Disclaimer: This will be my second attempt at a Naruto fan fic, my first being a crossover with Full Metal Panic which I've cancelled, but enough about that. I've read a lot of Naruto fics where he becomes a half demon or full demon, where he goes back in time and has himself a harem or where he and the Kyuubi become lovers or his slave. Well I'm doing something a little different, at least I hope it's different, if not then I just hope I do a good enough job writing this fic. General pairings Naruto/Hinata Kyuubi/OC. One more thing, I'm not sure if I'll be making Sasuke enough of a jerk to kill him, I might have him in a relationship with a male or female Haku. Actually I think I'll give Naruto a small harem and put Sasuke and Sakura together, in the afterlife maybe.

Another quick thing. The mistreatment of women appals and sickens me. Such as women being sold into prostitution to pay off family debts, being used as playthings for other people's amusement, women being used as hostages, assaulted, raped, stalked, murdered and underage girls being sold off to men for money. Any man who sexually assaults a woman should be castrated as death is just giving them a quick way out, it's better to have them live the rest of their lives knowing they can never have sex again.

But that's just my opinion.



"Demonic speech"

"Demonic thought"


A Different Beginning.





That was just some of the things a 5 year old Naruto Uzumaki heard as an angry mob chased him through the streets of Konoha. His sun kissed hair and orange shirt making him an easy target even at night. He had no idea why people hated him, even before he was kicked out of the orphanage with nothing but the clothes on his back. He was despised and no one would tell him why. The old crone who ran the orphanage only gave Naruto the very basic needs to survive and even that was stretching it, he only got one meal a day of stale bread and dirty water. When some of the other kids tried to give him their food they were told to keep away from the demon. At night he would sleep in the cold basement with only a moth eaten blanket for warmth. On his third birthday one of the children tried sharing a cupcake with him from the ones she baked for the others. The old crone had the nerve to accuse him of stealing and threw him out on the street right when the Hokage was coming to see the boy. Needless to say the woman was banished from the village for mistreating the orphans. Since no one was willing to care for Naruto, Sarutobi gave him an apartment with a weekly allowance to buy food and clothes. But wherever he went he was either refused service or severely overcharged for everything except ramen (A/N: I figure you're all tired of reading the same thing over and over again, so I'll try getting to the important stuff).

"Please stop I haven't done anything to deserve this!" Naruto cried desperately, continuing to run as fast as his short legs could carry him.

"JUST SHUT UP AND DIE DEMON BRAT!" a member of the mob shouted, throwing a bolo at Naruto's leg causing him to trip.

"HE'S DOWN! LET'S FINISH HIM BEFORE THE ANBU ARRIVE!" The mob then proceeds to mercilessly beat Naruto to within an inch of his life. Not that he would have known as he was rendered unconscious from a blow to his head.

"Everyone stand back! I'm going to kill this brat once and for all!" a another member of the mob snarled maliciously, wielding a sledge hammer intending on crushing Naruto's skull.

"If you kill him you'll only be releasing the demon he has sealed inside his body," came a voice from the shadows, along with a few pure white feathers falling to the ground around the unconscious boy. "You should all leave now, while I'm still in a forgiving mood."

"Why don't you come out and show your face demon lover!" a woman from the mob shouted.

"Demon lover? Well now, if there's one thing I can't stand it's people who only see what's in front of them," the voice said as a figure stepped out from the shadows revealing a tall figure with pure white wings folded on his back.

"What in the hell are you?"

"I am what you would call a Celestial Being. Now leave the boy alone and I won't be forced to harm all of you," he replied in a menacingly calm voice, his wings stretching to their full 1.5 meters in length.

Because he was partial standing in the shadows the mob was unable to clearly see his face. But his eyes held a piercing gaze that seemed reach into their very souls. With the limited light they could see him wearing very elegant and delicate looking pure white short sleeved robes. Ending just above his ankles with a white cord tied at his waist and wrap around sandals on his feet. Since none of the mob were ninja they couldn't feel the power this man possessed. So his warning meant nothing as they had numbers on their side while he was alone.

"Listen up you winged freak. we're going to kill this demon for what he did to the village five years ago! I don't care what anyone says, a demon child is still a demon! TIME TO DIE KYUUBI NO KITSUNE!" the mob member with the sledge hammer roared, bringing the weapon down to crush Naruto's skull only to have it shatter upon impacting a barrier around the boy.

