The purple vampire soon turned its head and looked at them. Buffy's mouth dropped open at the site. Willow looked down to see the baby with its green eyes opened looking up at her smiling. She giggled and slowly turned into a pale white like Spike's skin. Buffy had tears in her eyes with her arms out stretched towards the beautiful green eyed baby with short dark brown hair.

Buffy: Uh-huh I know spike had brown hair (She thought to herself)

Willow carried the tiny creature over to Buffy, the baby girl reaching for her. Willow laid her gently in Buffy's arms, the baby smiling at her brightly with her fingers in her mouth. Spike who was in complete shock was just standing there looking at his baby girl with his girl.

The baby looked down at Buffy's bruised stomach and began to cry. Spike moved to closer to the baby and Buffy.

Spike: What wrong little one?

The baby pointed to Buffy's stomach like it understood exactly what Spike was saying to her.

Willow: Did she understand you?

Buffy: Yeah she did (She looked at Spike in surprise)

Spike: My baby (Buffy looked at him)… Our baby is a genius!

The baby reached out to touch Buffy's stomach, but she pulled her back.

Willow: No wait see what see does.

Buffy loosened the grip around her child, and she slowly started moving her hand towards Buffy's stomach. Her hand gently touched Buffy's abdomen and within seconds Buffy felt this strange sensation. Willow and Spike looked closer to the bruises, but they had disappeared. Buffy's stomach was smaller the way a woman carrying a 2 month baby is supposed to look. Buffy looked at the small baby now laying back into her arms, she was smiling again.

Willow: She can heal?

Buffy: Yeah I guess so.

Giles entered the room, to find Buffy holding a beautiful baby.

Giles: What happened, I only went out for a minute.

Buffy: Yeah I had a baby (She said smiling)

Giles: Isn't there meant to be two?

Willow: He wasn't done baking in the oven.

Buffy: She definitely isn't human.

Giles looked at her questionably.

Buffy: For one, she tried to eat my insides (Spike shuttered) then she came out purple, and changed to this pale white.

Willow: She also healed Buffy.

Giles looked at all of them in shock.

Buffy: Giles are you ok?

Giles: I must consult my books. (Within saying that he dashed out the door of Buffy's bedroom)

Buffy: Wow I haven't heard him say that in awhile.

Willow looked at Buffy and spike.

Willow: I'll give you two a minute together. (She headed downstairs)


Willow was at the bottom of the stairs when several Potentials, Xander, Anya and Dawn surrounded her. Riley leaning up against the door.

Dawn: What happened is Buffy ok?

Rona: Where did Giles go of in such a hurry?

Anya: It's rude that you're not telling us just letting you know.

Xander: Whats happening

(They all said at once)

Willow: Ok stop.

Anya: Well sorry.

Willow: Buffy just had a baby.

Xander: That soon?

Dawn started to head up the stairs to go see Buffy and Spike.

Willow: Hang on Dawnie I think they want some time.

Dawn stopped disappointed.

Vi: So what's the baby like?

(Willow filled them in)

(Back upstairs)

Buffy held the baby out to spike, but he looked away.

Buffy: Spike what's wrong?

Spike: I don't want to break her, is all?

Buffy: Trust you want break her.

Buffy held out the tiny baby again, this time spike softly held her in his arms. She was so small but fit perfectly into his musclier arms. The baby smiled as she looked up at her father, and then slowly drifted into sleep.

Buffy: No fair she didn't do that for me.

Spike not paying attention to Buffy, but still looking down at the baby they both created.

Buffy: What would you like to name her (She asked with a smile)

Spike: Whatever you want I don't mind (He said still looking at his child sleep in his arms)

Buffy was watching the way he was with their daughter she saw so much love and affection in his eyes.

Buffy: What was your mother's name?

Spike looked at her now a little surprised.

Spike: Anne.

She smiled at him.

Buffy: Then how about Sarah Anne?

Spike looked at the baby then at Buffy, he smiled at them both.

Spike: I like it.


Everyone is in the dining room waiting for the right time to go up and see the new addition to the house. Riley is still standing and doesn't look happy, while the potentials are gossiping and Willow is talking to the Scooby's (Giles is still not back)

Riley: I'm going up (Starts to head to the door)

Willow: Riley give them some time.

(He leans against the wall)

Dawn: It's been an hour cant we just…

Willow: No, they will come down when they are ready.

Xander: Willow's right.

Riley: I thought you hated him?

Xander: I do, but from what Willow told us about the birth I say give them some time.

Dawn: I know why I want to see the baby, but why do you?

Riley: I…

At that moment Giles came through the doors of the house.

Giles: I've got it!

Willow looked at him: Got what?

Giles: The Prophecy!

Giles headed up stairs.

The potentials headed to go with him but willow told them to stay put, and moved along upstairs with Giles.