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A few hours after the battle, Robin, Starfire and Cyborg arrived in Jump City Hospital after they brought Cinderblock in. Cyborg had informed Robin and Starfire about Beast Boy's broken leg. Starfire had panicked and insisted to go right to the hospital and give Beast Boy a traditional Tamaranian Glorba-meal, something the other Titans quickly talked her out of it. Robin just wanted to bring Cinderblock in first and then go to visit Beast Boy. The nurse brought them to his room, but informed them that he wasn't there at the moment. The doctors were busy with him. They entered his room and found Raven sitting in one of the chairs. Cyborg was one of the first to notice that she had been crying.

Robin cleared his throat. "So. What's wrong with him?" he asked.

Raven tried to maintain a monotone voice, but it was a bit shaky. "A broken leg, a few bruised ribs and one broken. They say he was lucky it didn't puncture one his lungs. He...he..." Raven placed her hands on her head and started crying again. Starfire wrapped her arms around Raven to comfort her. A doctor came in.

Cyborg jumped from his chair. "How is the little grass stain?" he asked.

The doctor smiled. "He's fine. His broken rib is almost healed, so are his bruised ribs and he informed me that you have a professional healer in your team so the rest of his bruises should be fine."

Robin seemed confused."How is that possible?".

The doctor looked at the notes he had with him."Having partial animal DNA and human DNA, is seems that his healing factor is a bit faster then normal. With this rate of healing, I should give a minimum three weeks before he's healed and another two, three days before going back to active duty." The Titans gave a collective sigh of relief.

At the same moment, the nurse brought Beast Boy in his room. "...so I say that the mall doesn't have no clothes in his size and before I know I get a boulder thrown at me. Hey guys, missed me?"

"We'll leave you and your friends alone, Mr. Logan." the doctor said and he and the nurse left the room. The Titans surrounded the green one's bed.

"How ya doing BB?' Cyborg asked.

"Yeah, Beast Boy, when Cyborg informed us, I must say I got concerned. I could have been worse." Threw Robin his two cents in.

Starfire gave Beast Boy one of her deadly bear hugs. "Oh, friend Beast boy, I hope your leg gets healed so we can enjoy your not-funny jokes again."

Beast Boy escaped her death hug and smiled at his friends. "Don't worry guys. The doctor said that they have to keep me in the hospital for a week or so and than I can go home. And what do you mean, 'unfunny jokes'." Raven was the only one who didn't say anything, but Beast Boy noticed that she was happily smiling, seeing him okay, so that was enough for him.

Far from the hospital, in an abandoned, ruinous warehouse, a lone figure watched the recording of the battle with Cinderblock. On a table next to him were laying some of those disks, similar to the one Cinderblock had. With a dark grin he watched his favorite part, where Beast Boy got thrown off and crashed in the wall. "That's going to hurt. The test was a success. I need to find a way to get rid of that flaw so that the people who wear the PED don't faint after removal. I need a stronger test subject. Someone as dumb as that walking piece of building glue doesn't seem to entirely understand the power given to him."

"Let's see, who else have we here." whispering to himself while going through a file with Jump City Criminals. "Jinx, reformed. Control Freak, Jail. H.I.V.E. Five, to many persons. Ah, here we go. Doctor Light, danger level: dangerous but not threatening. Perfect. Time for an upgrade." he leaned back in his chair. "But not know. After dear Beast Boy is back on his little paws and back with the Titans. Until then... " He started to laugh.

A week after the accident. Cyborg went to the hospital with the T-ship to bring Beast Boy back home. The rest of the Titans were preparing a vegetarian meal for their teammate.

Suddenly they heard Cyborg's loud voice. "YO! Y'all look who's back.

"carefully walking with his crutches, Beast Boy came in, with a big smile on his face, acting being surprised. "you guys shouldn't have... Oh no, for me? Too kind, too kind."

he laughed while hopping to the couch. He took a place next Raven and gave her a big smile; Raven had come to visit every day he was in the hospital. And, unknown by the others, she even had visited him at night two times. Once, while he was still sleeping and a second time while he was awake. The first time she just liked looking to him sleeping. The second time they had talked all night. In one night, they had bonded.

She smiled her soft smile. "Glad to have you back, BB."

"Glad to be back, Rae" he answered. They looked in each others eyes for a few seconds before Cyborg broke the moment.

"'Alright, I'm hungry and we have prepared a vegetarian feast, with stuff even I would like. So, Dig in, y'all."

They had a wonderful time, telling stories, how they defeated villains in that week and more. A few hours later, the gang was watching a movie when suddenly the alarm went of.

"Titans, Go!" Their leader shouted. They all ran to the door, except Raven.

Cyborg's head appeared in the doorway. "Yo Raven, ya coming?"

"In a minute." Raven said, looking at Beast Boy. "Go ahead, I'll be a teleport away."

Cyborg shrugged and ran to the T-car. Beast Boy, still sitting on the couch, looked at the pale empath.

"What's wrong?" She turned to Beast Boy, who noticed she was blushing very hard. She seemed to have trouble finding words, which was odd, because that never happened before.

"Nothing's wrong. It's just...just..."

Beast Boy tried to joke about it. "If you can't say it, just do it Rae." He laughed while closing his eyes. Raven walked to Beast Boy and leaned over. His eyes flew open when felt that Raven softly pressed her lips against his.

With blushing cheeks she released their lips. Before Beast Boy could say anything about it, Raven pressed her finger against lips. "We"ll talk about it later. Don't mention it to our friends. Okay?" Beast Boy nodded and with a soft smile Raven teleported away to the T-car.

The Titans were shocked rigid when Raven appeared out of nowhere, right in the T-car. "Yo, Raven, What took you so long?" And with a smile, Raven answered. "Nothing. You'll see."

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