"You all should have heeded my warning and left. Yet you insist on killing a defenceless child who has done nothing to warrant this hostility. He had no idea the Kyuubi no Kitsune was sealed within him but none of you can seem to tell the difference between the jailed and the jailer. Because of your insistence I shall show you why it is not wise to anger me."

That night the pain filled screams of a dozen people could be heard throughout the Village Hidden in the Leaves. When the Anbu arrived they found the mob on the ground writhing in pain, but no visible injuries. A quick search revealed a patch of blood in the centre of the mob with several feather scattered about. The masked ninjas promptly closed off the area while waiting for the medical corps to arrive to take the people to hospital.

30 Minutes Later.

Hokage's Office.

"So what do you have to report on the situation?" Hiruzen Sarutobi the Third Hokage asked, sitting behind his desk, a lit pipe in his mouth.

"Sir, we believe the victims at the scene were part of a mob that makes frequent attempts on the life of Naruto Uzumaki. A small patch of blood was found and analysed by the medics, they confirmed it was Uzumaki's blood. So far we've been unable to ascertain if he's dead or alive," the Anbu reported, wearing a hawk mask over his face.

"If Naruto-kun wasn't at the scene then he must still be alive," Sarutobi replied, taking a deep drag on his pipe. "What of the mob?"

"The people themselves had no physical injuries but there were shards of a sledge hammer littered over several meters. It seems a Genjutsu was used but I didn't think Uzumaki-san knew jutsu of any kind," the Anbu replied.

Hmm, it might have been the Kyuubi trying to take control of Naruto-kun's body. Unless he's been hiding his true abilities from us all this time, Sarutobi thought before addressing the Anbu ninja. "Very well continue the investigation. But discontinue the search for Naruto Uzumaki. Once the people who attacked him regain consciousness have them placed in prison for 10 days."

"At once, Hokage-sama," the Anbu acknowledged, disappearing in a swirl of leaves.

Leaning back in his chair Sarutobi sighed wearily. Retaking the title as Hokage after Minato Namikaze 5 years ago he had done everything in his power to protect Naruto. Even falsifying his birth certificate giving him the name Uzumaki and saying his parents died during the attack on the village. The villagers were calling for Naruto's blood when they were told the Kyuubi no Kitsune still lived. In order to save the boy Sarutobi created a law that kept Naruto from knowing about his past. Anyone who disobeyed would be executed, but this didn't stop the people from trying to kill the boy. The nurses at the hospital tried poisoning Naruto only hours after the sealing was complete. But even the strongest poisons were useless against the Kyuubi's immense healing abilities. Any injury inflicted was healed within minutes further irking the villagers. And now half an hour after the latest attack Naruto had gone missing. Expelling another lungful of smoke Sarutobi opened the secret compartment in his desk to retrieve a bottle of sake.

"I don't understand how you can protect such intolerant people Sarutobi-san," a voice said, startling the aged Hokage. "They are so ruled by their own fear, that they can't see what's beneath the surface."

Standing in front of his desk was a chestnut haired golden eyed man in his mid twenties, wearing pure white robe with folded wings on his back and in his arms was the unconscious form of Naruto Uzumaki.

"Who are you? And what have you done with Naruto-kun?" Sarutobi demanded, reaching for a kunai under the desk.

"Calm yourself Sarutobi-san. If I wanted to harm you I would have done so. And Naruto-chan is safer with me than anyone else in this village. Were it not for me his skull would have been crushed and the Kyuubi no Kitsune would be destroying everything in its path. Right now I'm keeping him unconscious so he doesn't hear this conversation and I've stopped time so I wouldn't worry about anyone walking in on us," the man informed, placing Naruto on a couch at the side of the office as Sarutobi's eyes widened in shock.

"What kind of man are you who can stop time itself? And what is your name?" Sarutobi asked, knowing he could never defeat a man who could stop time.

"My name is Saito and as I told the villagers who attacked Naruto-chan, I'm a Celestial Being," Saito answered, stretching his wings out to full length then folded up again.

Great Kami-sama! Celestial Beings are said to be more powerful than all the tailed beasts, if he can stop time there's no telling what he could do to the village, Sarutobi thought, a shiver of fear running through his body.

