Spike kisses Buffy's neck as he carries her up stairs. He seats her down at the top of the stairs and pushes her against the wall making a big crack. (Which later on would be blamed on one of the potentials). She kisses him full of passion, oh how she had long for this how she missed it. She pulls Spike in closer as she rips of his black top. Buffy Jumps up and raps her legs around spike as he carries her to her room. Spike sets her on the bed as Buffy pulls him on top of her. She need him now, she needed this. Spike kissed Buffy's neck she could feel his hard cock against her leg. Spike stops kissing to pull Buffy's top of while she takes his pants and under wear. Spike pulls her skirt off and throws them to the floor. It had been so long for the both of them but felt so right. They both paused before they went any further, their eyes met. Buffy moaned as spike entered her feeling him inside her was like heaven.

Buffy woke up. The drunken memories of two nights ago still in her head. Neither spike nor Buffy had spoken to each other about it and avoided each other like the plague. Well at least Buffy avoided him but she had her reasons to. Spike always knew how he felt about her but it was she who always had to wonder. The potentials where off with Giles on a spirit walk in the desert and wouldn't return for days Willow and Kennedy not being in the house and god knows where they went.

Buffy lays there remembering, she remembered the first time they kissed where everything seemed so magical, the first time she gave in and they had sex together in that fallen building. The first time he told her about his soul and how he had gotten it for her. He had never wondered about how he felt for her and now she was laying there in bed thinking about all she had put him through. He deserved better than that, and he didn't deserve what was going to come next.

She slowly got up and begins walking down the corridor and to the stairs. She saw the crack in the wall. She couldn't believe how drunk her and spike had gotten. How they had talked.


Spike: Well looks like all the potentials are gone huh. No more stomping of little girly feet

Buffy: Yeah I get to have my bathroom for four whole days. (She said smiling)

Spike: Well pet, you know what that calls for. (Pulls two bottles of vodka from behind him)

Buffy: I'll get the shoot glasses. (Buffy smiled at him, he gleamed at her)

Spike loved these moments they shared together just them he never wanted them to end. He followed her as she headed for the kitchen and put two shot glasses on the bench. He took a stool and sat down; she did the same on the opposite side of the counter. Spike poured the drinks and handed one to Buffy.

Buffy: To the bathroom..

Spike: And a quite house (They both clinked the glasses together and downed them)

Present time:

As Buffy walked down stairs, she could hear Spike having his day fix of pig's blood. (She took a deep, long, hard breath) she knew she had to face him sooner or later and thought it's good that none's in the house to hear if there is screaming or… screaming ;). Spike turned around to look at her as she entered the kitchen. His blue eyes consumed her and she completely lost her train of thought. But spike didn't he looked at her for about five seconds and then finished off his pig's blood. He understood, she didn't want to talk about it. It didn't mean anything to her like it did him. It was her own bloody drunken mistake and he was the jerk who got burned.

Flash Back: To where they are both really tippzy

Spike: Yyou know what love, we are going to kickk the firsts ass, and it's a moron for coming up against you pet.

Buffy: Mmmmmmmm (Buffy says looking at him)

Spike: What is it pet?

Buffy: Your pretty =)

Spike: And your drunkk

They both where leaning in very close to each other over the bench there faces only about two inches apart from one another.

Present time:

Spike: Slayer (He looked at her acknowledging that she exists, then walked past her into the dining room and took at seat at the head of the table).

Buffy confused watched as he had sat down. No screaming or sarcasm, not even want to go for round two love. (What was up with him?) She thought to herself.

She sat on the opposite side of the table to spike; he looked at her again this time wonder in his eyes trying to figure her out. She looked at him the same way, they both had no idea what they were doing. It wasn't like in the old days where she would make him feel like guilty and he would pressure her to stay with him a while longer. No screaming there was nothing, just them staring at each other from across the table.

Buffy: We are friends, and there's something I really need to say? (She looked at him she saw his eye twitch a little bit and knew there was going to be some arguing that followed).

Spike: What...Friends? (His face turning from calm to a royally pissed off (Buffy looked at him she hadn't seen spike so annoyed since before he had a soul)

Buffy: I.. I

Spike: I'm surprised at you. You still don't get it. (Stands up and walks towards her, She stands from her seat, spike now half a meter from her).

Spike: I love you, where not friends, we will never be friends. Ill be in love with you until it kills us both, we will fight, shag, we will hate each other till it makes us quiver but we will never be friends. I've lived forever Buffy I just…

(Buffy lets go and just kisses him)

To be continued..