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The InuYasha gang and Sub-Zero Heroes were still walking. InuYasha was feeling curious so he asked. "So...Where are we going?" InuYasha said.

"Guess I forgot to mention about that. We're all going where me and my family lives along with other animals." Manfred said.

"Oh. Any idea how much longer?" InuYasha said.

"Not that much longer. Probably ten more minutes or less." Manfred said.

"Feh, I can last then." InuYasha said.

"Good because I think we could all need a good rest from walking." Kagome said.

"I couldn't agree more." Sango said.

Shippo who was being carried by Kagome looked up at her. "Kagome would it be okay if you put me down now?" Shippo said.

Kagome looked down at Shippo. "Sure Shippo." Kagome said.

Kagome placed Shippo down who then began to walk. Sid who was walking besides Manfred looked at him. "Hey Manny?" Sid said.

Manfred looked at Sid. "What Sid. You have a another joke. Because I'm not interested." Manfred said.

"No it's not that. See the short one name Shippo and the one with the long silver hair name InuYasha. They look pretty odd to be humans. Since when do Humans have dog ears better yet one with a poofy tail and fox feet? It's like they're well hybrids." Sid said.

"Now that you said it. You're right? Why haven't we ever seen Humans like this before? These two looks different while the others they look normal except for the clothes they are wearing. Never seen clothing like that before on Humans" Manfred said.

"Who knows. I'm just saying. It's pretty strange." Sid said.

"Yeah, I'm also not sure if we should trust these humans." Manfred said.

"Manny I know it is hard to trust Humans, but we should give Humans a chance. Remember Pinky's tribe. So just give these ones a chance." Sid said.

"Well I guess you're right, but I'm still not sure if we should though. So for now. I'll be sure if they are no harm." Manfred said.

"Alright then. If you need me. I'll be asking him for that guys stick thing again." Sid said.

With that Sid went to Miroku. Shippo who was walking suddenly heard Crash and Eddie speak to him. "Hey." Crash said.

Shippo turned to look at them. "Yeah...What do you two like?" Shippo said.

"Well Crash and I are curious. You and that InuYasha guy look pretty odd to be humans. Since when would humans have fox feet and yet a poofy tail? While your friend InuYasha has dog ears. We never seen Humans like this before?" Eddie said.

"Actually believe it or not. InuYasha is half Human and half Demon, which is also known as a Yokai." Shippo said.

"Say...what's a Demon or Yokai?" Crash said.

"Yeah, never heard of it." Eddie said.

"Well a Demon or if you want to call it a Yokai is a supernatural being that has powers. Like me. While InuYasha is not a full yokai. I am. The kind of yokai I am is a Kitsune. Us Kitsunes are known for our tricks and abilities." Shippo said.

"Whoa! Really that's cool!" Crash said.

"I'm starting to like this guy bro." Eddie said.

"So am I." Crash said.

Crash looked at Shippo again. "Say if this is true. How about you show us some of your powers and tricks. We so want to see what you can do!" Crash said.

"Yeah! Show us!" Eddie said.

"Really? You really want to?" Shippo said.

"Yeah!" Crash and Eddie said.

"Well alright. I'll show you both when we get to where you and these other friends of yours live." Shippo said.

"Sounds good." Crash said.

"Alright." Eddie said.

As they all continued to walk. Sid kept asking Miroku if he could have his staff. "Aw come on. Please I really want it. It looks so awesome." Sid said.

Miroku looked at Sid very angrily and annoyed. "I'm going to tell you this last time. No! You're really starting to get on my nerves. Now stop asking." Miroku said.

"Alright sheesh. All you had to do was tell me." Sid said.

Miroku sweatdropped. "I've been telling you that this whole time. However you just wouldn't keep listening to me." Miroku said.

"Oh heh, heh my bad." Sid said.

Sid began to mind his own business. "Sheesh I don't know about you Miroku, but he is talkative. So talkative. It gets on my nerves." InuYasha said.

"Well I guess we've never seen someone who doesn't stop talking." Miroku said.

"Yeah indeed." InuYasha said.

Diego who was walking besides Sango spoke to her. "Say Sango?" Diego said.

Sango looked at Diego. "Yes? Is there something you like to ask me?" Sango said.

"Well I know we all don't know each other that much yet, but I forgot what's her name again?" Diego said pointing to Kirara.

"Oh that. Her name is Kirara. She's my pet. Believe me. She may look scary, but she's very nice." Sango said.

"Kirara. That's such a beautiful name." Diego said.

"Indeed it is." Sango said before turning her attention away from Diego.

Diego walked up to Kirara and spoke to her. "Hey, Kirara." Diego said.