"You needn't worry about your village Sandaime Hokage. I did not come to the moral realm to subject your village. We Celestial Beings are a benevolent race. We would rather help build civilisations than destroy them. There are times when we use our powers to cause harm but only to defend ourselves or fight against evil, which is plentiful in this village," Saito said, scowling as he looked out at the village through the Hokage's windows. "I know everything you're hiding from Naruto, Sarutobi-san and he will learn the truth and become the greatest Hokage this village has ever seen with my help."

"If you've read my mind you should know the dangers Naruto-kun will face if he learns about his past. His only choice is to remain ignorant until he can become a powerful ninja," Sarutobi argued.

"I see you still underestimate my abilities," Saito sighed, moving over to Naruto where he lifted the blonde's shirt exposing the spiral seal on his stomach. "Allow me to introduce you to the Kyuubi no Kitsune."

Before Sarutobi could object. A pulsing aura formed around Saito's hand as he plunged it into Naruto's stomach as if his flesh were the surface of a pond. Slowly Saito removed his hand followed by the nine tailed beast which floated just beneath his palm. Sarutobi could swear his heart stopped as he watched with unbridled fear as the fox was completely removed from Naruto's body, and he was still alive. Except this didn't look like the most powerful of all tailed demon beasts that held so much destructive power. Instead it looked like a scared baby fox being held by the scruff of its neck for disobeying its master. A man with the power to subdue a tailed beast could have destroyed the village it he wanted. Yet Saito wanted to help Naruto to be a better ninja, maybe even making him better than his father.

"Do you see now Sarutobi-san? I could kill the Kyuubi right now if I wished and Naruto-chan would be unaffected. Do you think I would be unable to protect him from any enemy? Even the ones in this village?" Saito asked scathingly, gently placing the Kyuubi back in its prison while Naruto continued to sleep. "He will become my student and he will grow to be a far better ninja then he would have without my assistance."

"Very well. I can see there is nothing I can say to change this outcome," Sarutobi sighed in defeat, still watching Saito as he slumped in his seat. "May I ask who you intent to inform of you powers and also why you have come to Konoha?"

"Only those I feel I can trust. I'll allow you to remember since you are the village leader. As for why I came to this realm. It's so I can find a mate," Saito answered dismissively, gathering Naruto from the couch. "Time will resume as normal once I leave. I'll send word after I've find a new home for Naruto-chan. Meanwhile you should prepare adoption papers for me to sign."

"Stop! What did you mean about finding a mate?" Sarutobi asked, shooting out of his chair.

"You must be losing your hearing, so I'll repeat myself this once. I'll be looking for someone in Konoha to become my mate. Now if you'll excuse me I have to find a place for Naruto-chan and I to live," Saito replied, his wings wrapping around himself and Naruto. In the blink of an eye they were gone leaving a few scattered feathers behind.

Minato-chan, Kushina-chan, I know I can never be forgiven for what I've done to your son. But I will do everything in my power to earn back the trust you placed in me. Until then please continue to watch over him. I know he will become a great ninja with Saito-san's help, Sarutobi prayed, reaching for his hidden stash of sake.

Appearing in the grounds of the Namikaze compound. Saito used his powers to literally rip apart the seals keeping anyone out. Once done Saito made his way inside to Naruto's master room. Complete with his own king sized bed and desk to study at in the large room. Laying Naruto on the bed Saito used his power to change the boy into a comfortable pair of pyjamas before covering him up.

Hmm, perhaps I should call those in the council who despise Naruto to a meeting. But killing them is not punishment enough. I think I'll have them experience the pain he went through these five years, Saito thought, plucking a feather from his left wing. Channelling his powers into the feather it floated out of his hand to slowly duplicate his form.

"What is thy bidding kyosho?" the shikigami asked, its right arm crossed over its chest as it bowed.

"I have things to attend to in the village. Make sure no harm comes to Naruto-chan," Saito instructed. Spreading his wings, small orbs of light appearing and floated away at high speeds.

"It shall be done kyosho," the shikigami replied.

An Hour Later.

Konoha Council Chambers.

"What have you called us here for this time Sarutobi-san?" Danzo demanded, upset that he was interrupted from training his ROOT Anbu.

"Couldn't this have waited until tomorrow?" a civilian council member asked. "And why isn't the rest of the council present?"

