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Hello and welcome to my boring monolog, now today's one of the four worst days in my entire fucked up life. Why? You ask well let me tell you, today is September the 13th… If you don't know why or what that is well fuck figure it out for yourselves.

Now going back to 12 pm today when I first opened my eyes to this annoyingly sunny Texan day, why I ever considered coming to Austin is beyond me… Oh that's why I wanted to be far the fuck away from any rainy town where I could run into no vamps. Anyways back on task, after getting up from a ridiculous night out I did the normal everyday things, you know shower, brush teeth - hair and eat breakfast but my favourite morning routine is… Annoy the living hell out of my neighbour Bruce with ACDC or any other rock music, you see Bruce is a 35 year old male equivalent to a Mike Newton and Tyler Crowley all rolled into one big ass of flesh and a semi beer gut so in other words he doesn't know the meaning No or back the fuck away!

After my lovely wake up coffee with cereal and pop tarts I made my way down to the bookstore not far from my apartment and put up with the bosses' daughter go on and on about random crap; all the while obnoxiously chewing her gum like a cow. Finally when five o'clock came I was outta there like a bat out of hell and with years of practise and my skill I don't even fucking trip anymore. By six I was all dolled up and ready to hit the bar which is evidentially where I am now.

"Ey' Isa, the usual?" Tony the bartender drawled with his usual southern twang and a one sided smile.

"Nah make it a bottle of my dear friend Jack." I told him with a smirk while I sat down at my usual stool at the bar; this spot I could see the whole fucking place and not worry about fuckers coming up behind me.

"Celebration Isa?" he smirked handing me the good ole' bottle of love.

"It's the 13th today T." Was all I said and his posture froze causing me to smirk inwardly, everyone fears me and more so on my worst days.

"Alright, don't cause too many fights tonight Isa. Drew just got out of hospital last week an' started workin' again today." I couldn't help but smirk, you see Drew was the bouncer here and has been in hospital with a broken jaw, ribs, leg and fractured skull for the past two months. He decided to cop a feel while breaking up a fight between me and some asshole who decided that I was going home with him.

"No promises Tony, no promises." I tell him still smirking and he sighed before going to the next customer.

Right well if you haven't figured out who I am yet, I am the one and only Isabella Swan. But wait, if you are thinking of the shy compassionate clumsy human three years ago you got another thing coming to you. I am Isabella Swan 2.0, the one that has attitude problems, swears like a sailor and most of all not human.

Yeah you heard me, the second most fucked up day of three happened in March after I found out Jake was a werewolf yeah I attract danger like a moth to a flame. But back to the non human part, on March 15th was the day not only when I found out I was more then human was the day Charlie Swan respected father and chief of police was killed… by his own fucking daughter.

See I am an elemental, I can control all the elements and I don't mean just earth, fire, water and air. I mean ALL of the goddamn elements that every culture believes. Earth, fire, water, air, wood, metal, space. Yeah I don't fucking get the last one either. And March 15th is when I figured out what I could do, can you guess which one I discovered first..? Yep you guessed it fire. I burnt my house down with Charlie still inside, no one knows what happened bar the pack and they helped me with my control over what I can do.

"Hey Isa here's another bottle of Jack from the weird dude over there." I raised my head to look at Tony's sky blue eyes and then shifted my head to look at where he was pointing and what do you know. There sitting at the other end of the god damn bar staring at me with a shit eating grin on his face was a fucking vampire not some yellow eyed freak one; a real red eyed human munching vampire. Not only that though he looks exactly like the pixie bitches boy doll great fucking great.

"Cheers Tony, send him a Mary." I said smirking, lets see who's smug now fucker. Yeah I know you're a vampire and a human drinker at that the muddy brown contacts give it away fucker.

And boy did he not disappoint, as soon as Tony put down the drink his smug ass shit eating grin slipped into a look of shock and is that amusement do I see? Hmmm quite interesting… I rolled my eyes and decided to hightail it out of here the fucker ruined my mood, I slapped some money on the bar, yelled out a goodnight to Tony and winked at Drew on my way out.

Half way home I could tell someone was following me and I knew it was the vampire from the bar, I rolled my eyes at the fact they are all predictable. Plus I should have known he'd follow m I sighed as I sat down on one of the bench chairs in the park and lit up a cigarette with the tip of my finger. After about ten minutes I was getting pissed off; I knew he was still there because the air around me is bringing his unneeded breaths my way.

"You know it's not polite to keep a lady waiting." I muttered while lighting up another smoke, best thing about controlling fire is that I don't need to carry a lighter everywhere.

"How'd you know I was there?" well I'll be damn the vampire is a cowboy, hear that drawl…

"That's for me to know, now who are you and why the hell are you stalking me? And if you are looking for dinner hurry up I haven't got all night." I didn't even bother looking at him, what's the point in looking if he was going to kill me anyway. But what did make me look at him was when he started laughing, crazy ass vampire.

"My names Peter and I aint' gonna' eat ya' pretty ass darlin', I have strict criminals only diet." he drawled after he sobered up, I shook my head at his antics what the fuck is wrong with this vampire?

"Alright, now why are you stalking me Peter?" I asked while putting out my smoke and looking up to the sky.

"Well sugar, are you Isabella Swan?" My body stiffened and my hands started to get hotter ready to burn, how the fuck did he know my name?

"What the fuck, how do you know my name…? Who the hell are you?" I demanded as I whipped my head around to face him that same shit eating grin I saw on his face in the bar was back.

"Well sugar, let me introduce myself properly. I'm Peter Whitlock." he said proudly and once again my body froze causing all the air around me to chill as the last name left his lips.

'The last names Whitlock Bella, Jasper Whitlock. When I joined the Cullen's I took Rosalie's name Hale.' A memory of Jasper's voice filtered to the front of my mind and suddenly I was pissed.

"Where. Is. He!" I demanded angrily, I could see my eyes flashing red quickly in the reflection of his now red eyes filled with shock.

The Pixie better not be with him or she better fucking run fast.

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