"Now?" he asked shocked as he sat up out of hers arms and kneeled on the ground next to her.

Elena grinned, "you're still my slave for the night Damon, and I want you to turn me." She moved up until she was sitting on her knees facing him, "right now."

He shook his head, "this isn't a game Elena, once I do this there is no going back. Ever."

"I know its not a game Damon, but… What are you waiting for anyway?" she was starting to feel hurt over their conversation but refused to give up.

"I was waiting until I was sure you were ready…" he said in wonder realizing that's where they were right now. He grinned realizing she meant it and kissed her passionately. "How do you want to do this?" he asked her floored.

Elena felt awash with relief and love as he kissed her and agreed to doing it now. She was glad she had a choice on when and how though, it only exemplified the freedom he had granted her. "Oh thank god," she sighed, glad that all the waiting for him to make his move was over, and Damon chuckled. "What? The wait was killing me," she laughed and looked around them.

"Get on the bed," she told him. "Oh and I need a knife or something."

He looked back at her as he headed towards the bed, "a knife?"

"Well yah," she said as she got up and shrugged the shirt she was still wearing the rest of the way off. "I think I probably need more of your blood and drinking from your wrist is great and all… but, there's other places I'd like to try too."

"Ooh, kinky. I like it," he laughed and pulled a small switch blade from the night stand to hand to her.

Elena took the blade and looked Damon's perfect form over for a moment before she motioned to the bed. "Lay down," he stretched out for her and she climbed up to straddle him. She pressed the blade to his muscular chest for a moment before pausing, "this isn't going to hurt you is it?"

Damon laughed and pressed his hand down over hers, causing the blade to cut into his skin and a pool of blood to seep out. "I'll be fine Elena, you're the one who's going to die," he smiled gently and released her hand.

She slid the blade down to just below his rib cage and leaned down to lick it off. Damon gasped as she lapped the blood off his chest, moving upwards. Elena captured his right nipple in between her teeth and nipped at it. He could feel her center growing moist again as she worked on him.

Elena crawled down his body and grinned like the Cheshire cat when she noticed his hard member. She cut the inside of his left thigh and caught the blood that flowed out in her mouth. His member twitched watching her swallow just before she moved to capture his length with her mouth for the second time that night. His hand tangled in her hair as she sucked him off.

Elena moved up with the taste of his blood and his cum in her mouth and mounted him again. She slid over her wet core over his hardened flesh again and again as she kissed him. He allowed her orgasm to build and build and build into her until she was peaking around him. Elena's flesh pulsated and convulsed around him as he jerked her head to the side and bit down hard on the tender flesh of her throat.

Damon drank her down in large gulps, knowing this would be the easiest way to begin her transition. He felt her heart stutter and speed up against his chest and her breath come in shallow gasps as he drained her, but he knew this time he could not stop.

Elena's eyes dilated from the blood loss but she had no fear in her. Her chest hurt from the laborious beating of her heart an her limbs were going painfully numb. She listened as her heart slowed down and her vision blurred into darkness. Vaguely she felt Damon roll them so that he lay over her as her body grew languid and cold, and then there was nothing but rest.

One Year Later….

Elena and Damon walked hand in hand through the slave quarters with Stefan trailing just a few feet behind. He had rejoined them a few months ago when he was certain he had his hunger under control again. Today they were buying a new companion slave for the three of them, it was Elena's birthday after all, and Damon thought a gift was in order.

Elena turned back and grasped Stefan's hand with her others and smiled giddily, "oh come on, Stefan, its my sorta-birthday, don't be a stick in the mud!"

He laughed slightly and smiled at her, "sorry."

They continued walking, ignoring the salesman that had sold Elena to Damon as he rattled on as always. Suddenly a pretty red head girl in one the cells flashed her violet gaze at them defiantly and Elena stopped her lovers. "I think we found one," she grinned.

"She's wild," Damon observed with a smirk.

Even Stefan looked the girl over like she was perfection embodied.

All three of them smiled as the salesman brought the girl out. Elena gently caressed the side of the girls face, "my sweet slave," she whispered lovingly.