The Other Way Around

Pairing: Yaoi KakashiXxXNaruto

Ages: 31 and 17 respectively, I didn't check to see if my calculations were correct or anything but I think they're right. If not they're close. And Naruto's obviously a senior here.

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Kakashi was worried.

Now, it wasn't your normal worrying. Not your 'I know I'm forgetting something…damn. I remember now,' or 'Where's the remote?' or 'How the hell did I lose my phone?'

No. Kakashi was being stalked by a student.

This wouldn't be unusual of course, as one of the younger teachers at Konoha High he understood that students might develop silly crushes because they simply weren't used to anything under 40 trying to educate them.

He also understood that he was fairly attractive, but he made sure to offset this plus with many bad habits, such as extreme tardiness, public perverseness, and a chirpy yet serious attitude. These, coupled with other eccentric habits, were usually enough to put anyone off.

But there was one that was still persistent. One that wouldn't give up. He thought he had made it clear that he wasn't going to date anyone in the student body!

"-There you are Kakashi!"

Not only was the stalker a student but he was also rude and had no respect for his elders.

"It's Kakashi-sensei, Naruto."

The blonde bounced on his heels, face lighting up at being acknowledged even slightly. At least Kakashi hadn't pretended he wasn't there like last time, that porn book was useful for stuff like that. The man wanted to roll his eyes but that was too undignified for a teacher.

"Look- I was wondering if you would-"

Kakashi quickly closed his book, tucking it away in his back pocket. And this is the part where he's asked out.

"-consider giving me after school tutoring? I really need help in my-"

Well, he hadn't been asked directly but it was the same difference. Right?

"And calculus is just so hard! I hate it- and the teacher is always setting me up to fail! I know he gives me the hardest ones in the book on purpose-"

Wait. How did the blonde get into Calculus in the first place? Maybe he'd found a willing donor to copy from. He snorted, most likely hitting the mark. Yeah, or maybe he'd worked hard last year to improve his classes this year. Now he really wanted to laugh. Naruto and effort just didn't mix unless you were talking about sports.

"And Sasuke-teme doesn't have the same period as me so-"

Never mind. Not Sasuke, maybe Gaara?

The blonde was grinning now. He would so get Kakashi this time. There was no way he could deny him; he had made sure he was free for tutoring before even asking. All other teachers weren't available because of some 'favors' that needed repaid and…

…and why was Kakashi staring at him like that?

"Uh." The blonde muttered.

His sensei turned away.


Naruto made to move after him, but the man suddenly stopped and as if anticipating the blonde would stumble, caught him only to slam him against the lockers in the hallway.

Naruto didn't know what was happening but there was suddenly a tongue shoved in his mouth, and a hard body pressed into his. It was over before it started and the blonde hadn't even a chance to think before he was let go to slowly slide to the floor. Kakashi hovered above him for a second before whispering down into his ear, "Go home, kid."

Naruto wasn't sure how long he sat there, thinking about what on earth had just happened. Kakashi'd left what felt hours ago while he just sat there staring holes into the tile floor of the hallway.

He'd really needed a tutor, so…

What the fuck was THAT all about? Kakashi-sensei was gay?

The blonde had discovered too much today for his mind to function properly. He was still buzzing from that kiss and although all the warmth had left his body he could still feel the heat lingering on his lips.

One thing was certain though- he'd reacted too strongly to call himself straight anymore. Not that he was totally convinced he was gay just like that of course.

Now he was just plain curious. What made Kakashi think Naruto wanted him in the first place?

Naruto was still staring at the ground where Kakashi had left him.

"Go home, kid."

It was then his eyes widened.

He'd missed a shot to see Hatake Kakashi's face! He'd been kissed by a man whose face hadn't been seen by anyone for what was rumored years!

He scoffed. Well, the man certainly hadn't been hiding anything atrocious like buck teeth. More rumors… If anything the man was hiding to keep the hordes of fan girls away.

He thought a bit.

Maybe Sasuke should have invested in a mask when he had been younger.

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