Out of the 14 council members trusted to help run the Hidden Leaf Village. Only 7 had been summoned and they were all part of the civilian grope excluding Danzo (A/N: I have no idea how many are on the council.). Everyone assembled had some vendetta against Naruto. Danzo wanted to turn the boy into a living weapon loyal only to him and with the power of the Kyuubi he could begin his plans to concur the other nations. Most of the civilian council just hated Naruto as they thought he was the Kyuubi. They had done everything in their power to kill him but he always healed and poisons never worked. Then there was Sagumi Haruno, she used her body to get everything she ever wanted. She even went as far as to invite Naruto into her home giving him a hot meal and a place to stay for the night. That night she tied him up and tried to rape him, hoping to get pregnant with the Kyuubi's seed by drugging his food. Only to be stopped by the Anbu Black Ops. And now all those assembled waited for Sarutobi to explain why he was wasting their time.

"I'm afraid the Third Hokage wasn't the one who summoned you all to this meeting," all eyes in the room widened as the image of Sarutobi shifted into a rather muscular man dressed in white robes, with shoulder length fiery red hair and a pair of wings on his back. "You may call me Apollonius."


Namikaze Compound.

"Has he remained undisturbed?" Saito asked to his shikigami kneeling in the darkness.

"Yes kyosho, I have sensed no one approach this location since you have been gone," the shinigami said. "Is there anything more I am needed for?"

"Not presently. Now that the council members have been dealt with, I only need to worry about the civilians and a few of the ninja. Dispel, it is time I talk with the fox," Saito replied, entering the master bedroom, the shikigami fading from existence, leaving nothing but a feather behind which was reabsorbed into his body. Now that Danzo- kusotare's been taken care of those ROOT Anbu of his are free. But I wonder if all Sharingan wielders are full of arrogance. This one couldn't even copy the most basic Jutsu. I'll have to keep an eye on the Uchiha clan if Sarutobi thinks they're a tangible threat to the village. But from what I can sense, Itachi-san genuinely cares about the village and his little brother. Those 2 seem to be the only ones in the entire clan who see Naruto-chan for who he is, not as the fox, Saito paused, placing his palm on Naruto's head, the boy's injuries from the mob attack completely healed. Now Kyuubi-san, it's time for us to meet on equal terms.

Naruto's Mindscape.

Coming out of the dark sewers in Naruto's mind Saito entered a large barely lit room with no apparent ceiling and water up to his ankles. In front of him was giant cage as tall as the ceiling held together by a slip of paper with the kanji for 'Seal' written on it. Sensing the fox on the other side of the cage Saito stepped through the bars as if they weren't even there. Upon entering the seal he was greeted with an enraged Kyuubi baring its teeth.

"BE GONE FROM MY SIGHT HUMAN! I WILL NOT TOLERATE YOUR FILTH IN MY PRESENTS ANY FURTHER!" the Kyuubi roared, flaring its chakra around its body.

"YOU SHOULD LEARN YOUR PLACE DEMON BITCH!" Saito bellowed, spreading his wings to their full length, projecting an aura greater than the Kyuubi. "OR DO YOU NEED A DEMONSTRATION OF THE POWER I WIELD?"

"A Celestial Being!" recoiling in shock and fear the Kyuubi lowered itself onto its stomach. Its ears flattened against its head and tails tucked under its backside. "Please forgive me for my hostility,"

"I'll consider it. Now show me your human form," Saito commanded, folding up his wings.

"As you wish," the Kyuubi replied, its demonic aura masking its form as it shrank and changed.

Kneeling before him was the now human female version of the Kyuubi no Kitsune a few years younger than Saito. A pair of fox ears with white tips were present on top of her fiery red hair that reached mid back and matched the nine tails just above her perky backside. Her red eyes were slitted and her fingernails and canines were slightly elongated. She had full lips and her c-cup breasts on the other hand would have made any hot blooded pervert die from a massive nosebleed. She had seemed to have reverted to her human form completely naked. Other than that she had incredibly smooth looking skin and her blushing expression was exceedingly cute.

"Does this form please you?" she asked timidly, ears folded against her head.

"Put some clothes on Kyuubi-san and tell me why you attacked Konoha 5 years ago," Saito instructed, completely unfazed by her nudity.

"Very well," she replied, a rather skimpy kunoichi outfit materialising on her body. (A/N: Think Kasumi's white ninja out from DOA.)

"Good, now explain why you attacked Konoha," Saito repeated less threateningly.

