Four times Riddick left Jack...

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The first time you left it wasn't permanent. You came back. You saved me, as usual. I was so afraid; all I could do was scream and cry. Trapped beneath that giant piece of bone with that huge monster pressing down on me, trying to get me, kill me…eat me. I'd shouted you once: "Riddick!" and you only looked back.

Fry tried to save me, light in hand, trying to scare it away. But it was desperate, dying for some proper meat. It wanted me. They'd been tracking me for so long and then, there I was, alone, in the open, in the canyon. I was practically theirs.

You came back though, it took what seemed like forever, when I was trying to stay alive, but you did. You left and you came back, fuck I should've seen it coming.


The second time you left me, I wasn't alone. It was dark, cold, raining and I was scared for my life. Imam and Fry were there, in the cave with me. But I was still afraid, I was afraid because you weren't there. You'd saved me twice, from the monsters and Johns, then you just left us.

Fry left too, came looking for you, looking to bring you back. I thought she'd leave us too. Just leave me and Imam in that cave to die. Leave us and let the monsters have us. I thought you wouldn't come back, I thought you'd got to the skiff and left.

But the rock moved, just a little and Fry appeared, glowing bottle in hand. I thought she was going to say you'd gone. Then she moved, and there you were. Smiling at me, you eyes shining in the poor light, the only things that could penetrate the darkness of that planet.

We were trying something dangerous, stupid, potentially fatal, but I didn't care. You were there. You'd come back.


The third time you left was the worst. I woke up in a strange place, after everything that'd happened and you weren't there. There was just Imam, with a look on his face that said, "He's gone."

I know why you left, but I don't know how. I thought you cared, I thought you'd stay, I thought you'd stay because I needed you. When I woke up screaming in the middle of the night, reliving that moment when I though, I thought I was going to die, like Shazza, like Zeke, like Paris…like Fry. You weren't there to save me this time. You weren't there to chase the monsters away. I was all alone. Twelve and all alone. I thought you'd really left me.

I was wrong, and glad to be it. It took you five years but you came back. Just as I was starting to lose hope, you appeared, there in Crematoria. You were there. You hadn't left me completely.


The last time, I thought, was the last time. You were just lying there, not moving, not even breathing. I couldn't understand it. One minute you'd been there, with me, playing my favourite game, the next you were lying on the ground. Not even flinching when the sun came over the horizon and the VTF got closer and closer. There was no one left, I was alone. The Guv was dead and so were the other hopefuls who'd come with us. They were the ones who believed, like me, that we'd get out of there. That you'd save us. but how can you save us when your...

I had a choice to make, stay with you and face the Mercs, be alone, or go, go away with them, just so I wasn't alone anymore. Anything so that I wasn't on my own