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Chapter Seven

A Terribly Unpleasant Day

A loud beeping sound was ringing in Shinku's ear as she groaned, reaching across the bed to find her phone to turn off the alarm. Her hand felt something soft; she couldn't figure out what it was. Her eyebrows crinkled even as her eyes were closed. Her frustration obvious on her face as she was wildly searching for her phone. Her arms started thrashing around until she felt something soft again, she grabbed it and opened her eyes to see her hand pulling Sanada's nose.

Sanada was jarred from his sleep when a piercing scream burst his eardrums. He scrambled from the bed and jumped across the room. He looked around the room, expecting to see a burglar or a rapist or kidnapper or something, but no one was in the room except for him and Shinku, and she was glaring daggers at him.

"Bed?" she asked. Her face was completely red, and anger seemed to seep out of her pores. She couldn't even form coherent sentences. Even her ears were red, either from embarrassment or anger, Sanada couldn't tell.

"Bed?" she repeated, this time more seriously as she jabbed her finger at the spot where Sanada had slept the night before.

A sudden light seemed to appear over Sanada's head as he realized she was talking about where he slept that night. A tight look crossed his face as he answered, "It's not fair that you always get the bed, Shinku-san. So last night I was just coming in to rest and I fell asleep on the bed since you've been coming home late."

"Hmph!" Shinku glared at him for a bit more with her arms crossed over her chest before turning her head away. The blush was still on her cheeks as she stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom. The image of Sanada only in his briefs was scarred in her mind forever, and she tried to forget about it as she washed her face. Sanada was usually already out of the house when she woke up because of his morning practices, so she never saw him like that. Her cheeks flared up again as she remembered what he looked like. Even she couldn't deny that Sanada was good looking, with his muscles and everything . . .

Shinku snapped out of her reverie and nearly slapped herself. Damn you, Grandfather Hikaru! Shinku cursed in her head. It was all her grandfather's fault anyways for choosing a penthouse that only had one bedroom.

By the time she got out of the bathroom, Sanada was already gone, and Shinku was very thankful for that.


Marui panted harshly as he fell to the ground. Sweat was dripping down his face, and his t-shirt was drenched. "I can't take it anymore!" he shouted. "Someone please kill me while I still have feeling in my legs! I'm going to die, I'm going to die a horrible death where no one cares about me. Sanada is going to kill me, and no one is even going to stop him! I hate my life right now!"

"You're not the only one tired!" Niou stated as he fell down next to Marui. They had both been running hundreds of laps since the start of practice. All of the regulars had to.

"Sanada-fukubuchou is in a bad mood, and he's taking it on us. That's not fucking fair!"

"Well then," Niou had a smirk tugging at his lips, "how about you and me do something to get rid of the tension right now? Like pull a prank? Puri~"

"You're fucking crazy aren't you?" Marui asked as he sat back up, raising his eyebrow at Niou. "He's already in a bad mood! You want him to kill us? Really? You're fucking delusional then!"

"Geez, who peed in his cheerios?"

"That's disgusting."

"Whatever, you know what I mean."

Kirihara, and the other regulars excluding the Big Three slowly walked over to where Niou and Marui were sitting.

"I feel dead," Kirihara stated, stretching painfully on the grass.

"I'd rather be dead," Niou said. "I don't want to face Sanada's wrath anymore."

"What is wrong with him?" Jackal questioned.

"Someone peed in his cereal this morning," Marui replied.

"I don't think that's true," Yagyuu joined with a slightly disgusted look on his face.

"Always the gentleman aren't you, Yagyuu," Niou joked. "Relax a bit, and play a prank on Sanada with me."

"I don't think that's a good idea."

"Fine then," Niou huffed. His eyes narrowed slightly before he slowly turned his head towards Kirihara who was lying down with his eyes closed. He crawled slowly over to Kirihara and poked his cheek.

"Hey Kirihara," Niou whispered.

"What, Niou-sempai?" Kirihara asked. He opened his eyes wearily to look at Niou.

"I have an idea that will make Sanada unstressed, then he won't be assigning us so many laps anymore."

"What is it?!" Kirihara jumped up asking.

"We should play a prank on him, Renji, and Yukimura."

"How is that going to de-stress them?" Kirihara questioned.

"Well, it'll be super super fun, and pranks are fun, so we'll have fun, they'll have fun, and they'll be not stressed anymore, especially Sanada-fukubuchou. So how about it?"

"That sounds like the best plan!" Kirhara agreed. "I'll help in any way I can!" He nodded his head vigorously.

"Perfect. Puri~" Niou smiled. Kirihara was so easy to trick, he could get the young boy to do whatever he wanted as long as he lied to him. He loved making Kirihara look like a fool, from the moment he first met the second year when Kirihara first arrived at Rikkai Dai Middle School.

Niou quickly turned away from Kirihara before the others got suspicious. "So guys," he said, "what do you think of our little adventure yesterday?"

"That was super fun!" Marui jumped up. "I can't believe Shinku-chan is working at your sister's cake shop, maybe she'll get me free cake and candy and gum! Apple gum!"

