Hey everyone. It's me CrossoverMike. Seeing that there hasn't been any crossover stories between these two. I thought I might as well make one myself. Sorry if I have not done my other story for a long time. I've been quite busy, but don't worry. I'm still going to work on that one. Anyway this is a InuYasha and Ice Age crossover. Also this story takes place before the story called Totally Ice Age Mystery Much, where the Sub-Zero Heroes, Buck, Scrat, Scratte, Momma, Papa, Egbert, Shelly, Yoko, and Rudy get frozen and thaw in the modern day meeting the Martin Mystery gang and Totally Spies in it.

Full Plot Summary: When InuYasha and the others has a run in with Naraku who then sends them all back 20,000 years ago into the Ice Age with a new power he somehow gained. Now the InuYasha gang aren't sure what they can do. They then eventually meet the Sub-Zero Heroes and befriends with them. But can InuYasha, Kagome, and the others ever find a way back or will they be trapped in the Ice Age forever. Friendships grow, and other things happens as they all stick together.

P.S.: I do not own either InuYasha or Ice Age. Rumiko Takahashi owns InuYasha and Blue Sky Studios own Ice Age.

A Feudal Adventure in the Ice Age

InuYasha, and the others were once again like everyday on their adventure in search for the jewel shards. Sometime ago, Kagome has detected a Jewel Shard. Now they were heading to where it could be. "Dammit, Kagome. Can't you move any faster. You're backing us up. The sooner we find that Jewel Shard. The quicker the Sacred Jewel is finally complete." InuYasha said.

"I'm moving as fast as I can, InuYasha. The Jewel Shard is close by. So please stop complaining." Kagome said.

"Do you ever know when to stop complaining. Really you act like a little child when you do." Shippo said.

The Hanyou stared at the little Kitsune for a minute. "How about you just shut up. Unless you want me to bonk you in the head before I lose my cool." InuYasha said.

"You don't have to make such a big deal about it. Sheesh." Shippo said.

InuYasha turned his attention away from Shippo. "HENTAI!" Sango screamed.

A loud slap could be heard. InuYasha, Kagome, Shippo, and Kirara turned around to see a rather angry Sango standing over Miroku on the ground who had a dark red handprint on his cheek. This was probably the fifth time today Sango had slapped Miroku for groping her. Sango was so furious. She walked pass by everyone towards Kagome. "Miroku did it again did he?" Kagome said.

"Yes." Sango said.

Miroku got up onto his feet. "Honestly, Miroku. Why are you always doing that. I'm starting to think you like her slapping you. Am I right or what?" InuYasha said.

"Not quite. Shall we keep moving on." Miroku said.

"Might as well. Kagome are we going to keep on going or what?" InuYasha said.

"Yes, InuYasha. I was just waiting if everyone was ready." Kagome said.

"Then let's quit standing around." InuYasha said.

Kagome rolled her eyes and then everyone kept moving. Kirara ran up towards Sango jumping onto her shoulder. The Jewel Shard was now close. "The Jewel Shard. It's close." InuYasha said.

InuYasha ran pass everyone running towards the direction the Jewel Shard is. "InuYasha! Wait for us!" Kagome said.

Everyone else began to run. InuYasha found where the Jewel Shard would happen to be only to not see it anywhere. "I could of swore. This is where it suppose to be." InuYasha said.

The Half-Breed suddenly caught a scent. Something wasn't right. The others finally caught up to where InuYasha was standing. "InuYasha! Please wait for us! We can't run as fast as you." Miroku said.

InuYasha didn't respond back. "InuYasha..." Miroku said.

"Is something wrong?" Kagome said.

InuYasha didn't turn, but still spoke. "This was a trap! It's Naraku!" InuYasha said.

"What!" Everyone said.

"We have to leave now!" InuYasha said.

They all heard a evil laugh. "I think not." Naraku said.

Naraku came out of the shadows. InuYasha snarled right at him before pulling out Tetsusaiga. "Naraku! Die!" InuYasha said.

InuYasha was about to make his way towards him, but before he could. Without anyone noticing. Naraku created a portal with a brink of an eye that began to suck everyone up. "What the!" Sango said.

"This must of been one of Naraku's new powers!" Miroku said.

"It's been nice knowing you, but now your all gone for good."Naraku said.

Everyone tried to hold on. "In-InuYasha!" Kagome said.

InuYasha stopped and turned to see Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and Kirara get pulled into the portal. "No!" InuYasha screamed.

InuYasha too then got pulled in by the portal as well, which then closed. "With them all finally gone. There's no way for them to get back. Where they gone to doesn't matter." Naraku said.

