I just wanted to put this up here because I am furious with the last two reviews that I have gotten regarding this story.

'Go and read the books.'

For your information, I have the five books, I have read them and I have enjoyed them and I do NOT like it when people tell me to read a book on something I have already read.
I have stated VERY CLEARLY that this story was set in the MOVIE.

Excerpted: 'Timeline: Set in the movie' (Not to mention, if you use the tab that allows you to pick what section of you want to read - All/Book/Movie - you will see it will only show up during All and Movie - NOT Book.)

There is a reason why I put this stop flamers like you from complaining about the fact that it is not set book wise. It is there to warn people ahead of time what to expect. When something I write is set book wise - it will be book wise set, if something is movie set (even though the characters age/hair colour/eye colour is different), it will be set movie wise. Because, unlike some people, I can actually accept the difference.

I liked the books and I have no problems with the book but I ALSO liked the movie and because there were things I could work with when it came to the movie, I wanted to write a fic that was movie wise. I know it can be a hard thing to understand why anyone who reads that books would like the movies, but I learn to work with both of them because they are enjoyable and fun and yes, different!

So, if anyone else wants to complain about the fact that this story is set based on the Movie and not the book, DON'T bother, you are wasting your time writing it and my time reading it. If you cannot read the 'Timeline' Section, then you should not read my story if you are going to complain about the story being something when I have already made it clear that it was set in that timeline.

And to those who liked my story despite the fact that it was set in the movie, I am glad that you enjoyed it! Sorry you had to waste your time reading this.

Thank you: Spacegal