"I love you," she whispered, closing her eyes as she fell asleep.

She had felt strangely tired after their lovemaking session. It was her first time. She was a virgin and he was a man of much experience both of them in love.

He watched as her eyes closed and put his head to her chest, listening to the steady thumps of her heart growing further and further apart. The poison he had slipped her mid-lovemaking finally ceased its beating.

"I love you too," he whispered, kissing her forehead and sitting her up underneath the oak tree he took her innocence under.

She looked peaceful, a sweet smile still on her face. In her last moments she was blissfully unaware her love took her life.

He folded her hands on her lap, tucking a beautiful wildflower she had been admiring earlier between them. Pressing his lips to hers one last time he remembered how madly she blushed during their first kiss. She was so pure and he was tainted. He allowed one tear to escape from his eyes, traveling down his cheek and rolling off his chin and onto the clothing he had so neatly and lovingly placed back on her.

He stood, taking one last look at her and her final resting place. He couldn't bury her and allow that cold dark soil to ruin her beauty. He wanted to remember her like the beautiful delicate woman she was. Animals would come and pick at her flesh but by then he would be long gone, never to return to this place.

"Goodbye, my love," He whispered as he left to collect his payment.