but it wasn't completely the girl's fault, her gaze was just always like that naturally. She only ever had two expressions, her mean, glaring, and disrespectful look and her sweet, innocent, doll like look. Even when she thought she had a normal face on, she had on either her disrespectful face or her innocent face.

Her name was Miyaharu Shinku.

Shinku stood up quickly from her seat and stared at the librarian. "Why would I go to my class when the bell rings when I can just wait and read for a few more minutes and have you send me back?"

The librarian stepped back a few steps at the angry glare that was in Shinku's eyes, though she wasn't even angry, she just almost always had that look in her eyes. "Such a disrespectful look!" the librarian bellowed. "Go to class now! Before I send you to the principal's office!"

Shinku quickly grabbed her bag and got up from the table. She walked away from the library with a confused look on her face. She didn't know what she did wrong. She thought she was sincere. She just didn't realize that the librarian was offended by the glare that wasn't really in her eyes.

Her almond shaped eyes made her look like she was always glaring, even when she wasn't, but when she widened them, she looked too innocent, so she settled for the glare.

No one was outside or in the hallways. Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku had a tough high school and it was difficult. Rikkai had a wonderful education program, and it was home to the tennis team that had won the nationals quite a bit. They had lost first place several times, but they had won second place in those times.

Shinku didn't want to go to her class, so she took as long as she could to walk there. The day was beautiful and she would rather much spend her time sitting outside alone under a tree than go into a classroom full of people.

She sighed thinking of her classmates. She never really liked people, and in class she would usually sit by her customary seat in the back by the window. There were things she would rather much do than speak and interact with people. She would rather be in the library reading a book, or at home practicing her cello.

She opened the sliding door to her classroom. She had been in high school for four months now. No one looked up as she walked in and took her seat. The teacher didn't even stop with his lecture to look at her. All of her classmates were used to her walking into class late after lunch. She wasn't even reprimanded for being late anymore. After one month, the teacher had gotten tired of lecturing her for being late and just stopped.

Shinku took out her textbook and opened it to the page everyone else was on. She tried her best to pay attention to the book since the teacher had such a droning voice.

Shinku didn't need to study that hard, because no matter what, she always got A's in all of her classes. She liked to be late, and she didn't like class, but that didn't stop her from being smart. She would study at home, finish all of her work, and get hundreds on tests all of the time. Her parents did expect her to get all A's, and she didn't let them down.

Shinku dragged through every class until the bell had rung, announcing that for some people, it was time to go home, and for others it was time for clubs. Clubs were the only thing about school that made it exciting for her. She dragged her cello with her to the nonexistent classical music club. She was one (out of five) people who actually went there. She joined because 1) she loved classical music because she played the cello and 2) there weren't a lot of people there, so she could be (mostly) alone.

The main point of the club was just to practice. The people in the club would all separate as soon as they all met in the club room. Practicing together was difficult for them because no one could hear themselves practice. While the others left, Shinku decided to stay in the room to practice even though it was a bit cold. It was November, and the temperature was just starting to drop.

Shinku looked out the window before closing and she got a perfect view of the tennis club members. They were all practicing in the cold, but they were all sweating. She closed the window and though, 'I feel so bad for them working so hard while they're with other people! I would hate to train while others were there. People are so annoying.' She closed the window and then went to her cello to practice.

Shinku was leaving her clubroom just as the tennis players were leaving their clubs. She ducked behind a tall tennis player to maker sure that no one would see her since she was so short anyways. Only 4'8". It was hard not to be noticed though when she was lugging a cello around with her.

A boy with curly black hair came up to her and said, "Why are you carrying that big thing around with you?"

"I'm in the classical music club," she replied. She didn't even know the boy.

"Oh, do you need help? How old are you? You're so short, are you even a high schooler?"

Shinku sighed at the thought of replying to the boy. She didn't like to talking to people, and she hated talking to strangers even more. Her polite side came out though and she said, "I don't need help, I've been lugging around a cello since I was three. I'm sixteen years old, a first year here at Rikkai, and yes I am a high schooler." She thought the boy must have been a second year. Maybe even a senior: a third year.