"I was trying to find the one responsible for killing my mate and kits. I was sleeping when it happened and all I remember was the smell of snakes. I followed the scent to Konoha. When the ninja came to attack me I thought they were trying to protect whoever I was after. I was so angry I didn't care how many people died, I just wanted to find the person responsible for killing my family," by now she had broken into tears as she told her story. Saito could see that she truly regretted her actions. "And because of me this boy I'm imprisoned in has suffered all his life."

"Would you do anything to atone for the suffering your presents has caused him?" Saito asked, reaching up to gently stroke one of her ears.

"Yes, I would do anything to make up for all the pain this boy has had to endure," she replied, leaning into his touch even as her tears continued to fall.

"Then I offer you this deal Kyuubi-chan. I will free you from the seal and help you find the man who killed you mate and kits. Make no mistake I could bring them back but the price for their souls would mean the destruction of three villages and I won't cause that much death to return your loved ones to you," Saito explained, stroking the base of her ear making her whimper in pleasure. "Don't expect this offer to be without compensation. In return for your freedom I will duplicate a large portion of your chakra for Naruto-chan so that he may use your power to become a powerful ninja. Once you gain your freedom you will have a limiter emplaced to restrict you from using all your chakra. This can only be removed with my expressed permission. You will also become my mate."

"What?" she gasped looking up at him in shock.

"The real reason I came to this plane of existence was to find a woman I could take as a mate. Celestial Beings aren't picky, if we want we could take a mortal as our life partners. Once we choose though a separation is impossible, you would be bound to me for eternity unless one of us dies. But it's better than having nothing once you've taken revenge," he answered, kneeling in front of her. "I can promise that I will always love you, and Celestial Beings keep their promises."

"How..., how exactly to I become your mate?" she asked nervously, blushing as he traced a finger across her jaw.

"There aren't any specific ways to taking a mate. But I believe biting each other on the neck would be preferable as I can make it pleasurable for both of us," he whispered lovingly, elongating his canines as he leaning into her neck.

"Then I accept your offer," she replied breathlessly, tilting her head to expose more skin.

As his teeth sank into her neck the Kyuubi's whole body tensed up as a powerful orgasm erupted through her body. Causing her mouth to open in a silent scream and her tails to go ram rod straight. Somehow she still had the strength to reciprocate once he had released her neck. Once she was done marking him she slumped forward her body still tingling from his mating mark, after catching her breath she noticed they weren't inside the seal. Rather on the floor in the Namikaze master bedroom with Naruto still fast asleep.

"As agreed, I have removed you from the seal with no ill effects to Naruto-chan. He now has a large portion of your chakra but you still have all of yours. The wing shaped marks on the back of your neck restricts half your full strength. They are also your mating mark from me while I have a fox shaped mark on mine," he explained, noticing her sombre mood. "I do not mean to sound like a cruel mate by placing these restrictions on you. Nor do I wish to replace your former mate."

"I'm aware of that my mate. I just never thought I would ever be free of the seal. I have my freedom once more yet I feel that I don't deserve it," she sobbed, clinging desperately to his robes as she released her pent-up sorrow.

The Next Day.

Morning found Naruto waking to a mouth watering smell hanging in the air. Seeing as he was attacked by a mob before he could find something for dinner, his stomach woke up before his mind could properly reboot. A sloppy grin blossomed on his face as he lethargically got out of bed and made his way downstairs to the kitchen on autopilot, without falling down the stairs even once. Only after he sat down at the table did his sleep fogged mind finally catch up. in front of him was a platter full of pancakes covered in maple syrup, scrambled eggs, sausage, fruit salad and a glass of orange juice along with a knife and fork. Having been victim to food poisoning Naruto was wary of the meal in front of him, even thought it smelled delicious.

"Something wrong Naruto-kun?"

Looking up from the food Naruto came face to face with a pair of strangers on the other side of the table. The first was a man dressed in a white vest trimmed in red over a black long sleeved shirt with white forearm protectors and fingerless gloves with a metal plate over the knuckles. But he couldn't see the rest of his outfit unless he looked under the table. His golden eyes held a warmth Naruto wasn't used to seeing from other people aside from the Hokage. The woman beside him was wearing a skimpy white kunoichi outfit with red trimming. matching forearm protectors over a pair of single finger loop gloves reaching almost up to her shoulder. Unlike her companion her eyes held a deep sadness that told of a great deal of suffering, just like his own.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked, getting ready to make a run for it. "And where am I?"