Kirara looked at Diego feeling curious. "Well I see you can't talk, but I'm sure you can understand english. Anyway, I already said this before but I think you're very pretty. Any chance. Maybe you like to spend time together. I can show you around and all. What do you say? Only if you like." Diego said.

Kirara thought to herself and then shook her head. "Really. That's great then. So Kirara. Maybe you like to know more about me. Believe me. I'm a very nice guy." Diego said.

Kirara shook her head that she could. With that Diego began to talk to her. Kagome who was walking besides Ellie and Peaches turned her head looking at Ellie. "Ellie your daughter Peaches is so adorable. Where did you ever get the idea for a name like that? For some reason that name really fits her." Kagome said.

"Well when I was pregnant with Peaches. Manny and I thought of a codeword to let me know if I went into labor. When Peaches was born. I decided to call her that because she was fuzzy and round like a Peach. It's also Manny's favourite fruit." Ellie said.

"Aw how sweet. I'm sure your husband is a great guy." Kagome said.

"He is, but he can be very grouchy and short tempered, but he's still a nice guy." Ellie said.

"That sounds just alot like InuYasha. Except InuYasha is so rude a lot. I'm sure your husband isn't rude like him" Kagome said.

"Really and you don't say? And just how rude can InuYasha be?" Ellie said.

"Well really rude. And believe me. InuYasha can be such a jerk to me. He calls me things, and we often get into fights, however though I know deep inside him. he's hiding his true emotions. He just doesn't want to reveal them." Kagome said.

"Oh well I'm sure too that deep down he's a nice guy as well, anyway so are you two married or something?" Ellie said.

"Married! No we're just friends and I'm too young to be married. Whatever gave you that idea?" Kagome said.

"I don't know. I just thought you both were." Ellie said.

"Oh." Kagome said.

As everyone kept walking. They finally made it to where the Sub-Zero Heroes live. "Alright everyone here we are. This is where my and my friends live." Manfred said.

"Finally. We could use a good rest." Sango said.

"I couldn't agree more." Miroku said.

Everyone then all sat down together. "So Shippo. How about showing us these tricks of yours." Crash said.

"Sure, I'll show you both them now. Let me just go tell Kagome alright." Shippo said.

"Alright." Crash and Eddie said.

Shippo ran up to Kagome. "Hey Kagome. I'm just going to play with Crash and Eddie. Just wanted to let you know." Shippo said.

"Sure Shippo. Go on ahead then." Kagome said.

With that Shippo turned around and ran back to Crash and Eddie. "Come on, I'll show you both now. Just follow me." Shippo said.

"Sweet!" Crash said.

"This will be so awesome bro!" Eddie said.

"Yeah you can say that again." Crash said.

"Tell me about it." Eddie said.

Crash and Eddie then began to follow Shippo who was going to show them his tricks. Meanwhile somewhere else Scrat was still trying to find a way back to the Dinosaur World to reunite with Scratte and say sorry for what he did so he can get back together with her. As he tried to find a way to get back down there. Nearby, A red saber toothed Squirrel emerged from a hole and felt relief. It was Scratte. She was glad that she managed to escape from the Dinosaur World. In her hand she had the Acorn. With that she began to run only to catch a familiar smell. It was Scrat. She was still angry at him for ditching her for the Acorn she had in her hand and decided to ignore it. That was until nearby Scrat caught her scent. He smiled feeling glad he found it and made his way towards her following her scent.

As Scrat followed it. From far away he saw Scratte and ran faster towards her. Scratte who was trying to ignore his scent became stronger. Turning around she saw Scrat running towards her. Not wanting to see him. She began to run trying to get away from him as possible after what he did to her. Scrat knew why she was running away from him and could completely understand her reasoning to, but he really wanted to show her how sorry he truely was so he still made his way towards her. Back with Scratte. She stopped running when she ran out of breath and looked around to see if Scrat was in sight. He was no where to be seen. She rested as she placed the Acorn on the ground. As she just laid there. She heard someone running up to her. Turning her head. It was Scrat. She looked at him angrily getting ready about to start running again. Scrat feeling depressed about it told her to wait that he has something he wanted to tell her. Still looking angry, Scratte didn't start running but didn't turn to look at Scrat since she was mad at him, but she decided to let him tell her what he was going to say. Scrat told her that he is very sorry that he left her for the Acorn which was near them and wants to get back together begging for a another chance. Scrat gulped as he waited for her to respond. Scratte felt happy about this, all this time he came to find her to ask for forgiveness and decided to forgive him giving Scrat a another chance. Scratte told Scrat that they can just share the Acorn together. Scrat never thought of that and shook his head agreeing with her. Now that they were back together. They both hugged each other. Scratte grabbed the acorn and they then both ran off together.

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