"Oh, what's your name then?"

"Miyaharu Shinku."

"Really?" the boy had a shocked expression on his face as he took her in. He stared at her glaring chocolate brown eyes and her long curly/wavyish brown hair that reached her waist.

Shinku had a confused look on her face. She had only been at the school for four months, so she didn't know why the boy was acting as if she was someone important. "Yes I really am."

"That's awesome! I guess I'll see you tonight then!" The boy ran off without even introducing himself.

"What a rude boy," Shinku murmured as she lugged her cello all the way home.

The walk wasn't actually that far. Her house wasn't close, but it wasn't far either. She arrived at an old Japanese style house that was quite large and opened the door with her key.

"I'm home," she softly said as she closed the door behind her.

Her mother came down the stairs and gave her a big hug. "Hello darling. You might want to change and put away your cello, your grandfather has something important to talk to you about."

"Me? Grandfather? Why?"

"You'll see."

Shinku quickly went to her room to change. Whenever her grandfather requested to talk to her like that, it was always about something important. It was always about something big too.

She went back down the first floor and knocked on the door to her grandfather's study.

"Come in," a raspy voice called out.

"You wanted to see me Grandfather Hikaru?" Shinku asked.

He gave her a crinkly eyed smile. "There's my lovely granddaughter! I know I can die in peace now that I know that you're prepared to take over the family business."

"Don't talk like that."

"Always so commanding!" he laughed. He straightened his face. "I called you in here for a reason."

"I know that."

"You already know that you're my only grandchild."

"I know that too."

"What do you think about that?"

"Being a granddaughter makes me think that you're old." There was no joking expression on Shinku's face as she said that.

Her grandfather broke out into another smile and started laughing, causing Shinku to get confused. "Always so blunt aren't you?" he asked. "That's a good quality. I don't like liars, and I like how you always tell the truth, Shinku. No matter how hurtful it is, you can get the job done."

"What is it exactly that you want grandfather?" Shinku asked.

"Blunt and honest I see." His comment earned a glare from Shinku. "Okay, I'm getting on to the point now. As you know, I'm the head of a major line of pharmaceutical stores."

"Of course I know that."

"And since you're my only grandchild, that makes you the next heir to the business."

"What about Mom and Dad?" Shinku asked with her eyebrows raised.

"You know that your parents aren't interested in pharmaceuticals. They're too busy with their pastry shop. You on the other hand, you have amazing grades and you have just the right attitude, so I would like to announce you as my next heir."

"I don't like that. I would rather become a hermit," Shinku admitted.

Her grandfather burst out laughing and had to wipe away a tear. "Why do you want to become a hermit?"

"I'll have to deal with a lot of important people if I take over. I don't like people."

He sighed. "That I know very well, Shinku. You do want to take over the business though right?"

"Yes of course. I love pharmaceuticals. The only problem is the one I just told you about."

"Don't worry, you won't have to deal with that many people."

Shinku sighed a sigh of relief before asking, "Is that all grandfather? I'm actually very happy and honored that you chose me as the heir."

"That's very good, there's just one small thing though."

"What is it?" Shinku raised one of her eyebrows at her grandfather.

"Well, when you were born, I promised seven other grandparents that when you were announced as the heir to the Matsu Pharmaceuticals Store, then you would choose your fiance."

Shinku's mouth fell open a bit, but her expression didn't alter that much. On the inside though, she felt as if she might explode and die. "I don't want to get a fiance. I don't want to get married. Ever. I'm going to die alone. Happily."

"Well, here's the thing." He stopped to sigh. "You can't take over if you don't get a fiance. This is too much of a burden to carry on one person's shoulders. You need someone else to too."


"Well then you can't take over."

Shinku bit her lip and looked at the ground. Ever since she was a kid, she thought that she would take over for her grandfather, she had even studied hard so that she would know about the medicines that the stores sold. She worked her whole life so far training herself so she could take over. "Is that all?" Shinku finally asked.

