A/N:... and the one time Riddick stayed with her until the very end...


You came back. You followed me in that shitty little undercut, we'd been trying so hard to get to. One minute I was in so much pain, then it went away. I was called foreword, shown to you and I saw that look in your eyes, I know it so well. That same look was in mine whenever you left. You thought I'd left you. You thought you were on your own.

You should have known that I'd never leave you; I just couldn't let them know. Let them use me against you again. I tried to tell you in that look when I walked past you. I tried but you didn't see it, you were blind; blinded by anger and the need for revenge.

After that everything happened so quickly, the fight between you and the Lord Marshall, I saw my chance and I took it. Thrown, flying through the air, blood taste in my mouth and a noise as I hit the floor. There was no pain, they'd taken that away from me.

I know you'll always remember the last words I said to you, you'd asked me that question, the question I always thought you knew the answer to: "Are you with me Kyra"

"I was always with you…I was."

To me it was easy. You left me four times, not waiting to see what might happen, not waiting to see the consequences. But that one time, the last time, you stayed right until the end, through every moment I needed you. Ending with me leaving you forever. But those few minutes that you stayed with me, made up for all the times you weren't there.