Naraku then left. The portal opened in a cold grassland with snow, and trees. Glacier walls blocked the land. InuYasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and Shippo all came out of the portal, which then closed before they had a chance to see it. Everyone got up rubbing their heads. "That bastard! Just he waits until I get my claws on him!" InuYasha said.

"Kagome, is it me or does everything seem so different." Miroku said.

"Not to mention cold as well." Shippo said shivering.

"Where are we?" Sango said.

"I'm not sure. It doesn't even look like the Feudal Era anymore." Kagome said.

Kirara grew to her huge size in case of something like danger or later on. "Wherever Naraku has done. I'm already starting to hate this place." InuYasha said.

He felt a snowball hit his face followed by a laugh. InuYasha turned around to see it was Shippo. "Got you! Come on, InuYasha. You had to admit. It was a bit funny!" Shippo said.

"Funny! That's not funny! This is funny you little brat!" InuYasha said.

InuYasha bonked Shippo on the head. The little kitsune began to cry. "InuYasha! Sit Boy!" Kagome said.

Face met dirted as InuYasha got back up. "Wench! What was that for!" InuYasha said.

"For hitting Shippo, and I would appreciate it if you stopped calling me those kind of things. Unless you want me to say it again." Kagome said.

"Feh I'll say what I want and he started it with throwing a snowball at me." InuYasha said.

"This isn't the time to argue. We are not sure where we are. What should we do?" Miroku said.

Shippo stopped crying as Kagome picked him up holding Shippo in her arms. "I'm really not sure, but until then. We might as well keep moving or we might freeze." Kagome said.

"Kagome's right. Though we have to find a way back, all we can do now is keep walking." Sango said.

"Feh, you all can walk. I'm running." InuYasha said.

InuYasha turned and ran. "We can't catch up with him when he runs. We might as well ride Kirara." Kagome said.

"Sure, Kirara mind giving us a lift." Sango said.

Kirara nodded letting them climbed on her back. Kirara then flew into the air to catch up with InuYasha. InuYasha kept running as fast as he could until suddenly he saw what appeared to be a strange Squirrel with a long snout, two pointy teeth, stripes on it's back, and a long poofy tail. It was Scrat. The Hanyou stopped at his feet. He looked at it. At first he thought it was a demon, but wasn't once he sense no Demon Aura in it. "It's not a Demon. You know while, Kagome and the others catch up. Maybe this little bugger can tell me where I am." InuYasha said.

InuYasha made his way towards Scrat who was minding his very own business until he heard a voice. "Hey, you." InuYasha said.

Scrat heard and turned around to see what appeared to be a human except he had long silver hair and dog ears. "Yeah, I'm talking to you." InuYasha said.

The Saber Toothed Squirrel felt confused. "Would you happen to know where me and the others are." InuYasha said.

Scrat wished he could tell him, but it's the fact he can't talk. Scrat shrugged not being able to tell him. "You can't talk. Great. Sorry for bugging you then." InuYasha said.

Scrat said in his language that it was okay. InuYasha then decided to walk now as he walked by pass Scrat. The Saber Toothed Squirrel has never seen a Human like this before, but it really wasn't that important. Scrat just had to find a way to get back to the Dinosaur World and find Scratte. With that. Scrat ran off. InuYasha who was still walking suddenly heard everyone else catch up. He decided to stop and wait as Kirara landed on the ground and everyone climbed off of Kirara. Kagome set Shippo onto the ground. "I see you've caught up." InuYasha said.

"Well of course. You think we're not going to follow." Kagome said.

"That doesn't matter. Anyway while you were all trying to catch up. I ran into this weird looking squirrel. I asked him if he knew where we were, but he couldn't talk. So much for that." InuYasha said.

"At least you tried. Come on." Kagome said.

Now that they were all together now. They kept walking. Meanwhile nearby. A herd of animals consisting of three Woolly Mammoths, a Smilodon, a Ground Sloth, and two Opossums were all walking together. There names was Manfred, Ellie, Peaches, Sid, Diego, Crash, and Eddie. "Manny are we going to stop sooner or what. Can't we have a break. My feet are killing me." Sid said.

"Yeah, Manny. I agree with Sid." Diego said.

"Well...alright, but only for a few minutes. Then we continue on." Manfred said.

They all sat down resting. "Say, Manny. Where are we going again?" Ellie said.

"We're just all going for a walk, then going back. We've been there for so long. I want to refresh my mind from that whole underground adventure." Manfred said.

"Oh, okay. Just asked." Ellie said.

Peaches came up to her parents. Crash and Eddie did as well. "I thought we were moving again." Crash said.

"Yeah that's what I thought as well." Eddie said.

"Nope, despite the fact there's that Dangerous Underground world. As long that we don't go back. We'll be fine. Speaking of that. Wonder how Buck is doing down there. I actually miss him." Manfred said.