"Good girl," her grandfather said. "That's all. I already set up dinner tonight with the men that are able to become married to you."

Men? Men? As in the plural? "Wait," Shinku said. "Men? What do you mean?"

Her grandfather looked embarrassed as he was forced to admit the truth to his grandchild. "When you were born, I promised seven of my friends that when you were announced heir of the stores, then you would marry their grandson. I didn't realize how many people I promised that to until just now. Don't worry though, all of the families are very respectable and their grandsons are good people I heard. You might know them, they all go to your school."

"I don't want to marry seven guys."

"You're not going to! Don't worry." He held up both his hands as if to calm her down. "I told all of them about the dilemma and they're bringing their grandsons over so that you can choose who you want to marry."

"I don't want to marry." No expression on her face still. Just the glare.

"Shinku, don't make this hard for me. I'll have to give up the stores, and you'll never become heir. Is that what you want?"

"No grandfather. That's not what I want at all, and can't you just cancel the proposal?"

"You know I don't break my promises. I'm already cheating by having you choose. Do you want me to be dishonorable? Do you want to disgrace this family?"

"No of course not!" Shinku had a panicked expression on her face. She couldn't believe this was happening. If she didn't get married, then she wouldn't be heir, and she would also disgrace the family and become dishonorable. And not only all of that, but she would drag her grandfather down with her too.

"Then are you going to go through with this?"

"Yes grandfather," Shinku muttered sadly. She had never in her life wanted to get married, and now she would have to with a stranger.

"That's my good granddaughter. I knew you would understand. I have always felt as if you could bring Matsu up and become even greater!"

Great. Now he was putting guilt on her and making her feel pressured.

"Now go change again!" he shooed. "I want you to look nice for the meeting!"

Shinku didn't say a single word the entire time she was waiting for the people to arrive at her house. She was dressed in a cream colored dress that was puffed and tucked at the bottom with sleeveless straps. She felt ridiculous dressing up for strangers.

"Please greet them kindly," her mother begged her. "This is all for you and your grandfather. Please do this for him."

Shinku nodded tartly and turned her head away from her mother. Apparently, her parents had known of the proposals ever since she was born and they never told her about it. They never tried to stop it either. They just went along with the plan.

"The first one is arriving! And please try to talk a bit more, okay Shinku?" her mother begged again.

"Okay," she replied.

Soon after her mother's announcement. The doorbell rang and in came the boy that she had talked to after school.

"You!" she exclaimed.

"I told you that we would meet tonight!" He gave her a smile and a shoulder hug. "My name is Kirihara Akaya."

"Hello." She shook his hand and they both went into the spacious dining room together. There were little name plates for every seat, and Shinku took the seat dutifully besides her grandfather who was sitting at the head of the table.

The others started to be arriving shortly after. There was one with blue hair, one with purple hair and glasses, one with silver hair in a ponytail, one with black hair and a serious expression, one with red hair that was chewing on a piece of bubblegum, and one who had his eyes closed with brown hair.

"EH!" Kirihara shouted out. "You six are the other choices? All of you? I can't believe this! This is such a coincidence!" Kirihara's grandmother told him to be quiet and he quickly obeyed. The other grandparents all took a seat next to their grandchildren.

Shinku's grandfather cleared his throat so everyone would be quiet and started to say, "As you all know, I'm the head of the Matsu Pharmaceutical Stores all around Japan. I'm not getting any younger, and as I promised all of you, my granddaughter would choose a husband as soon as she was told that she was to be the heir of Matsu Pharmaceuticals. Matsu is worth over 700 million dollars, and it will all be signed over to my granddaughter, Miyaharu Shinku. When she gets married, the money will then also be signed on to her husband's name."

Shinku almost spit out the water that she was drinking. She knew that the company was worth a lot, but she never knew that it was that much! And according to the looks on every else's face as the table, they didn't know how much it was worth either.

