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Sephiroth continued to glare at the spiky brunette that was sitting across from him with his visible eye while trying not to wince when Cloud pressed the ice pack to his swollen eye. After he recovered from Zack's blow to his eye, he jumped across his desk and began to choke the life out of the brunette, much to Genesis and Cloud's amusement. No one hits him without having deadly consequences. Before Zack was able to black out, Angeal opened up his door and stared at them in shock before he pried his death grip off of Zack's neck, much to Genesis' disapproval. After he calmed down and sat in his chair, he didn't know when Cloud left the room to go and get ice, but he realized when he did when he felt something cold press to his eye.

"I'm sorry… This is kinda my fault…" Cloud said as he kissed his cheek, making Zack growl in anger. Sephiroth scoffed.

"My apologies, but 'kinda' doesn't even cover the half of it! Why didn't you break up with Zack the proper way when you found out he was cheating on you! If you would've done that, I would not be sitting here with a black eye and Zack wouldn't be sitting on my sofa with handprint bruises around his neck!"

He narrowed his visible eye at Cloud when he heard him giggling.

"As far as I'm concerned, no one told Zack to cheat on me or punch you in the face and no one told you to almost choke him to death! Thank Gaia that Angeal showed up in time to pry you off of him."

"I think he could've been a few seconds late…"

Sephiroth smirked as everyone in the room gasped at what Genesis said.

"What? You're annoying as hell and you know it…" Genesis said as he turned to face Zack.

"Ouch…that really hurt Genesis…" Zack said while pouting before turning back to face Cloud.

"And when did I cheat on you?"

"I saw you with that one girl in the Slums!"

"Yeah, I was helping her sell flowers. I don't think that counts…" Zack said as he cut his eyes at Cloud.

"…It doesn't…?"

"Oh for Gaia's sake! You're honestly telling everyone here that you thought he was cheating on you because he was helping someone sell flowers! This has to be the biggest piece of bullshit that I have ever heard!" Sephiroth yelled as he pushed the blond boy out of his lap. He was beyond pissed off and tired and hearing that was making him become angry.

"Hey, be easy on him! He's pregnant you know!" Zack said as he got up to help Cloud sit where he was sitting.

"It's alright Zack…he has a right to be upset…" Cloud said quietly as he sat in between Angeal and Genesis.

"Hold on. How are you pregnant? Aren't you a male?" Angeal questioned curiously.

"Yes I am. It happened because of the hormone shot that Sephiroth was accidentally injected with. Even Hojo doesn't really understand what happened since he stole it from Hollander's lab. But don't worry! We'll be-"

"Whoa, hold up! Describe 'we'." Genesis said with a brow raised.

"Sephiroth and I of course."

"Right…I think that maybe you should just stay with Zack and let him help you raise the baby."

"What! Why!" Cloud said with narrowed eyes.

"Because, I've been sitting here for a couple of hours now and it's plain to see that Sephiroth is not interested in raising a kid with you."

"Yes he is! You're just trying to-"

"Has he taken you shopping for diapers, bottles, pacifiers, clothes, and all of that other shit for the baby yet?"


"Have you two even made a separate room for the baby to sleep in?"


"Was he even excited about the baby as Zack was before you told him that it wasn't his?"


Sephiroth chose that moment to look out of his office window to avoid seeing teary blue eyes that were looking in his direction. He knew that what Genesis was saying was true…even though a part of his mind was screaming at him to say something in Cloud's defense. He, too, thought that Cloud should go back to his ex-boyfriend since he still cares for him deeply and appeared to want a child with him. It would make it easier on the both of them. Cloud would have that other person to raise a baby with and Sephiroth could go back to his normal life before he was given the hormone shot…though he felt his heart clench in pain for some reason.

"Sephiroth, do you mind sharing your views on this situation here?" he heard Angeal ask. When he turned to face Angeal, he accidentally locked his eyes with Cloud's and instantly felt guilty. The poor boy was so close to crying that his face became splotchy and his eyes were pink and puffy. Sephiroth sighed before responding.

"…I was going to take him to that store, Babies-B-We, to go shopping-"

Sephiroth couldn't finish his sentence because of Cloud wrapping his arms tightly around his neck while repeating 'thank you' over and over and over again. He looked over at the sofa and saw one look of happiness and twin looks of disappointment. Oh well, they'll get over it… He wasn't ready to give up the blond just yet.

"Aww! Look, Seph! Wouldn't that be cute to put the baby in when we walk him around town?"

"Not for 800,000 gil it's not."

"Who cares about the price! If Cloud thinks it's best for the baby, then so be it."

Sephiroth glared at Zack as Cloud continued to examine the baby stroller on display. For the past half hour, he, Cloud, and Zack have been walking around the Babies-B-We and Sephiroth was becoming annoyed with the brunette. He knew that Zack still held some malice for him, but he rather him take it out on him with his fists, not his wallet. He has been agreeing with Cloud on every decision the blond made on clothing, toys, bathing supplies and other things that just so happened to be running over 10,000 gil. While he would argue that those things were over priced since the baby will grow out of them quickly, Zack would take Cloud's defense and Cloud would say 'Ha!' before throwing it into the cart before happily moving towards the next thing he saw. Though it was…dare he think it, cute how Cloud would squeal before lifting the said item that made him excited before showing him, the blond was about to make moths come out of his wallet.

"Excuse me, but the last time I checked, you aren't paying for any of this. Better yet, who invited you to join us?"

"I invited myself. I figured that you two could use some help with deciding what was best for the little one."

