Spike stood there bathed in the warm bright light of the sun, that he had fear above everything else for over a hundred years. He took a deep slow un-needed breath in, he looked around the room. Giles, Willow and Buffy all looked at him in shock, but little Sarah just kept giggling at him with such delight. "Was this really happening" Spike thought to himself. For such a long time all he wanted was to sit in the sun light and away from the dark, and now he could. It felt so surreal for him but he couldn't help but smile his boyish smile as he soaked in the glorious light of the sun. He breathed again knowing soon that they would all start questioning what was happening. But all he wanted to do was stand there in the light completely free.

After several minutes Giles finely got up the courage to say something.

Giles: I… Uh… (Which wasn't a lot)

Willow: You took the words right out of my mouth. (She replied to Giles mumblings, Willow never talking her eyes of off spikes bright body in the sun).

Giles: There… mussstt... be… Some… (He stuttered out trying to make sentence of what was happening)

Spiked breathed again ignoring the mumblings of Giles and Willow. This was the first time in over a hundred years that he felt truly warm. He looked down at little Sarah who was stilling smiling and giggling at her father. He smiled sweetly back at her, he moved over to the bed still bathed in light. He took little Sarah into his arms. She smiled at him and slowly closed her eyes against his now warm hard chest. He looked at Buffy who was stilling in shock of Spike being able to be in the sun without exploding into vicious flames.

Buffy: How can this be? (She asked looking into spikes eyes with wonder)

Spike: I don't know, Rupert?

Giles: Yes… i… um

Spike: Out with it

Giles: Well… Sarah can heal anyone with a soul, so I am guessing she healed you from the sun light so to speak.

Spike: She healed me?

Giles: She didn't make you human, but she healed what she could for you.

Spike: i… (Spike was speechless)

Spike gazed into his arms. The small infant was sleeping but she had a small little smile upon her face. He couldn't keep his eyes of off her. She was so tiny and Buffy and he created her. It amazed him. He was never much of a father figure to anyone and the whole thought of babies scared him, but strangely the thought of having a child with Buffy didn't scare him. He knew he would do all he could to protect this tiny creature that lay in his arms. He loved her from the first moment Buffy told him she was pregnant. Yes he was scared as hell but he still loved her. Spike knew this wasn't going to be easy, it was going to be really hard but he was going to fight for her and Buffy no matter what.

Buffy slowly started getting out of bed, after everyone had left and it was only Buffy, sleeping Sarah and spike in her bedroom.

Spike: How are you feeling?

Buffy: Sore.

Spike passed Sarah to her, Buffy smiled at him.

Spike: How are you feeling now?

Buffy: Better (She smiled at him)

(Sarah Hiccupped in her sleep)

Spike: What the bloody hell was that? (He asked worried)

Buffy laughed at him.

Spike: What so funny, she could be sick maybe we could take her to a doctor.

Buffy laughed at him again.

Spike: Whats so funny? (He asked Buffy again looking really worried down at Sarah)

Buffy: You, haha.

Spike: What?

Buffy: She just has Hiccups because she has been laughing a lot its nothing to be worried about.

Spike: Well… you never know (He said quietly)

Buffy: Well look at you all Mr worried (She smiled at him)

Spike: Hey! Hiccups can be deadly!

Buffy: You watch too much Greys Anatomy (She laughed again)

Both Buffy and Spike looked down at the creation they made. There was a light soft knock at the door and Willow entered.

Willow: Hey Giles want me to ask you if you wanted a Baby sitter.

Both Spike and Buffy looked at each other in confusion.

Buffy looked back at willow.

Buffy: Huh?

Willow: He just, I know you gave birth and he wouldn't be asking if she couldn't heal you but. He wants you too to go out and patrol tonight.

(Both Buffy and spike looked about of the window and noticed that it was nearly night fall)

Buffy: Oh right, Spike have you eaten today?

Spike: Yeah I did when I when and got you that water.

Buffy: Oh ok. Hmm Yeah ok Willow. Why didn't Giles just ask me himself?

Willow: Oh he was a bit worried that he over stepped his balance the other day.

Buffy: What do you mean?

Willow: When you both (She looked at Spike) Told us that you where pregnant.

Spike: Bloody right he over stepped the sodding balance.

Willow: Well yeah.

Buffy handed Sarah to Willow who left the room and went down stairs, Buffy got into something more comfortable for fighting. Strangely she had a lot of energy; Sarah had that effect on her. Spike felt the same way; he was really in the mood for kicking some Vampire ass tonight.

Buffy and Spike got weapons and went out the front door. It was a beautiful night for fighting evil, the moon was big and there was a nice cool breeze. They walked into the cemetery in silence, just enjoying each other's company.

There was a girl screaming and both Buffy and spike jumped into action. There sprinted of and saw that one vampire had a girl pinned down. Buffy tackled him, knocking him of off her. The vampire started to run.

Spike: I would run if I was you (He said to the girl, his face changed and he grabbed a stake and went after the other vampire)

Spike was fasted then Buffy he caught up with him and tackled him to the ground. The vampire jumped up and tried to punch spike in the face, spike ducked and kicked him in the ribs. Buffy had caught up with them now and went behind the vampire and staked him through the heart.

Vampire: Oh shit (Then disappeared into dust)

Buffy: Well that was fun (She said smiling)

Spike: Yep (Smiling back at her)

Buffy: Where did you learn to run like that (She asked him full of wonder)

Spike: I don't know I feel so energetic.

Buffy: I think that was the only vamp out her tonight, but I think we should do a couple more rounds just in case.

Spike and Buffy walked for a little bit longer, they walked past Spikes Crypt and stopped.

Buffy: Want to check it out?

Spike: Yeah if you want to (He said not very enthusiastic)

Buffy went and opened the crypt door, it creaked. She smiled to herself the memories. She walked in and spike followed. It was very dark, but spike got his light and lit a torch on the wall. The crypt had seen a better time. There where spike webs, dust and it looked like none had been here in months. S

Buffy: Wow

Spike: What?

Buffy: Memories (She said blushing)

Spike looked around. He smelled the air.

Spike: yeah no have been here in a while.

Buffy: You know the whole smelling thing is a little gross (She said laughing)

Spike laughed to giving her his boyish smile.

He smelled her arousal. He smiled again he hadn't even touched her and she was still turned on.

Spike moved towards her, she backed away teasing him until her back was against the wall. He smiled at her. He was only an inch away from her face, his body pushing in to her. Buffy put her hand on his crotch. His pants became very tight. Buffy turned him around so he was the one against the wall. She grounded herself against him, he moaned. He kissed her light while she kept pushing into him. The kisses became longer, harder and full of passion. Spike pushed Buffy back against the wall he could smell her arousal again it was a lot stronger than before. He pressed her harder against the wall and pulled her pants and underwear down. She grounded against him again, and moaned. Buffy rapped her legs around his waist her back still against the wall. He held her there kissing her while she fiddled with his belt buckle and undid his zipper. He slid inside of her she let out a loud moan. He started of slow and then went faster and faster. She screamed his name in pleasure when she came, and he did the same for her.

Buffy: Spike, I love you (She said out of breath)

Spike: I love you to (He kissed her)