"We all do, but it was his choice that he wanted to stay down there." Ellie said.

"Yep, staying down there because of Rudy." Diego said.

"Rudy was a nightmare. Please don't say his name." Sid said.

"Sorry, Sid." Diego said.

"No worries at all." Sid said.

As they kept sitting there. From a few feet away. InuYasha and the others caught the sight of them. "Look maybe they could tell us where we are." InuYasha said.

From seeing the animals. Kagome realized where they were. "InuYasha wait!" Kagome said.

"What Kagome?" InuYasha said.

"I think we might know where we are...These animals. We are in the Ice Age." Kagome said.

"Ice Age what?" InuYasha said.

"Lady Kagome, what's this Ice Age you speak of?" Miroku said.

"Well...it's kind of hard to explain, but let me tell you anyway. We are in the age where these animals exist. It is the Late Pleistocene and from the looks of it. We're all twenty thousand years back in the past." Kagome said.

Everyone's eyes opened wide. "What! You mean their were creatures like this before us? Better yet! Are you saying were far more in the past!" InuYasha said.

"Wow, really Kagome." Shippo said.

"Yes." Kagome said.

"So how do you know all this then Kagome?" InuYasha said.

"Where else of course. School silly." Kagome said.

"I've should of guess." InuYasha said.

"Let's go." Kagome said.

"Not quite yet. Just in case your wrong. I'm going to ask those animals you speak of." InuYasha said.

"InuYasha no! They can't talk and could attack in defense." Kagome said.

"See that I care." InuYasha said.

InuYasha turned and marched his way towards the Sub-Zero Heroes. With nothing else they can do. The others followed. The Sub-Zero Heroes all saw the sight of InuYasha coming. "Manny what's that?" Ellie said.

"It's a human...except a bit different! Everyone stay behind me." Manfred said.

"But wait, manny what if he means no harm?" Sid said.

"This is just in case. I don't want to take the chance." Manfred said.

"Oh..." Sid said.

Everyone hid behind Manfred as InuYasha approach. When InuYasha got there. He stared at the male Woolly Mammoth. Manfred wasn't sure if he should trust what he thought was a odd looking Human not knowing what Hanyous and Demons were at all. Not wanting to take the chance. Manfred prepared to attack just in case. InuYasha flinched from seeing this. "Hey! What's your problem dammit! I'm not going to hurt you!" InuYasha said.

Manfred blinked in surprise. He just heard him talk. "Wait you can talk and why should I believe what you said." Manfred said.

"Just please. Of course I can talk. I'm sorry if you all felt threatened." InuYasha said.

"Oh...it's okay everyone. You can stop hiding." Manfred said.

Sid, Diego, Ellie, Peaches, Crash, and Eddie all came out from hiding and looked at InuYasha. By the time they did. Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara arrived. "InuYasha come on. You're going to get hurt." Kagome said.

"Kagome, they seem to be no harm." InuYasha said.

"What?" Kagome said.

"We are. Unless you end up attacking us, but I see any of you aren't. So that's a good thing." Manfred said.

"You can talk!" Kagome said.

"Well, yeah." Manfred said.

"Alright enough already. So I have something to ask. Is this the Ice Age? I asked because I want to be sure." InuYasha said.

"Well that's a silly question to ask. Of course you are." Manfred said.

"I guess you right all along then Lady Kagome." Miroku said.

"See I told you InuYasha." Kagome said.

"Whatever. Let's get going." InuYasha said.

As they were about to leave. Ellie spoke. "Wait hold up." Ellie said.

InuYasha growled lightly and looked at them all again. "What, don't you see we have somewhere to go? We don't have all day." InuYasha said.

"Sheesh, and I thought Manny was moody." Sid said.

"Yeah, no kidding." Diego said.

"We like to know who you all are." Ellie said.

"Um, Ellie. Why are you asking this." Manfred said.

"Manny these folks are probably lost. Maybe if we know their names. We can help them." Ellie said.

"Oh I see." Manfred said.

Ellie turned to look at InuYasha and the others. "So as I was saying. Who are you all." Ellie said.

Kagome stepped in now standing in front of InuYasha. "Oh, well. I like to be first to introduce myself. I'm Kagome. Don't mind InuYasha. He can be quite a bad temper kind of guy." Kagome said.

"Oh, it's alright. I'm Ellie by the way. This is my husband, Manfred but you can call him Manny and this is our daughter Peaches." Ellie said.

"It's very nice to meet you." Kagome said.

Sid and Diego walked up in front. "I'm Sid." Sid said.

"Call me Diego." Diego said.

Diego caught the sight of Kirara. "She's beautiful...I've never seen anyone like her." Diego said to himself.