"Have you raised a child before?"

"No, but-"

"My point exactly. If you truly wanted to help Cloud pick out things for the baby, at least help him pick out things that will last it for the rest of its life for 800,000 gil instead of something that it will eventually grow too big to use."

Sephiroth inwardly smirked at the stunned brunette before turning his attention to Cloud.

"Can you please pick something that's a little bit more…cheap? Gil doesn't grow on trees, Cloud."

"Okay, well, how about that one?"

"Cloud, that one's 850,000 gil. It's the opposite of what I just said." Sephiroth said as he rolled his eyes. Damn blond…

"Oh, right! Sorry about that! Then how about…that one!"

"It's the exact same one you just pointed out earlier." Sephiroth said as he furrowed his brows as he heard Zack snickering.

"But it's lower than 850,000 gil."

"Yes it is, but I told you to pick out one that's less than that one."

"Yeah, and I picked out the other one."

Sephiroth tightened his hold on the cart. The blond was bout to make him go insane…

"I know that, but the other one you picked out was more than the one right here!"

"Yeah, so I picked out this-"


"Alright! Sheesh, you don't have to yell…"

Sephiroth sighed and closed his eyes, trying to calm his nerves.

"Alright, Seph. Is this one okay?"

Sephiroth opened his eyes and felt like having a Behemoth sit on top of him to end his misery.

"Cloud…that one is 900,000 gil."

"Yeah and you just said to pick one that's less than 900,000 gil."

Sephiroth felt his eye twitch.

"Alright Cloud. Let's think this through logically please. If I did say find a stroller that's less than 900,000 gil, why would you pick one that is 900,000 gil?"

"Because you said 900,000 gil."

Sephiroth felt his anger rise, until he thought of something. Maybe Cloud was only paying attention to whatever amount he was saying…

"Cloud, find a stroller that's around 10,000 gil."


Sephiroth smirked when he heard Zack stop snickering and pouted. If his plan worked, that meant he could take the expensive shit back and make Cloud choose ones at lower prices.

"Here Seph, this one should be okay, no?"

When Sephiroth turned to Cloud, he felt his smirk drop and Zack beginning to laugh. The blond idiot chose the same damn 800,000 gil stroller again.

"You know what? FINE! Zack you carry the box and let's get the fuck out of here before I kill someone!"

"But Seph, we haven't chosen the crib yet…"

Sephiroth's eyes widened in shock and horror. He'd seen how much those things cost in the ads of the newspaper and the cheapest one he saw was 875,000 gil, even though the ad said it was 50 percent off. And knowing Cloud like he was beginning to when it came to shopping, he would pick out the most expensive crib he saw. Cloud had no idea how bad he wished that he was still 'high'. Then yet again…he didn't. No telling what they would've spent all of his money on…

"Then what the hell did we choose that looks like one!"

"That's the baby's playpen!"

At least they were 100,000 gil…

"Screw the crib! He'll sleep in the playpen as well play in it or whatever it does in one…"

"No way! I planned on keeping the playpen in the living room. That way the baby can see us instead of being cooped up in his room."

"Then pick out another playpen for it to stay in the living room then."

"Oh Sephy, you're so funny!" Cloud said as he giggled and walked down the aisle where the cribs were. Sephiroth stared at the empty space where Cloud was standing at before he screamed inside of his head.

"Okay sir, your total comes to-"

"Don't say it." Sephiroth told the cashier as he pulled out his Gil Card and handed it to the teen.

"Don't worry, Seph. Since you're the general and all, I'm very sure that you'll get all that money back."

"Zack, you do know that I'm the one that can demote you back to being a cadet and make you scrub toilets for the rest of your life, right?"


"That's what I thought."

"Are you still upset?"

"No, I'm just annoyed is all."

Sephiroth snorted when he heard Cloud giggle before he slid into bed next to him.

"At least it was worth it."

"I highly doubt spending over two million gil in one store is worth it."

"We were able to get everything we needed at one place. Isn't that a plus?"

"I suppose…"

"And I'm very sure that the baby will be very happy with all of the things we got for him."

"It better be or else I'll dismiss it from my apartment."

"You can't do that! The baby won't be able to survive on its own! Not for the first 18 years of its life!"

"Cloud, don't be dramatic. You're able to survive on your own and you're how old?"


"My point exac- Wait. When did you turn sixteen?"

"About half an hour ago after the insemination."

"Oh…so today's your birthday?"


"Well then, happy birthday."


Sephiroth reached over to turn out the lamp on his bed stand before burrowing himself further into the blankets to get some sleep before Cloud woke him up for another insemination. Just when he was about to drift off into sleep, Cloud nudged him.

"What is it?" he murmured from underneath the blankets.

"Are you giving me a birthday party?" Cloud asked with excitement.


"Will it be here or at a restaurant? Because I would like to go out."

"Then pick…a place in the morning…."

"Can we invite Zack, Angeal, and Genesis?"


"Is my birthday cake a giant pancake?"


"Will it have sixteen candles in it?"


"Will everyone, including you, have a present for me?"







A punch to his ribs quickly jolted him awake.

"Wh-What happened? Are you alright?" Sephiroth asked still half sleep and in shock.

"You fell asleep on me while I was asking you very important questions!" Cloud said as he pouted. Sephiroth cut his eyes at Cloud.

"What were you asking me?"

"Never mind! It doesn't matter now!" Cloud huffed as he threw the blankets over his head. Sephiroth stared at the hormonal blond before shaking his head. Tomorrow was going to be hell on wheels and expensive…

To Be Continued…

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