"Dude, my sister's shop doesn't sell gum, she sells cake. Hence the name."

"Do you think I can get free cakes then? With the current training diet that Renji put me on, I haven't had cake in months! I think that I'm going to die from lack of sugar."

"I think you were going to die from too much sugar. You were bound to get a seizure or something someday." Niou took off his sweat drenched shirt and wadding it up, chucked it over the fence and onto his tennis bag.

"Did you see that?" he asked, raising his eyebrow and smirking."I could be a basketball player. I'm so awesome at everything."

"I'm sure that the basketball team doesn't have to train like this," Marui groaned before rolling over. "I'm thinking of just sending in my resignation letter now if Sanada-fukubuchou is just going to keep doing this. I'm so exhausted right now I could cry." Marui gave out a fake sob as he rolled around on the grass.

"Stop it, Bunta," Jackal warned, nudging the rolling Marui with his foot. "If Sanada-fukubuchou saw you right now, he'd probably give you more laps."

Marui immediately stopped rolling and laid on his stomach, pouting. "That's not fair. I can't even enjoy myself while I'm dying. I wonder why Sanada's panties are all in a knot anyways."

"I'm more worried about the fact that Sanada apparently wears panties now," Niou chuckled.

"Shut up Niou! What if he hears us?"

"I doubt that."

"I wouldn't," Yagyuu muttered as Yukimura, Yanagi, and (gulp!) Sanada walked over to the rest of the regulars.

"So how is everyone doing?" Yukimura asked cheerfully with a smile on his face.

The regulars on the ground just stared up at him with a look of disbelief.

"Today has been a very productive practice," Yukimura continued, not waiting for their answers. "I can see you all are tired, but don't you feel that great burning feeling that shows that all of your efforts will be rewarded?"

They still continued to stare up at him incredulously.

"I know practice was hard today, but I'm hoping to train like this every day once nationals come. So think of this as a thing to look forward to in the future okay? Everyone is dismissed to go to the showers now. Oh, and Niou, please pick up your sweaty shirt from the tennis courts."

"Got it, buchou," Niou replied before heading off.


Shinku forcefully dragged her feet as she walked to school. She never cared if she was late, and usually she was late to her classes anyways. She wanted to avoid Sanada Genichirou as much as possible. She was starting to not mind him so much, but then . . . her mind wandered back to the image of Sanada only wearing his briefs.

Shinku quickly blinked her eyes several times and shook her head to get the image out. Gah! What was wrong with her? She never cared for looks before in her life, but she couldn't deny that Sanada was good looking. She vaguely wondered if all of the tennis members looked like that.

She gave another huge sigh as she thought of the trouble that would certainly brew between her and Sanada. Oh, Genichirou. Her grandfather had phoned her earlier that morning to try and talk her into calling Sanada by his first name. Genichirou. She realized that lately Sanada had been calling her by her first name. Was that Grandfather Hikaru's doing too? Did he ask Sanada to be more familiar with her? Shinku remembered that it was just that morning that he had called her "Shinku-san". When did that all start? She couldn't remember.

Her phone let out a little do-do-do-dodo-dodo sound and Shinku took out her phone. She received a message from Choutarou.

Ootori Choutarou: Hi Shinku-chan :)

Shinku debated whether or not to text him back. She flipped open the keyboard and started to type a reply since he was so generous those weeks ago.

Miyaharu Shinku: Hi Choutarou-kun.

Ootori Choutarou: It's been a while since I've seen you. Can I visit Kanagawa soon?

Shinku stared at her phone and tucked it away. She would reply later when she knew her answer. She wanted to see him, but at the same time . . . no. Did she really want to be around him? He made her feel guilty and she would be obligated to talk to him, even though he was probably her only friend.

She stuck out her tongue and walked through the school gates. She wondered if she could get away with just being in the library all day. She was especially annoyed because she had to go to the doctor's office that afternoon for her annual checkup.

This day is one of the crappiest. Shinku shook her head at the thought once she passed through the main gates of Rikkai. She took a long time changing her shoes and walking to her classroom. She could count on one thing at least, since she was a first year and Sanada was a third year, she wouldn't have to see him at all during school, except maybe during lunch.

As soon as she walked into her classroom, she could scolded by her teacher, but she was past the point of just sending her to the office. Shinku was usually late to class after lunch anyways, so for her to be late in the morning wasn't too much of a difference.

Shinku blocked out the teacher, unintentionally glaring at her from underneath chocolate brown bangs. As soon as the teacher finished lecturing her in front of the class, she sat down. For the rest of the day, she was glued in that seat. Even the teacher was surprised when she saw that for the first time Shinku wasn't late to class after lunch.


"Whaaaatttt Grandfather Hikaru? I'm in the doctor's office right now." Shinku sat on the cushioned bed-like examining table. The crinkling of the tissue beneath her was grating on her nerves, and it bothered her how she still went to her pediatrician to get check up-ed. It was better than going to . . . . a . . . a gynecologist. Shinku did not look forward to the day when she would be deemed too grown up and actually have to go to a doctor specifically for women.

