Zelda: Downpour


They tell legends in this world that a boy clothed in green will save us from destruction whenever the need arises.

I ask, where is this boy now?

Every single day this city suffers under the oppression of its own government, ruled by a baron who is obviously the reincarnation of this Kingdom's most notorious villain.

I'm talking about Baron Von Gaught. He may fool some of my fellow countrymen, but not me. That orange hair, that look in his eyes. He's pure fucking evil and I know this.

My name is Barret Aqualung and I'm sick of this place. Castle Town, ever since the Great Discovery has been polluted and crowded. Smog fills the air, thick enough in the slums to sometimes kill a man if he's out for too long.

Those of us not killed by the smog are either addicted to drugs, in prison for resisting Gaught, or are ignoring the obvious truth that we're being controlled and continue on with the daily battle to stay fed and warm as if nothing's changed.

I am alone in the sense that only I realize what is going on without shrugging it off, and today, I'm going to begin making good on my promise to fix this. I'll do it for Hyrule and nothing else, because heroes don't always show up and save everything like Legends say. Sometimes, it takes an ordinary man with a little talent and determination.

A man like me.