Shinku's grandfather turned to her and said, "I'm going to introduce you to all of the candidates now, okay Shinku? I'm going to go around the table."

Shinku nodded tersely and tried to keep a calm expression on her face. She felt really uncomfortable sitting at the table with all those strangers. She tried her best to keep a scowl off her face and a glare out of her eyes.

Her grandfather started introducing. "I'm going to go clockwise. That is Yukimura Seiichi, Sanada Genichirou, Yanagi Renji, Yagyuu Hiroshi, Kirihara Akaya, Niou Masaharu, and Marui Bunta."

"Nice to meet you," all of the guys said.

"Do you know anyone?" Grandfather Hikaru asked.

Shinku shook her head. She had never heard of any one of those guys before. Kirihara and the guy named Marui stared at her open-mouthed.

Shinku's grandfather thought for a moment and he realized he was forgetting something important. "And everyone," Grandfather Hikaru added, "this is my lovely granddaughter Miyaharu Shinku." He had her hand on her elbow as if to gesture her to do something.

Shinku stood up and bowed. "Hello, it is a great pleasure to meet everyone." Shinku was dying on the inside because she couldn't stand to lie, and she couldn't stand to be near people.

'I lied!' she thought. 'I can't believe I lied! I haven't lied in a long time.'

The whole dinner was like hell for Shinku. She tried to keep a smile on her face as she talked to all of the guys at the table. They would volley questions at her and she would answer them. Most of her answers were only one word. Then there was the Kirihara guy who kept saying, "I can't believe all the regulars on the tennis team are the choices! I can't believe this! It must a coincidence! Even Yukimura-buchou and Sanada-fukubuchou are here!" There was only one person who didn't talk that much compared to everyone else. He sat and he had only asked her one question during the whole thing, and it was, "How serious are you about everything?"

She had replied with, "Very serious." And that had been the end of their conversation. It was the guy with black hair and a serious expression on his face that had said it.

At the end of the dinner, Grandfather Hikaru announced again, "I've been thinking. My granddaughter is old enough to be trusted with a guy. She needs to get a taste of the real world, because if she decides to take over Matsu, then she'll find out that there are a lot of vultures in the world waiting for her to fall so that they could get her remains. I've been thinking, and I think that the sooner we can train Shinku and her future husband, then the better. So I've decided that it would be best if they also started to live together to get used to the fact that they're getting married, and when Shinku turns eighteen and is out of high school, then she will be wedded. Also, whoever Shinku chooses, please treat her with respect and kindness. That is all I ask of you. Also, please protect her to the best of your abilities."

"Wonderful idea," all of the other grandparents said, clapping at the speech.

Shinku was shocked at the announcement, but she also thought it was a bit sweet that her grandfather was thinking of protecting her and everything.

"Shinku," her grandfather said, "are you ready to choose now?"

Shinku tapped her bottom lip with her index finger and her eyebrows knitted together as she thought. She didn't like any of them, and she didn't want to get married to anyone. She especially didn't want to get married to a stranger, and they were all strangers. There was only one person that she felt was the least annoying out of all of them (since she thought their very presence was annoying), and it was the man with the black hair and serious expression. He spoke the least, so he would be the easiest to live with. She wouldn't have to talk to him or even look at him, and she felt as if he wouldn't bother her at all.

Shinku sighed as she looked up to her grandfather with big doe eyes.

"Go ahead, don't worry," he comforted.

Shinku raised her hand and pointed straight at the guy she thought was the best choice (since she didn't like anyone). She said, "Him. I choose the man with the black hair and the pissed off and serious expression on his face."

The people all around her all gave her shocked expressions as if she was joking about who she chose. She was confused. What was wrong with the guy that she chose? Some of the others guys laughed, and a few others shook their heads.

"Holy shit!" Kirihara whispered.

"Well then," her grandfather sighed and commented, "I suppose your fiance is now Sanada Genichirou." Even her grandfather seemed shocked.

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