"How's my check up?" Shinku asked, making a face. "I'm not suppose to be talking right now! The doctor is checking the results of my . . . of my . . ," Shinku dropped her voice to a low volume, "urine sample."

On the other end of the line Uncle Hikaru roared with laughter as his granddaughter sat in the room in embarrassment.

"Well, I guess that's good. Is anything wrong?" Grandfather Hikaru asked.

"My vision and sight is just fine," Shinku huffed, a bit peeved at her grandfather for laughing. "I grew a few inches though! I'm now five feet and one inch!" Shinku smiled at her little victory. She had always been small bodied, and an inch over five feet wasn't tall, but it was definitely taller than how she was before!

Shinku heard voices outside of her door, and she quickly said a good bye to her grandfather and sat still.

The doctor came in looking grime as he fidgeted with his clipboard. He avoided her eyes and looked at her feet instead.

He coughed uncomfortably before walking over to the examining table and patting Shinku on the hand. "Miyaharu-san," he started. He coughed again and forced himself to look her in the eyes. "I know that you're only about sixteen, but . . . I have unfortunate news. It was the results of your urine sample."

Shinku seized up, becoming stiff and cold. Could she be really sick? Did she have cancer? Was she schizophrenic?

"What is it?" Shinku gritted, looking at the doctor. The doctor cringed and stepped back, mistaking her regular face for an angry glare. Shinku always only did have two expressions, her unintentional glare and her innocent dolly look which she avoided doing at all costs.

"Well, a-according to the test results . . . you're pregnant."

"What?!" Shinku screamed, jumping off the table and landing in front of the doctor. Her eyes blazed up for real this time as she corned him.

"I'll-I'll let you think about this!" the doctor said and hijacked it out of the room.

Shinku stood in the middle of the floor and slowly counted to ten. What was she going to tell her family? Wait, how could she even be pregnant?

I haven't done that yet! Shinku thought. There's no way I can be pregnant since I haven't had sex yet. Wait . . . last night . . . Shinku blushed as she remembered that last night she slept in the same bed with Sanada, but they didn't do it! She would've known. I was really tired though . . . what if he did something during the night?

Shinku grabbed at her hair, pacing around the small room from wall to wall. There was no way he did it with her in the middle of the night. You couldn't get pregnant just from sleeping in the same bed, could you?

She walked over to the mirror in front of the sink in the room, glancing herself. She would've known if she was pregnant right? Shinku slapped herself once in the face and said, "Calm down. I have to think of a way to tell my family."

Shinku put her hand on her hip and said to the mirror, "Grandfather Hikaru, you did say you wanted great-grandchildren, so . . . I'm pregnant!"

Shinku shook her head and crossed her arms across her chest. "Whether you guys like it or not, I'm pregnant! No, no, no. That won't work." Shinku bit her lip and glanced up at the mirror again. "I don't know how this happened, but . . . I'm pregnant!"

How was she to tell her super strict fiance, Sanada? Shinku began again, "Sanada-san, Genichirou-san, I know that someday we'll become parents. But . . . but would it be too terrible if we became parents now?" Shinku blushed furiously at the thought and turned away from the mirror, slouching against the counter. She glanced at her phone and flipped it open, going to Sanada's contact and calling him. He was probably still at practice, but she could leave a message.

"Hey Genichirou-san," Shinku started as soon as she heard the beep. "We have to talk about something . . . kind of important. It's not bad!"

Shinku had no idea why she was talking so much. She usually only gave at most five word answers, but she was rambling on the phone! Whenever she did talk it was to give out the truth in as little words as she could. People always thought she was rude and inconsiderate for always speaking the truth and never hiding her opinions, and some thought it was ruder that she barely spoke. Whenever she talked she spoke in short, clipped sentences, but only because she hated talking to people. She hated having to interact with people at all!

At that moment while the silence on the phone stretched out, Shinku cursed her terrible social skills. She tried again, "It's just . . . Sanada-san . . . I mean Genichirou-san . . . I'm . . . I'm . . ."

The door to the room flung open and the doctor walked in again, this time with an embarrassed and shamed look on his face. "It was negative!"

Shinku's mouth hung open. She turned her head back towards the phone and quickly said, "Never mind, we don't need to talk. Forget it," and hanging up.

"We redid the tests," the doctor explained, "and we had accidentally confused your test with another woman's test. After we saw that we had tested the wrong one we found yours and tested it and there's nothing!"

Shinku pursed her lips tightly together before shoving her phone into her pocket. "Is that all?"

"Sorry for the inconvenience, Miyaharu-san," the doctor apologized sheepishly. "Other than that you're completely healthy and you're all caught up on your vaccines."

Shinku sneered at the doctor before spitting out, "Incompetent man, incompetent doctor." She grabbed her bag and ran out of the room, slamming the door loudly behind her. She left the doctor in the room shocked and nearly in tears.