Crash and Eddie jumped off Ellie's tusks. "I'm Crash" Crash said.

"And I'm Eddie." Eddie said.

Crash and Eddie notice InuYasha's ears. They walked up to him. "Say, not to be rude. But you're weird." Crash said.

"Cool ears. I wish I had ears like that." Eddie said.

"Oh great just please. Not more annoyances. Isn't Shippo bad enough. Now more." InuYasha said.

"Don't mind about them. At least they're not as annoying as Sid." Manfred said.

"That's good. I'm InuYasha." InuYasha said.

"My name is Sango, and this is Kirara." Sango said.

"Call me Shippo." Shippo said.

Manfred saw Shippo and quietly spoke to InuYasha. "You're right. He is an annoyance from the looks of it." Manfred said.

"Finally someone who agrees. Tell me about it." InuYasha said.

Miroku walked up to the Sub-Zero Heroes standing beside Sango. "And my name is Miroku" Miroku said.

Miroku began groping Sango again. Looking at him in the eyes with anger. She yelled angrily. "HENTAI!" Sango said.

Sango slapped Miroku across the face. Ellie covered Peaches eyes finding that shouldn't be seen by kids. "The Sub-Zero Heroes looked confused. "Um...what was that all about?" Diego said.

"Oh, Miroku. He's always doing that. Asking a woman to bare his child and gropes them." InuYasha said.

"Wow that is just wrong." Manfred said.

Miroku got back up rubbing his cheek where Sango slapped him. "You're disgusting." Crash said.

"So, true." Eddie said.

"What? How." Miroku said.

"Um well asking a woman to bear your children and grope them. Not cool. Getting them that way is just wrong." Crash said.

"Pervert!" Eddie yelled.

Crash and Eddie turned away from Miroku. Sid walked up to Miroku laughing at him pointing. "You are a pervert. It sucks to be you though. Am I right or what. If any of you agree." Sid said.

Miroku stared at Sid angrily. "What did you just say about me!" Miroku said.

"Well I mean no wonder why girls won't dig you. Because you...well you know what Crash and Eddie said. Plus I have better chances of getting a girl Sloth to like me since I don't do that kind of thing." Sid said.

"Oh...Sorry for raising my voice then." Miroku said.

"No sweat. Hey by the way. Nice stick thing you got there. Can I have it." Sid said.

"No you cannot." Miroku said.

"Hey thanks." Sid said.

Sid took Miroku's staff from his hands. "I said no you couldn't!" Miroku said.

"Hey, Manny look. I'm a Karate fighting Sloth!" Sid said.

"That's nice, Sid. Now give him back his staff." Manfred said.

"He said I could have it." Sid said.

Miroku took his Staff back before hitting Sid on the head with it. "Owwww!" Sid said.

"No I didn't." Miroku said.

"So now that we introduced each other. We might as well get going." InuYasha said.

"Wait...maybe you all can hang with us. We are happy to have others join us." Ellie said.

"Really...Thanks. What do you all say." Kagome said.

"Well nothing else we can do. I guess. Just as long that no annoying stuff happens. I mean the hell Shippo was bad now these two furry things." InuYasha said.

"Wow, InuYasha. I'm moody, but never like that. Some words." Manfred said.

"Hey, I had a bad childhood." InuYasha said.

"Oh...I...understand...I had a good childhood, but I had a very rough life too at this age now about two years and a couple of months ago...but I would rather not talk about it." Manfred said.

"Neither do I." InuYasha said.

Diego walked up to Kirara. "Say, I've never met such a beautiful feline like you. How about you and I hook up later." Diego said.

Kirara blushed softly feeling shy before shrugging her shoulders. "Guess that's a maybe." Diego said.

Kirara nodded. "Alright. Break time is over. So since your all tagging along with us. Maybe we can tell each other more about us later. Come on though." Manfred said."

Everyone nodded as they began to walk together. "Kagome?" Shippo said.

"Yeah, Shippo." Kagome said.

"Can you carry me." Shippo said.

"Sure." Kagome said.

Kagome lifted Shippo up into her arms carrying him. Peaches stayed near her mom and dad just in case of danger. Diego seemed to be hitting on Kirara and everyone else just kept walking. "So, are you really a moody like me? You know like getting annoyed and other things like that?" Manfred said.

"Yeah, but trust me. You don't want to get on my bad side, when I get mad." InuYasha said.

"Oh...I see..." Manfred said.

InuYasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Kirara, Manfred, Sid, Diego, Ellie, Crash, Eddie, and Peaches, while Shippo was being carried by Kagome all stayed together as they all walked off. Already starting to get along and forming a friendship.

That is it for Chapter One. I also still promise to work on my other story. Hopefully this month.

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