(A/N: from this point on I'm calling the Kyuubi Saya.)

"I know you're confused and afraid Naruto-chan, but we have no desire to harm you. In fact I saved your skull from being crushed by a sledge hammer last night," Saito explained, causing Naruto's eyes to widen in shock. "Aren't you going to eat? I promise the food's not poisoned."

"How do I know you're telling the truth? You could have drugged the food and you could have stopped the mob last night so you could kill me yourselves," Naruto replied, fixing the pair with a suspicious glare. "And you still haven't told me your names."

"Do people tell you their names before they try killing you?" Saito asked bluntly, causing Naruto to pause. "My name is Saito and this is my oku-san Saya-chan. I know why most of the village hates you Naruto-chan and I'll tell you everything, but you have to eat your breakfast first. Or do you want Saya-chan to feed you from her lap?"

This caused the redhead's face to colour a deep shape of pink, almost matching her hair as she looked away in embarrassment which brought out a chuckle from her husband. But Naruto still refused to take a bite.

"Naruto-kun, will you please eat the food my husband has prepared for you? I know you've had a hard life and no child you be forced to bare the pain you have. We want to make things better for you by making you a powerful ninja just like your oto-san was. maybe even better," Saya said sincerely, moving around to Naruto's side of the table. The lower part of her outfit covered very little. She wore white thigh high white stockings with shin protectors and split-toe ninja sandals. "I promise the food isn't poisoned and once you've finished we'll tell you why the village hates you as well as who your parents are. So please, eat your breakfast."

The last woman who offered him food didn't even say anything nice, just dropped him in a chair and practically shoved a meal in his face. At the time he had been too hungry to care so he just inhaled the food. Saito had apparently rescued him from his attackers, brought Naruto into his home given him a comfortable bed in which to sleep. Offered him breakfast and saying he and his wife knew why he was hated by most of the village. Plus, these people seemed to genuinely care. His stomach on the other hand didn't seem to care who was providing food. It was empty and let everyone know by growling very loudly. Blushing in embarrassment Naruto looked up to see Saito struggling to hold back a snigger, while Saya just took the knife and fork and cut up a slice of sausage and pancake.

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about Naruto-kun. But I promise you'll never have to go hungry again," she said kind-heartedly, holding the fork up to his mouth. "Open up."

Opening his mouth Naruto quickly gobbled up the forkful of food. His eyes widening in surprise at how tasty is was before he grabbed the utensils and ravenously tore into his breakfast. Mumbling faint thanks in-between bites as tears streaming down his face. He never gave any thought about how his plate kept filling up, he was far too concerned with satiating his hunger. After five minutes of stuffing his face he finally seemed to have satisfied his appetite, the walls he put up to hide the misery of the past five years hidden collapsed. He leapt into Saya's arms burying his face in her chest as he cried his heart out. Knowing she was the reason he was now bawling like a baby, Saya felt tears streaming down her cheeks as she held Naruto tightly against her when she felt her mate's wings encompassing the trio in their warmth.

"What if he hates me when we tell him the truth?" she asked through their telepathic link.

"He won't. Once you explain to him why you attacked the village, he'll understand," Saito replied, slowly putting Naruto to asleep as his tears subsided. "We'll wake Naruto-chan when I bring Sarutobi-san here,"

"He'll want to destroy me when he's told what I really am," Saya cringed, tightening her hold on Naruto.

"He won't hurt you Saya-chan, not when he learns you're my mate. He knows I have the power to destroy the village if I wanted," he said reassuringly, retracting his wings. "Stay with Naruto-chan until I return,"

"Of course," Saya replied, as he vanished.

Disclaimer: Don't you just hate cliff hangers? Well I hope everyone enjoyed my Naruto fan fic. I was planning on having Saito paired up with Kurenai but then when I decided to release the Kyuubi I wondered if I should make her Saito's servant. So I decided to have them paired together and maybe have Iruka and Kurenai get together. Oh and I'm not good at describing interior decorations so you'll have to imagine what the Namikaze compound looks like yourselves. Just remember, the Kyuubi in her human form is wearing Kasumi's white ninja outfit from DOA, she might wear variations of the outfit or something completely different